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Modern Horror, Sci-Fi Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2005-2011
- Editor: Bryn Hammond.
- Published by GZ Publishing
- Website: www.gorezone.co.uk

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Issue 24
October 2007
Lindsay Lohan, Slasher., Gutter Balls, Mercedes McNab, Roger Nall

Issue 23
September 2007
Mandy Lane, The Tripper, Samhain, The Hamiltons, Evil Breed

Issue 22
August 2007

Issue 21
June 2007

Issue 20
April 2007
Arielle Kebell
28 Weeks Later
Zombie time line
Master of horror part 1
FX Lab
Brian Yuzna
Modern Vampires
and much more

Issue 19
March 2007

Issue 18
February 2007
WIN SAW III - EXTREME EDITION and a Blood Red IPOD see Issue 18 for details. After carving up both the UK and US box offices this Halloween, the most terrifying installment yet of the hugely successful horror franchise has pulled out all the stops with an Extreme Edition produced exclusively for DVD. This unmissable version, never screened at cinemas, will be available to buy from Monday 26th February, 2007. Jigsaw (Tobin Bell - Saw, Saw 2) has disappeared. With his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith - Saw, Saw 2), the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police, has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh - Mission Impossible 3) and Jeff (Angus Macfayden - Braveheart) are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard. This Extreme Edition has even more shocks than the version previously seen at cinemas and is a must see for all fans of the film. SAW TRILOGY DVD In Addition SAW TRILOGY will also be released from 26th February, 2007. Includes; SAW UNCUTT SAW II SAW III - Extreme Edition Also in Gorezone Issue 18: Werewolf Origin Scream Queen Suzi Gorezone FX Lab History of Scream Queens Children of the Corn (Exclusive - includes interview) The Tribe Urban Legend 4 Grindhouse Indie Vs Hollywood Horror K-Horror DVD Bible

Issue 17
January 2007

Issue 16
December 2006

Issue 15
November 2006
When Evil Calls Scream Queen Suzi Gorezone FX lab The Chillerfest Hostel Part 2 The Cold Room Hollow Point Naughty and Nice Friday 13th ... and much more!

Issue 14
October 2006
Near Dark Remake Hostel Part II Underworld 3 The Handyman Behind The Barricade: Barricade interviews The Rise and fall of the Horror Icon The Amityville Horror franchise The Mangler franchise Leatherface and I Skin Mask Blues - TCM: The Beginning Grandma's Sloppy Seconds The Grudge 2 Return to the Slumber Party Spring Break Massacre The Hills Have Eyes 2 Suzi's Diary

Issue 13
September 2006
As its October, Gorezone takes a look at a selection of Halloween treats from Boo to Night of the Demons. Suzi brings you another slice of terror, whilst Michael Myers gets a makeover by Rob Zombie. We also go behind the scenes of the recent Troll 2 reunion. Interviews include Robert Englund, Christa Campbell and Adam Robitel from the cult horror hit 2001 Maniacs. What are you waiting for? Get in the queue at your local newsagents NOW!

Issue 12
August 2006
Another month sees more amazing features and exciting news brought to you courtesy of the UK's number one horror magazine, which also celebrates 1 year in the publishing world. Be sure to check out our recently released series one trading card game, available from the website, where you can also find up to date news on how to buy back issues and stock GOREZONE magazine, also check out our official GoreZone T-Shirts (2001 MANAICS, FRIGHT NIGHT, POLTERGEIST III) on sale soon. T shirts will be available at the Chiller fest 28th- 29th Oct. This month we have a set visit on the film BLACK CHRISTMAS 2006 and we also take a look at the new torture horror film Live Feed that's sure to turn the strongest stomach. Cult scream queen Debbie Rochon returns with a report on her time at this years Cannes Film Festival whilst our centrefold Suzi brings the gore back to her pages as she fills us in on her new horror film, which hits cinemas stateside shortly. We also have DVD reviews and another kick ass FX lab from Marky Andrews. What are you waiting for? Get in the queue at your local newsagents NOW!

Issue 11
July 2006
This month we take a look at the life and career of Dario Argento and take a trip down memory lane in Texas as we look at the timeline of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series in preparation for the release of the newest entry in the series. Pack your bags and join us as we head to summer camp in an exclusive look at the Return to Sleepaway Camp and if you'd rather stay at home relaxing this summer you have to enter our HOSTEL competition where the lucky winner will receive a SONY DVD player with HOSTEL on DVD as well as a book called THE HISTORY of TORTURE & EXECUTION plus 2 tickets to see THE CIRCUS of HORRORS STAGE SHOW and 5 lucky runners up shall each receive a copy of HOSTEL on DVD thanks to the good folks at SONY. What are you waiting for? Get in the queue at you local newsagents NOW!

