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Bimonthly Magazine from Dublin ,Ireland
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2013
- Started as a photocopied newsletter.
- Until Issue 29, Film Ireland was known as Film Base News.
- Published by Film Base
- Website: www.filmireland.net

Last updated:
24 July 2023
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Garry Malvern

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Issue 107
Perry Ogden interview (Pavee Lackeen)
Carlos Reygadas interview (Battle in Heaven)
New German Cinema (Head-On, Downfall and The Edukators)
East Asian Genre film
Isma?l Ferroukhi interview (Le Grand Voyage)
Richard Raskin interview (Cork Short Film Symposium)
Don't Look in the Attic: interview with Andrew Harrison and Darryl Sloan
Creative Estructure in Screenwriting
Michael Powell retrospective
Doug Pray interview (Infamy). Reviews: Pavee Lackeen, Tara Road. Books: The Television Series: Alan Clarke, Billion Dollar Game: How Three Men Risked It All and Changed the Face of Television.

Issue 106
Ciaran O'Connor interview (Capital Letters)
Stephen Bradley interview (Boy Eats Girl)
Pearse Elliott interview (The Mightly Celt)
Seamus Deasy interview
Cork Short Film Symposium
Greta Garbo retrospective
Galway Film Fleadh report
Contemporary Irish Cinema
On A Clear Day: interview with actors Peter Mullan and Sean McGinley and director Gaby Dellal. Reviews: The Mighty Celt, Boy Eats Girl. Books: Forms of Being - Cinema, Aesthetics, Subjectivity; Despite the System - Orson Welles Versus the Hollywood Studios.

Issue 105
Juvenile deliquency in cinema
Neil Jordan interview (Company of Wolves)
Film Education Special: Ways of approaching the film industry; Film courses available; Word of advice from industry professionals
Jane Scott interview
Cannes report
Fresh Film Festival report
Andrei Tarkovsky retrospective
Sam Fuller retrospective
Home: interview with directors Dawn Scibilia and Alan Cooke. Review: Headrush. Book: Keeping it Real: Irish Film and Television.

Issue 104
Trouble With Sex: interview with director Fintan Connolly, producer Fionna Bergin and actors Renee Weldon and Aidan Gillen
More responses to the IFB's Low and Micro-Budget Initiatives Debate
Pablo Berger interview (Torremolinos 73)
Dogumentary Movement
Albert Maysles interview
Nick Broomfield retrospective
IDFA and Sunny Side of the Doc reports
Rob Nilsson interview
Hamish McAlpine interview (Tartan Films)
Malcolm McDowell interview (Part II). Reviews: Hotel Rwanda, Trouble With Sex. Books: The Stanley Kubrick Archives.

Issue 103
Adam & Paul: interview with director Lenny Abrahamson and actor Mark O'Halloran
Future of the IFB's Low and Micro-Budget Initiatives
Hans Weingartner interview (The Edukators)
Malcolm McDowell interview (Part I)
Seamus McGarvey's interview
Jane Birkin interview
Jacques Richard interview (Henri Langlois - The Phantom of the Cinemath?que)
A-Z of Cult Cinema (Part I)
New brutalism
Dublin International Film Festival report. Reviews: Mickybo & Me, John McGahern - A Private World. Books: The real Irlenad - The evolution of Ireland in documentary film, Woody Allen on Woody Allen.

Issue 102
A-Z of Cult Cinema (Part I)
Alejandro Jodorowsky interview
Magic Realism
Bahman Ghobadi interview (Turtles Can Fly)
Jean-Jacques Annaud interview (Two Brothers)
Koktebel: Boris Khlebnikov & Aleksei Popogrebsky interview
Screenwriting: Treatments and Sequences
Andrew Loog Oldham interview (Charlie Is My Darling)
Kerry Film Festival report. Reviews: Dead Meat, Man About Dog. Books: Irish Film Censorship - A Cutural Journey from Silent Cinema to Internet Pornography, The Whole Equation - A History of Hollywood.

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