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Bimonthly Magazine from Dublin ,Ireland
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2013
- Started as a photocopied newsletter.
- Until Issue 29, Film Ireland was known as Film Base News.
- Published by Film Base
- Website: www.filmireland.net

Last updated:
24 July 2023
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Garry Malvern

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Issue 67
Premier Shorts in Belfast report: Cluck, Green Oranges, The Good Son, Baby Doll & Surfing Wit William
Cork's films
David Caffrey interview (Divorcing Jack)
Jane Gogan, Comissioning Editor at TV3, interview
Peter Mullan interview (Orphans)
Hong Kong Action Cinema
The Last Bus Home: Paul Donovan & Johnny Gogan interview (part I)
Cuban cinema
Akira Kurosawa retrospective. Reviews: Divorcing Jack, The Nephew. Book: Shooting to Kill - Filmmaking and the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

Issue 66
Irish-American Filmmaking Issue: Denis Leary interview (Monument Avenue); Noel Pearson (Dancing at Lughnasa), Eugene Brady (The Nephew) and Terry George (A Bright Shining Lie) interviews; Declan Quinn interview; Marian Quinn interview
John Hurt interview
Michael Moore
Kurt and Courtney - From Hell to Celebrity. Reviews: Dancing at Lughnasa, 2by4, Just in Time, Double Carpet, Francis Barrett - Southpaw, The Gamble.

Issue 65
June/July 1998
Lux Centre in London
John Boorman interview
Martin Scorsese: Public interview report; Inspired by Scorsese; Casino the Citizen Kane of the '90s?
Irish films in Cannes report
Irish books on film. Reviews: The General, Washington Square, Amongst Women, Hidden Treasures. Book: Anyone Can Make TV.

Issue 64
Dermot Morgan homage
Carol Doyle interview (Washington Square)
Academy Awards 1998 report
Aodh?n Madden's Night Train
Cinema & Computer Gaming
Kurt Palm interview (At Swim Two Birds)
Martin Duffy on The Boy from Mercury. Reviews: Resurrection Man, O'Donoghue's Opera, At Swim Two Birds, Shorts films at Dublin Film Festival.

Issue 63
Moving Still Animation: Susan Dennehy, Tim Fernee & Art O'Briain interview
Neil Jordan interview (The Butcher Boy)
Grindhouse review
Seventies TV shows
Donald Clarke's diary at Moonstone International Screenwriters' Lab
Irish cinematographers: Seamus McGarvey & Peter Butler interview; James Mather career
New technologies for the Millenium
Mike Collins's report on Chiapas
Warhol film season report. Reviews: The Boxer, Snakes and Ladders, The Ambassador (Episodes 1-4), The Madness from Within, Spre Rosy Ryan.

Issue 62
One day in Craggy Island
Carine Adler interview
Resurrection Man: Stuart Townsend interview; Eoin MacNamee interview (book)
Shorts at Cork Film Festival report
97 review
Ronan Bennett interview (A Further Gesture). Reviews: Inventing the Abbots, All Souls' Day, Making the Cut, My Great-Grandmother Was a Boxer, Ballyseedy, Bobby Lamb - a Celebration, Saoirse?

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