Issue 10
June 2006
Another month and another issue except it's a full moon issue of the biggest horror magazine printed to date here in the UK. This month we have a whole host of goodies for you including EXCLUSIVE pictures from I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, the third part in the Hook handed killer franchise that's recently gone direct-to-DVD like the Urban Legend series as we predicted it would back in Issue 3. Philip Brown brings you another exclusive interview with director Jeff Lieberman, this is the only place you can hear news on a possible JUST BEFORE DAWN 2. Read the full cover story on the classic Lieberman horror flick, a tail of backwoods breeding and campers who are stalked to their last breath in JUST BEFORE DAWN. We also have a cover story on the howling franchise that thrashed out more duds than winners throughout the 80's and early 90's with new and exclusive images never before seen in UK magazines along with rumoured news on its 8th entry that sounds fairly promising. Finally we have more from sexy scream queen Suzi Lorraine who's quickly becoming the UK's number 1 scream queen pin-up, and another FX course from Mark Andrews on how to build a werewolf costume, a must for any budding FX student.

Issue 9
May 2006
Phil Davies Brown chats exclusively to Dan Palmer and James Heathcote, two of the guys behind the soon to be released horror comedy Freak Out. Suzi gives you all another look into her life as one of the hottest scream queens around, with brand new 'hot' pictures of her. You won't want to miss this, TRUST ME. Our writer Swaz takes a look at the remake of BLACK CHRISTMAS. We also have interviews with Playgirl centre fold Danny Lopes and Joe Zaso from the cult classic 'NIKOS THE IMPALER'. Dante Tomaselli talks about his new horror films SATAN'S PLAYGROUND and THE OCEAN. Tim Sullivan tells us why we should watch 2001 Maniacs when it's released here in the UK in October. Finally, we take a look at some of the goriest, violent and most revolting films ever to grace celluloid which were BANNED in the UK.

Issue 8
April 2006
First off Scream Queen Debbie Rochon has an exclusive interview for GOREZONE with James Gunn about his NEW horror film 'SLITHER' that has taken $4,950,735 at the US box Office to date. Visit the official Slither website and download and feed Brenda at slithermovie.net GOREZONE will also be heading back to NILBOG for its final visit and will be interviewing its lead actors as well as others involved in the project. Suzi gives us another bloody centerfold dream as she talks openly about sex and violence in horror films. The Wilson Brothers from the Film Shaun of the Dead will be covering Horror comedies and letting all our readers know what they really think of those steaming piles of 'BEEEP'. Also this month we will be taking a look at the GHOULIE'S Franchise that ran throughout the 80's to the early 90's and received mixed reviews by critics but still gained a cult following. Jumping from slimy critters to over sized hulking killers we will step back in time and take a look at the 80's VHS Classic 'THE SLUAGHTERHOUSE' that has recently received a fantastic DVD release from 'LUCKY 13'. Finally, we will be taking a look at 'SILENT HILL', 'BLOODRAYNE' and giving you news HOT off the presses regarding PUMKINHEAD 3 & 4 which are set to air on the Sci - fi channel later this year.

Issue 7
March 2006
TROLL 2 Those greedy goblins are back and hungrier than ever! The follow up to the Empire Pictures classic is a bad, bad, bad movie that has gained cult status. 'Anyone hungry for corn on the cob?' SCARY MOVIE 4 Gorezone takes a look at the latest entry in the comedy horror series. THE HILLS HAVE EYES Matthew Swiatczak takes a look at The Hills Have Eyes series and the new remake. PET SEMATARY 2 We take a look at the MTV style sequel to Mary Lambert's horror classic. SFX LAB The SFX lab shows all the fans of the Gingerdread Man how the SFX were created for th

Issue 6
February 2006
EXCLUSIVES We have exclusive news on all the latest horror films due out this year. OCTOBER MOON Philip Brown takes a look at the horror film 'OCTOBER MOON'. PETER JACKSON Peter Jackson is best known to non horror folk as the director behind 'Lord of the Rings' and 2005's remake of King Kong. GOREZONE takes a look at the films that launched him onto the Hollywood map way back in the early 80's such as Bad Taste and Braindead (UK), Dead Alive (USA) PET SEMATARY Pet Sematary is one of Stephen King's goriest horror films ever. The movie was directed by Mary Lambert who also helmed Pet Sematary 2 (by popular demand), The In Crowd and 2005's Urban Legend 3 (Issue 2). We take a look at the books progress from its pages to the silver screen and the Paramount film remake due out 2007. SUZI LORRAINE Suzi Lorraine gives us another peek at the behind the scenes day to day life of a scream queen. Keep your eyes peeled for our Suzi in the new film 'THE SHED', 'CHAINSAW SALLY 2'.

