Classic Monsters, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Irregular Magazine from United States

- First issue: 2010
- Published by Ray Ferry
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10 October 2021
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Issue 13
'Lost Dracula Interview!' - A freaky interview with the king of the undead first unseen since the 30s. See what the old boy has to say about life as a vampire.
'The Walking Dead!' - Long before the contemporary TV series, the dead have walked among the living.
'Horror on the Radio' - A look into the popular suspense and horror shows of the 1930s!

Issue 12
'Things. Thems and Its!', a freaky overview of those non-human fiends from the Golden Days of Horror;
'The Magic of Stop-Motion Animation!', a series looking at how puppets and props were made to move in classic films.
Plus, an ultra-rare King Kong pull out and color bonus pics from The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Issue 11
May 2012

Issue 10
April 2012
"Hooray For Eddy Wood!" Freaky Monsters remembers Ed Wood Jr.- the undisputed King of low-budget chillers from the 1950s!. Includes many super rare photos from Wood's personal archive and lots of Lugosi for Bela fans!
"The Comedy of Terror!!" - If you love horror with a twist of yuk-yuk instead of eeeyuck!, you'll enjoy this freaky retrospective of fright film funnies, including many lesser known comics and comedy teams. Great fotos of course!
Remembering Jonathan Frid and the original "Dark Shadows" Series
Another episode of Aunt Eeek's Road Show In Transylvania - see what monsters like to collect!
New Retro Shock Filmbook Feature: "THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE" presented as only Freaky Monsters can!
Plus a new Freaky Monsters Pull-Out Poster and Full Color Classic Horror Lobbycard!

Issue 9
March 2012

Issue 8
February 2012
Tales of Poe!, Faust!, Monsters and their Music, and more!

Issue 7
January 2012
Santo Vs. The Vampire Women!
The Many Faces of Christopher Lee
... and more!

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