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Ireland's Film Quarterly
Quarterly Magazine from Ireland
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1989-2001
- News about current films and gossip about the stars.
- Published by Galway Film Centre
- Website: www.iol.ie/~galfilm/filmwest

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2 May 2014
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Spring 1997
Brood: Ian Kilroy talks to Vincent Browne about the screen adaptation of his poem.
Concorde Aris: Pat Collins analyses Roger Cormans studios track record to date.
Stephen Woolley: Neil Jordan's producer in an interview with Seamus McSwiney.
The Sanitisation of Irish Art: Joe Comerford on the politics of film-making.
The Century Conference: Nicky Fennell at the Projecting the Nation conference.
Raul Ruiz: Garin V Dowd profiles the Chilean director.
November Afternoon: Paul Power reviews John Carney's jazz soundtrack.
Tindersticks - Donal Dineen interviews Stuart Staples about the soundtrack for Nennette et Boni.
Jean Luc Godard: Fergus Daly on Godard and his latest film Forever Mozart.
Madeline Assas: Pat Collins talks to Godards latest leading lady.
Ronan Bennett: Patsy J Murphy attends Bennetts screen-writing workshop in Foyle.
Breaking the Waves: Garin V Dowd & Noreen Collins offer differing views on Von Triers latest film.
Crash & Cronenberg: Colum Stapleton attends a press screening of Cronenbergs controversial film.
Regulars: Inserts (GFC news, European News, Production News, Reel time), The Far Side (Joan Dean on Michael Collins in America).
Focus: Sean McCloy on Howard Hawks
T.V.Column: Rat Boy's review of '96 and Ireland on Screen
Reviews: November Afternoon, Its Now or Never, Draiocht, Carla's Song, The Crucible, quickfix, Bovine, Old Age and Dance Lexie Dance
Plus Ronan Jones' video reviews and book reviews by Seamus McSwiney & Adrian Byrne

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