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- First and last issue: 1994-2011
- An Asian-American magazine, Giant Robot, isn't specifically a film mag but is devoted to all facets of Asian pop culture.
- Some articles and interviews with a cinema interest.
- Publisher:  Eric Nakamura, Editors:  Eric N. / Martin Wong
- Final issue was #68 February 2011.
- Website: www.giantrobot.com

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25 January 2015

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Issue 12
Fall 1998
Jet Li, GR Canned Coffee Taste Test, Singapore, Versus, Squid Fest, NYC/LA/SF Chinatown, Korean Director Park Ki-yong, Skater Jaimie Reyes...

Issue 11
Summer 1998
Jumbo Machinder
Jim Kelly
Beat Takeshi
Thai Fruit Carving
Naomi Nishida
Simon Yam
Little Bobdog
Junk Food
Asian squatters in NYC
Pro skater Eric Koston

Issue 10
Spring 1998
Asian American Power Movement (60's and 70's)
Jenny Shimizu
: the untold story and many facets of rice
Simply Jeff
Karen Mok

Rumble in the Bronx's Francoise Yip

Issue 9
Winter 1998
Maggie Cheung
Tokyo Shock Boys
Asian Hot Sauces
Tuvan Throat-Singing
WNBA Giant Zheng Hiaxia
Telephone Psychic
Ultraman Museum

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