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- First and last issue: 1994-2011
- An Asian-American magazine, Giant Robot, isn't specifically a film mag but is devoted to all facets of Asian pop culture.
- Some articles and interviews with a cinema interest.
- Publisher:  Eric Nakamura, Editors:  Eric N. / Martin Wong
- Final issue was #68 February 2011.
- Website: www.giantrobot.com

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25 January 2015

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Issue 27
Winter 2002/ 2003
Folk Ways: Issue 27 features Barry McGee art on the cover with a full interview. Also read on Thai Scrabble Champs, Skater legend Shogo Kubo, Pakistani truckers, Trekking in Mongolia, Thai Horror posters, and Kobayashi the hot dog champ. There's more like toy fight, Nara tattoos, and an interview with Junko Mizuno.

Issue 26
Fall 2002
Cultural Evolution: Ai Yamaguchi art on the cover with interview inside. Manpurses are hot in Japan and we have the story. Also check out Beijing Punks, Peggy Oki (Dogtown girl), Japanese Fightclub, Vietnamese Make-out clubs, and an interview with Mr Shoalin Soccer himself, Stephen Chow.

Issue 25
Summer 2002
Best in Show: 25 issues! Geoff McFetridge art on the cover, he's the artist who did the titles from Virgin Suicides, but has really done so much more. But you also get the Westminster dog show winner (the handler, not the dog), overnight at the Chungking Mansions, Eric So, Cambodian Landmine Museum, Better Luck Tomorrow.

Issue 24
Spring 2002
Knowledge: cover by J. Otto Seibold. 88 Things you should know, the tallest Asian American man, Cheng Pei Pei - the Jade Fox, Tea in China, and much more.

Issue 23
Fall 2001
Chappie Science: cover by Groovisions, interview of them, Wong Jing, Money Mark, Orchids, Hot Tub Monkeys. If you don't have this one, you're missing out.

Issue 22
Jackie Chan, the best. Wing Shya the best designer, Kowloon Walled City the best place to get lost, Beat Takeshi, Mamoru Osh

Issue 21
Spring 2001
ART ATTACK: Cover by Takashi Murakami, Toys by Michael Lau 'Gardener', Nakahashi's Kamikazes, Inventions, Wong Kar Wai, Psychic Children, Asian Haircuts, dynamoville, Tony Leung!

Issue 20
Winter 2000/ 2001
DEATH AND DESTRUCTION: Cover by Yoshitomo Nara, 25 Asian Mass Murderers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon director Ang Lee, Maggie Cheung, Trainhopping in the USA, Giant Robot Awards, Pandas in San Diego, Jets to Brazil, Asian Clown, Greasy Asian Junk Food.

Issue 19
Fall 2000
CULTS AND RELIGION: Cover by Twist, Doomsday Cults, Happy Buddhas, The Dalai Lama, Puified Soul, Cock Fights, Mock Meat, Godzilla...

Issue 18
Summer 2000
GET GEEKED: Patricia Lee, Japanese Sugar Fix, Geek Love, Optic Nerve, Tuvan Eagles, Drink Blood, Chorizo and Chow Mein...

Issue 17
THE FOOD ISSUE: Margaret Cho, Eat Dogs, Eat bugs and be Lactose Intolerant, Ramen Rankings, Chinese Jamaica...

Issue 16
THE MARTIAL ARTS ISSUE: Ming Tran, Shaolin Kung Fu, Matrix Mahem, Tae-Bo Fever...

Issue 15
THE FIVE YEAR ANNIV. ISSUE: Money Mark, Cibo Matto, Shu Uemura, DJ Krush, Automator, Beat Junkies , Japanese Cover Bands...

Issue 14
THE SEX ISSUE: Asia Carerra, Suzi Suzuki, Chinese Sex Secrets, Horny Asians, Japanese School Girls, Love Hotels...

Issue 13
Spring 1999
THE NEW DESIGN: Gigi Leung, Iron Chef, Smokin' Chiba, Sumo In Canada, The Moonies, Hi-Standard, Dreams Come True, Congo Part 2...

Issue 12
Fall 1998
Jet Li, GR Canned Coffee Taste Test, Singapore, Versus, Squid Fest, NYC/LA/SF Chinatown, Korean Director Park Ki-yong, Skater Jaimie Reyes...

Issue 11
Summer 1998
Jumbo Machinder
Jim Kelly
Beat Takeshi
Thai Fruit Carving
Naomi Nishida
Simon Yam
Little Bobdog
Junk Food
Asian squatters in NYC
Pro skater Eric Koston

Issue 10
Spring 1998
Asian American Power Movement (60's and 70's)
Jenny Shimizu
: the untold story and many facets of rice
Simply Jeff
Karen Mok

Rumble in the Bronx's Francoise Yip

Issue 9
Winter 1998
Maggie Cheung
Tokyo Shock Boys
Asian Hot Sauces
Tuvan Throat-Singing
WNBA Giant Zheng Hiaxia
Telephone Psychic
Ultraman Museum

Issue 8
Summer 1997
Tsui Hark
Steve Caballero
Kenji Yanobe
Asian Race Cars
Margaret Cho & John Woo
DJ Q-Bert
DJ Kid Koala
Cibo Matto
Asian Gambling

Issue 7
Winter 1997
Michelle Khan
Shaolin monks
mobster Tokyo Joe
Peking Man
Sumo sushiman
Jaime Hernandez

Issue 6
Summer 1996
Masked Battlers for World Peace !: The first annual World Wrestling Peace Festival
Skate for Light: Interview with a renewed skater and an inspired poet.
Mark Ramos Nishita: Blending all types of music
At the movies: The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival
Leo Zulueta talks about the Modern Primitive punk/tribal crossover tattoo movement.
Chow Yun-Fat: Interview with the star of John Woo's The Killer and Hard Boiled.
In search of ... The Sickest asian Porn Video in the World.
Asian Sexploitation From A to Z.
Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) Japan's coolest sci-fi rock star.
Annabel Chong: Sex Star

Issue 5
Summer 1994

Issue 4

Issue 2

Issue 1

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