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Modern Horror, Sci-Fi Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2005-2011
- Editor: Bryn Hammond.
- Published by GZ Publishing
- Website: www.gorezone.co.uk

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Issue 4
December 2005
POLTERGIEST 3 DELETED ENDING Gorezone takes a look at what happened to the 'P3' original ending before the cop out replacement was provided for cinema goers. SANTA'S SLAY The new seasonal terror flick from Lions Gate is almost upon us, we take the first UK look at the film. STELLA STEVENS INTERVIEW She starred as The Granny in the under rated soft porn horror movie 'The Matriarch'. We reviewed the film in Issue #03 now we interview the lead actress. BOY EATS GIRL The new zombie movie that promisesgore, sex and a whole load of teen zombies. THE HILLS HAVE EYES REMAKE We have exclusive pictures of the new mutants a UK first in a mag and a must for any horror fan.

Issue 3
November 2005
EXCLUSIVE MUSE WATSON INTERVIEW Muse Watson talks openly to GoreZone regarding his departure from the 'I Know' franchise. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Stephen Geoffrey Miller a.k.a Sam Ritter is best known for his role as Evil Ed in the cult horror movie 'FRIGHT NIGHT'. We take a look at where he has been all these years. AIMEE LYNN CHADWICK America's answer to Will Young. Aimee auditioned for Pop Idol and has gone on to star in ROTLD 4 and has a brief but funny cameo in ROTLD 5. GoreZone Interviews the newest Hollywood Scream Queen. KEVIN SPIRTAS From king of the slasher film sequels to day time prince on Days of our Lives. We chat exclusively to Kevin Spirtas. SCREAM QUEENS We add another hot horror actress to the pages of Gorezone. Be sure to check her out.

Issue 2
October 2005
EXCLUSIVE K/D TENNEY INTERVIEW Director Kevin S Tenney talks about his eagerly-awaited return to the Horror genre after a short break. Kevin S. Tenney and Dennis Michael Tenney, though brothers, came to the film industry from different backgrounds. URBAN LEGEND £: BLOODY MARY Meet Michael Coe, who appears in the new Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary, In-Crowd) horror flick. We talk about the new ambitious twist in the series. NIGHT OF THE DEMONS SERIES SPECIAL The classic Halloween series 'Produced for a very modest $1.2 million, 'Night of the Demons' racked up outrageously large grosses in its limited release. Debuting in Detroit, it hit New York City at Thanksgiving and earned $3.109m, holding screens until the end of the year. JAMI DEADLY: Horror hostess with the most Hot, Sexy and returned from the grave, we get to peek at Jami Deadly's assets in GoreZone's first Centre fold. HALLOWEEN SERIES The Night he came home. We take a look at the series that created such horror slashers as Jason Voorhees and Ben Willis. Halloween Special 2 covers to choose from!

Issue 1
September 2005
THE SCREAM QUEENS OF HORROR Hot and Sexy the way you like it...The hottest Horror Scream Queens. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4 & 5 'Brain's, More Brain's'. They're back but will it be as fun as its predecessors? HELLRAISER: - DEADER 'It will tear your soul apart...' All New and fearful, the milked cow returns to your small screens.

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