Exploitation All' Italiana
Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- Italian cinema.
- Number 5 is the last issue according to the editor but Draculina Publishing reprints the first two issues in case you missed them.
- Excellent written and very informative.
-Publisher and Editor: John Martin (author of the book "The Seduction of the Gullible" and regular contributor to Dark Side.
- 44 black and white pages in A4 format.

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Book 1 - May 1999
This is Giallo Pages Volume 1.
It has a ISBN (0-9522510-3-5), so it is a book, but with 84 pages, a softcover and staples it still looks like a (high quality) magazine..
- Tales of a Gold Digger: Riccardo Freda interview.
- The Last Horro film? Behind the scenes of Wax Mask / M.D.C. - Maschera di cera.
- It?s Hammer Time: Fred Williamson interview.
- The real B.B.: a Barbara Bouchet retrospective.
- Just a Cotton-Pickin?Gidget: Barbara Bouchet interview.
- Review: Sex with a Smile (1976).
- The Function of the Frame: Fetishim and the damaged male body of Late Night Trains (1975).
- The admirable Halsey: Brett Halsey interview.
- Fant-Asia 1997 International Film Festival report.
- Ricci, Poor Man: Tonino Ricci interview.
- Review Pages: Bestialita (1976), Anima Persa (1976), Night of the Devils (1972), Kyra: Lady of the Lake (1979), Il Cittadino si rebella (1974), The Marseilles Connection (1977), Tony Arzenta (1973), Palermo Milano solo andata (1995), Delitti imperfetti (1994), Pensione Paura (1978), Arabella The Black Angel (1987), Hot Voodoo Afternoon (1989), Satanik (1967).

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Issue 5
Spring 1997
- D?Amato sauce: Joe D ?Amato interview.
- The Gallery Murders: La Sindrome di Stendhal set report.
- Cult of the Ruby-maned Brat: Nicoletta Elmi profile.
- Review: Le Orme aka Footprints.
- 15th Fantafest: Rome 1995 festival report.

Issue 1
USA Reprint 1996
Here are the differences to the original:

Editoral page is missing, the Giallo Pages logo is moved from the editorial.
page to the contents page, to make room three illustrations from the content page were deleted.
Pages 9, 11 and 15 have differences in illustrations.
Page 43 with the Marisa Mell obituary is missing.
The 'Trauma' back cover is replaced by a 'Danger Diabolik' photo.


Issue 4
- Mondo Enzo: Enzo Castellari interview and a note on the Girolami dynasty.
- Apocalypse Vultures: Italian Apocalypse filmography.
- Reviews: Bronx Warriors (1982), Jonathan of the Bears (1993), Emanuelle & The White Slave Trade (1978).
- Gems


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Issue 3
- Morghen Mayhem: John Morghen interview concluded.
- Quentin Tarantino talks trash.
- The abdicted Queen of Italian gothique: Barbara Steele profiled.
- Reviewed: The Tempter (1974), La Frusta e il corpo (1963), L?Iguana dalla.
lingua di


Issue 2
- The Passion of John Morghen (interview part 1).
- Daria Nicolodi interview.
- Tell Laura I love her: Laura Gemser profiled.
- David Warbeck interview concluded and filmography.
- Lucio Fulci interview part 2: Zombies and beyond.
- Re


Issue 1
March/April/May 1993
- Profondo Argento: Dario Argento interview.
- Under The Influence Michele Soavi interview.
- Baino?s Back: Dark Waters preview.
- Edwige, from start to Fenech: Edwige Fenech profiled.
- David Warbeck Alchemist: interview part 1.
- Rev

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