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The Magazine Of Horror, Splatter, And Exploitation Films
Horror Biannual Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1998-2001
- Formerly known as Painful Excursions.
- Editor\Publisher: Scott Stine.
- Published by Scott Stine
- Website: www.stigmatapress.net

Last updated:
19 February 2013
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Garry Malvern
Scott Matheson

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CONTENTS: 1998 1999 2000 2001 GALLERIES: 1998 1999 2000 2001 All

Issue 5
Summer 2001
Scott's video vault: Features reviews for such films as The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide, Amanti d'Oltre Tumba, La Bestia Uccide a Sangue Freddo, Blood Beast Terror, Blood Mania, Brain of Blood, Corruption, Curse of the Headless Horseman, Dr. Death, Fascination, Garden of the Dead, Hollywood Meat Cleaver Massacre, The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher, It Lives by Night, Kiss of the Tarantula, Jack el Distripador de Londres, Legacy of Horror, La Mansi?n de los Muertos Vivientes, Necrophagus, La Orgia de los Muertos, Passi di Danza Su una Lama di Rasoio, Ratu Ilmu Hitam, Stepsisters, The Toolbox Murders, Visions of Evil, and Women in Cages.
The rise and appall of Gick magazine: Offers an insightful look into the humbling beginnings of Stigmata Press' flagship publication. With a complete bibliography.
More horror stories from the world of Ebay: This installment of You've Got to Be Kidding! offers more of the editor's blood-curdling first-hand experiences on the internet's largest online auction service.

Issue 4
Fall 2000
Horror and exploitation films from the Philippines. Retrospectives on two of its biggest names, namely Eddie Romero and John Ashley.
? look at the inimitable Eerie Publications.
Reviews: Blood Sabbath, Blood Tide, Enigma Rosso, Frozen Scream, Frankenstein Island, Mardi Gras Massacre, Octaman, Orloff y el Hombre Invisible and much more.

Issue 3
Summer 2000
Snuff: The Perpetuation of a Myth.
? retrospective of and filmography for Ted V.Mikels
A look at eBay, a video collector's worst nightmare
Reviews: The Capture of Bigfoot, La Figlia di Frankenstein, Giallo a Venezia, Mad love Life of a Hot Vampire, Mummy and Curse of the Jackals, The Sinful Dwarf and a lot more.

Issue 2
Winter 1999
Reviews: Alucarda--La Hija de las Tinieblas, L'Antichristo, Asylum of Satan, Beast of the Yellow Night, Blood Orgy of the She-Devils, La Casa dell'Exorcismo, Chi Sei?, Dark Dreams, Daughters of Satan, The Demon Lover, The Devil's Concubines, Devil's Ecstasy, The Devil's Rain, Disciple of Death, Hardgore, Holocaust 2000, The Horny Devils, I Drink Your Blood, Inquisicion, The Lucifers, Magdalena--Von Teufel Bessessen, The Nightmare Never Ends, L'Ossessa, Petey Wheatstraw--The Devil's Son in Law, La Plus Longue Nuit du Diable, Riti, Magie Nere e Segrete Orge nel Trecento, Sacrilege, Satan's Black Wedding, Satan's Cheerleaders, Satan's Lust, Sex Rituals of the Occult, Sexual Awareness, Tutti i Colori del Buio, Un Urlo dalle Tenebre, Warlock Moon, Werewolves on Wheels, and The Wicked Caress of Satan.

Issue 1
Fall 1998
Amando de Ossorio: Retrospective and complete filmography of the creator of the infamous Blind Dead films of the early 70s.
God's Hooks: A behind-the-scenes look at Stigmata Film's first feature.
A price guide for collectible horror film novelizations.
Reviews: The Brides Wore Blood, The Headless Eyes, Los Ojos Azules de la Muneca Rota and more.

Issue 0
Summer 1998
Up From the Depths (Editorial)
The Video Vault (Film & Video Reviews)
The Films of Andy Milligan (Retrospective)
Andy Milligan Filmography (Reference)
El Labirinto de las Muerte Ciego (Puzzle)
How to Make a Kick-Ass Horror Film (Article)
Have You Seen This Film? (Article)
Films reviewed include: L'Altro Inferno, Amityville Dollhouse, Andy Warhol's Bad, Axe, Blood Orgy of the She-Devils, Bloody Friday, Cannibal! The Musical, Death Row Diner, The Deathhead Virgin, Geek Maggot Bingo, Hardgore, Horror House on Highway Five, Jacko Lanter, La Maldic?on de la Bestia, The Meateater, Point of Terror, San Francisco Ball, Le Semana del Asasino, La Sindrome di Stendhal, Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things, Spawn of the Slithis, Suiito Homu, Things & Zoltan, Hound of Dracula.

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