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Bimonthly Magazine from Dublin ,Ireland
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2013
- Started as a photocopied newsletter.
- Until Issue 29, Film Ireland was known as Film Base News.
- Published by Film Base
- Website: www.filmireland.net

Last updated:
24 July 2023
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Garry Malvern

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Issue 32
Irish Film Centre first impressions
Making documentaries: History, Representations of Actuality seminar report, Documentaries in Northern Ireland
John T Davis interview
Feminist film theory
Low-Budget seminar at the Cork Film Festival
Response to Force of Duty review. Reviews: The Crying Game, Into the West, Contrasting Realities, Man of Aran.

Issue 31
Irish Film Centre preview: building, background, La Cinemath?que Fran?aise
Guide to Eurimages
Film report analysis: Coopers & Lybrand's Report, Liam O'Neill responds to the report
Pat O'Connor's Force of Duty review
Film production software
Galway Film Fleadh report
Projections: A Forum for Filmmakers report
Barton Scoreseasy interview. Reviews: Video Diaries - The Reluctant Mamoushka, Waterland.

Issue 30
Foyle Film Projects
5 Years on
Film's funding crisis
A short guide to development: The Bargain Shop
EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) diary
Terence Davies interview (The Long Day Closes)
Women on film
Irish filmmaker on classic films: Stephen Kane on Paris, Texas
Douarnenez Film Festival preview
Designer Thrillers seminar report. Reviews: The Barber Shop, Dun Laoghaire 1992 graduate films.

Issue 29
Brief history of Documentary
German script workshop review
Theo Angelopoulus interview
Future Structure for Irish Broadcasting discussion (part II)
Paul Duane's Blind Alley in the Dublin Film Festival. Reviews: Hear My Song, UK Election TV Coverage, Behind the Walls of Castlereagh.

Issue 28
Martin Mahon, Director of Dublin Film Festival , interview
Future Structure for Irish Broadcasting discussion (part I): Muiris Mac Conghail, Colum Kenny, Jane Gogan, David Collins & Colm O Briain
Cathal Black interview
Arts Council's funding policy
Vanity Fare article by Conor Kenny. Reviews: A Stone of the Heart, 3 Joes.

Issue 27
RTe/Thames co-production review
Chloe Gibson portrait
Film Base's policy on broadcasting
Film policy & Arts Council
Foyle Film Festival 91 report
Script Fund Seminar report
A Vision article by Kevin Liddy. Review: Diary of a Madman.

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