Issue 5
January 2006
THE BILL MUNNS EXPERIENCE Bills Munns brought the classic TV series The Munsters back from the grave and also brought the Pop culture Icon Tarman to life in R.O.T.L.D 1, but why was he sacked? And was their as much on set tension and troubles as reported? GARY SHERMAN Gorezone covered P3 in Issue 4. Now here's the man himself hoping to finally put the rumours to rest once and for all. 'The quote you mention was from an interview he did with someone he found to be 'annoying, stupid and pedantic...' This interviewer, who had been pestering everyone, including me, looking for 'dirt' was barraging Joe. To get him to stop, Joe gave him a bullshit interview filled with whatever it took to stop the harassment.' R.O.T.L.D We take a look at the film that started the series and have colourful interviews from many of the cast and crew involved. SCREAM QUEEN Jewel is this month's hotty we take a look at her best bits...

Issue 4
December 2005
POLTERGIEST 3 DELETED ENDING Gorezone takes a look at what happened to the 'P3' original ending before the cop out replacement was provided for cinema goers. SANTA'S SLAY The new seasonal terror flick from Lions Gate is almost upon us, we take the first UK look at the film. STELLA STEVENS INTERVIEW She starred as The Granny in the under rated soft porn horror movie 'The Matriarch'. We reviewed the film in Issue #03 now we interview the lead actress. BOY EATS GIRL The new zombie movie that promisesgore, sex and a whole load of teen zombies. THE HILLS HAVE EYES REMAKE We have exclusive pictures of the new mutants a UK first in a mag and a must for any horror fan.

Issue 3
November 2005
EXCLUSIVE MUSE WATSON INTERVIEW Muse Watson talks openly to GoreZone regarding his departure from the 'I Know' franchise. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Stephen Geoffrey Miller a.k.a Sam Ritter is best known for his role as Evil Ed in the cult horror movie 'FRIGHT NIGHT'. We take a look at where he has been all these years. AIMEE LYNN CHADWICK America's answer to Will Young. Aimee auditioned for Pop Idol and has gone on to star in ROTLD 4 and has a brief but funny cameo in ROTLD 5. GoreZone Interviews the newest Hollywood Scream Queen. KEVIN SPIRTAS From king of the slasher film sequels to day time prince on Days of our Lives. We chat exclusively to Kevin Spirtas. SCREAM QUEENS We add another hot horror actress to the pages of Gorezone. Be sure to check her out.

Issue 2
October 2005
EXCLUSIVE K/D TENNEY INTERVIEW Director Kevin S Tenney talks about his eagerly-awaited return to the Horror genre after a short break. Kevin S. Tenney and Dennis Michael Tenney, though brothers, came to the film industry from different backgrounds. URBAN LEGEND : BLOODY MARY Meet Michael Coe, who appears in the new Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary, In-Crowd) horror flick. We talk about the new ambitious twist in the series. NIGHT OF THE DEMONS SERIES SPECIAL The classic Halloween series 'Produced for a very modest $1.2 million, 'Night of the Demons' racked up outrageously large grosses in its limited release. Debuting in Detroit, it hit New York City at Thanksgiving and earned $3.109m, holding screens until the end of the year. JAMI DEADLY: Horror hostess with the most Hot, Sexy and returned from the grave, we get to peek at Jami Deadly's assets in GoreZone's first Centre fold. HALLOWEEN SERIES The Night he came home. We take a look at the series that created such horror slashers as Jason Voorhees and Ben Willis. Halloween Special 2 covers to choose from!

Issue 1
September 2005
THE SCREAM QUEENS OF HORROR Hot and Sexy the way you like it...The hottest Horror Scream Queens. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4 & 5 'Brain's, More Brain's'. They're back but will it be as fun as its predecessors? HELLRAISER: - DEADER 'It will tear your soul apart...' All New and fearful, the milked cow returns to your small screens.

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