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- First and last issue: 1994-2011
- An Asian-American magazine, Giant Robot, isn't specifically a film mag but is devoted to all facets of Asian pop culture.
- Some articles and interviews with a cinema interest.
- Publisher:  Eric Nakamura, Editors:  Eric N. / Martin Wong
- Final issue was #68 February 2011.
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25 January 2015
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February 2011

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Issue 31
Winter 2003/ 2004
Kreators: Devil Robots is our cover this issue and they made a custom Tofu robot! Li Zhensheng hid tons of negatives from the Cultural Revolution, and now he speaks, Filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk, Filmmaker Shinsuke Sato pharmacy labels from Cambodia, Moebius, Eishi Takaoka art, the cute Zhao Wei, Deerhoof, the Hello Kitty designer, and Ray Barbee in Japan.

Issue 30
Fall 2003
Interviews with Rik Thomas (a former British Special Forces op who turned up in Hong Kong after his bid in Vietnam and wound up dubbing chop sockey movies into English), Chinese actress Shu Qui (City of Glass, Beijing Rocks, Millennium Mambo and the Luc Besson-produced The Transporter) and Danny Pang, co-director of the crossover horror success The Eye.

Issue 29
Summer 2003
Unleashed: Snoopy! Must we say more? Snoopy is a huge hit in Asia! Filmmaker Johnny To, Rinko Kawauchi's photography, Deth P. Sun, Brain Failure, Prodip LazyMuthaFucka, Sung Kang, Jamie Storr, Yao Ming the man (not quite a one on one but it's Yao), Afghanistan photos, Stephen Chao interview, Iron Chef Sakai, a trip to Medicom!, and Os Gemeos

Issue 28
Spring 2003
Uprisings: Kozyndan rock. We love them and they did a great cover for us. Designer Noriko Yasuda makes great stuff, Nikki Lee, Chong as in Cheech and Chong, Jon Moritsugu is back, Asian Sports Tragedies, Yellow Peril (racists comic covers), Scooters but Asian ones, JA Concentration camp art, Barry Bonds baseball saga, Margaret Leng Tan, Acid Mothers Temple, Harisu superstar (know her or him?), and author Mian Mian.

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