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Bimonthly Magazine from Dublin ,Ireland
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2013
- Started as a photocopied newsletter.
- Until Issue 29, Film Ireland was known as Film Base News.
- Published by Film Base
- Website: www.filmireland.net

Last updated:
24 July 2023
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Garry Malvern

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Issue 55
Michael Collins
John T. Davis interview (The Uncle Jack)
Movie Business in LA
'Projecting the Nation: National Cinema in an International Frame' conference issues
John Sherlock interview
Euro-Trash television
Sport on the box
Irish film in France. Reviews: The Van, Boys and Men, Home Movie Nights, Safe and Sound, Galway Film Fleadh Irish Short Film Winners.

Issue 54
Enda Hughes interview (The Eliminator)
'Irish Film - A Mirror Up To Culture' conference report
Fr Ted Comedy Workshop report
Pat McCabe talks trash movies
David Keating interview (The Last of the High Kings)
Fr. Joseph P. Dumm retrospective
Philippe Rousselot interview (The Serpent's Kiss)
Soundtracks & music in films
Michael Dwyer interview. Reviews: The Eliminator, Some Mother's Son, Trojan Eddie. Book: Big Picture, Small Screen - The Relations Between Film and Television.

Issue 53
The Sun, the Moon and the Stars: Geraldine Creed and Angie Dickinson interviews
Todd Haynes interview (Safe)
Documentary-making in Ireland
Facilities Listings Supplement
RTe's children's programming report
From Dusk Till Dawn censorship report
Finance Bill 1996 report
Ardmore Studios
CARTOON Forum report. Reviews: The Boy from Mercury, The Big O, 81, The Condom, Male Rape - Men Overcoming Rape and Sexual Abuse. Book: The Irish Filmography.

Issue 52
Teilif?s na Gaeilge
David Blake Knox, RTe's Assistant Director of Programmes, interview
Post-production facilities in Ireland
Short Cuts in Focus
Women in Film and Television profile
Drama production in Northern Ireland
Cinema 100: Margo Harkin, Albert Kelly, Sunniva O'Flynn, Louis Marcus, Brendan McCaul, Lelia Doolan, Cathal Black, Hug Leonard & Harry Hurst comments
Frameworks scheme. Reviews: Summertime, The Peer Bottle, Dear Daughter, Video Diaries.

Issue 51
Shane Connaughton interview (The Run of the Country)
Copyright & Options - Writers' & producers' perspective
No-budget filmmaking in Ireland
Six Pack report
Nature of sound and sound recording
Nell McCafferty on Guiltrip
SOURCES Script Workshop report
Animation: Terra Glyph, Monster, Animation Camera Facilities, Shepherd Films. Reviews: Thirty Five Aside, The Rocker - A Portrait of Phil Lynott, Hearts and Souls - The No Divorce Campaign, J.J. Biker, Art, Are You Mad?

Issue 50
Roddy Flynn on Irish theatrical distribution
Fifty years of Film Ireland!
Arthouse, Dublin's multimedia centre
Gerry Stembridge interview (Guiltrip)
Education in Ireland Supplement
Dennis Hopper interview
Paul Duane visits the set of Spectre
CARTOON Forum report. Reviews: Korea, Guiltrip, The Run of the Country, Fishing the Sloe-Black River, Famine, The Stunning. Books: Confessions of a Sewer Rat - A Personal History of Censorship & the Irish Cinema, Still Irish - A Century of the Irish in Film.

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