Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1962-1966
- Horror film fanzine, inspired by the success of Famous Monsters of Filmland.
- First editor was Dave Keil then Gary Collins and later Frederick S. Clarke (Cinefantastique).
- 21 issues were published.

Notes: The first ever fanzine dedicated to Forrest J. Ackerman.
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7 April 2019
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Issue 21
September 1966

Issue 20

Issue 19

Issue 18
14 page fanzine include part 1 of the first filmbook ever done on the 1932 Bela Lugosi classic, "White Zombie"; short article on the Universal horror classics ("Dracula", "Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man") review of the novel "Lord of the Flies"; editorial and letter column and more.

Issue 17

Issue 16

Issue 15

Issue 14

Issue 13
The Bela Lugosi cover artwork is by fanzine artist Larry Byrd and articles include fan fiction, poetry, monster crossword puzzle and book reviews. There's a preview of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"; a biography of Bela Lugosi; a reprint of the 1958 story "But Who Can Replace a Man?" by famed British author Brian W. Aldiss ("Frankenstein Unbound"); plus the usual letters column.

Issue 12
8 page fanzine include editorial by Dave Keil, crossword puzzle, letters column and short reviews of then-current horror films Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", Hammer films, "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"; "Varan the Unbelievable"; "First Spaceship On Venus"; "The Manchurian Candidate" and others.

Issue 11
Articles include a review of the 1962 Hammer "The Phantom of the Opera" directed by Terence Fisher as well as the previous Lon Chaney and Claude Rains versions; there's a new films column; retro-review of the Boris Karloff "Mr. Wong, Detective"; article on the holiday of Halloween; G. R. Guy laments that publisher James Warren won't allow Forry Ackerman "to write seriously for F.M.". Noted fanzine artist Larry Byrd provides fiction ("Cosmonaut") and a reprint of the original 1934 Paul Ernst story, "The Thing in the Pond".

Issue 10

Issue 9
- Interview with Forrest J Ackerman by Dave Keil; review of "Five Weeks in a Balloon" (with Peter Lorre); book review of "The Survivor and Others" by H. P. Lovecraft; new film/fan news and coverage of the 1962 World SF Convention.

Issue 8
Article by Boris Karloff titled "It's Good to Go Home" (reprinted from "Parade" magazine) in which the actor discusses his life, "Frankenstein" and his then-current television series, "Thriller". There is a book review on Edmond Hamilton's novel, "Battle for the Stars"; a review of Boris Karloff's film "Mr. Wong, Detective"; preview of "The Day of the Triffids"

Issue 7
Winter 1962
This 5 page (single-sided) issue features a long review/filmbook of the 1943 Universal horror film, "The Wolf Man" starring Lon Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi, and previews the Roger Corman film "Tales of Terror" starring Vincent Price and Peter Lorre, plus the usual fan news.

Issue 6
Fall 1962

Issue 5

Issue 4

Issue 3

Issue 2

Issue 1

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