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Bimonthly Magazine from Dublin ,Ireland
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2013
- Started as a photocopied newsletter.
- Until Issue 29, Film Ireland was known as Film Base News.
- Published by Film Base
- Website: www.filmireland.net

Last updated:
24 July 2023
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Garry Malvern

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Issue 91
Music & Film Special: Bernard Herrmann career, The Harder They Come, Music for low-budget features
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
Neil Jordan career
Script Editor Story
Actors' Equity Open Forum report
Arts Council 30 Years On
Lukas Moodysson's Lilja4-ever
Patrice Leconte interview. Reviews: The Good Thief, The Dark Room.

Issue 90
A-Z and Q&A with the BSe/IFB of Low and Micro-Budget productions
Irish film policy questioned
Howard Hughes career
High Definition technology
New York's IFP Market review
Lasair, Oscailt and Irish Language films
Sophie Fiennes interview (Hoover Street Revival)
Gangs of New York.

Issue 89
Peter Mullan interview (The Magdalene Sisters)
Monsoon Wedding vs Behing Enemy Lines
Andrew Parkinson interview (Dead Creatures)
Moonstone International
Y tu mam? tambien report
Mike Leigh interview (All Or Nothing)
Jonathan Rosenbaum interview (Movie Wars book)
Martin Duffy's Jenny's Gift
French 'extreme cinema'. Reviews: The Magdalene Sisters, In America, The Good Thief, The Heart of Me, Evelyn.

Issue 88
Arthouse Cinema Issue: Contemporary spectatorship, Alternative exhibition, IFC Cinema, Kino, Queen's Film Theatre
Ida Lupino retrospective
Paradox Pictures: producer Liam O'Neill & actor Colm Meaney interviews (How Harry Became a Tree)
Galway Film Fleadh 02 report
British Realism publications
Phone Booth: Larry Cohen retrospective, Colin Farrell interview
IFI 10 years. Reviews: Coney Island Baby, Puckoon, Chaos, Berlusconi's Mousetrap, Spleachadh, Mapmaker, How Harry Became a Tree.

Issue 87
Irish Animation Issue: Brief Story, Kavaleer, Rocket, Brown Bag, Graduates from Ballyfermot SC
Alan Gilsenan interview
Seamus McGarvey interview
Jeremiah Cullinane writes on Christian movies
Taliesin Jones's distribution
Aleida Guevara interview
Irish Film Production and Development: 'The Best Awakes', Johnny Gogan interview (Mapmaker)
'Keep it Real' conference report. Review: The Last Storyteler? Book: Jim Sheridan - Framing the Nation.

Issue 86
Ireland's Low-Budget DV Filmmaking Issue: directors Lance Daley, Nino Tropiano, Stephen Kane, Eamonn Crudden and Graham Cantwell interviews; SurfingAccident; Perry Ogden interview (photography & DV); DV Business; Grace Weir & Dorothy Cross; Stephen Kane's The Crooked Mile; Tom Schioler interview (Kanadiana)
Werner Herzog career & Dogme
Coney Island Baby. Review: Love and Rage.

Issue 85
Bloody Sunday and the British Media
Behind Enemy Lines
The Shooting Gallery
UCD's 'Keeping it Real' conference
The Arts Council and Film
Seamus Duggan interview (Filmbase Q&A)
Cameron Crowe retrospective. Reviews: Behind Enemy Lines, Sunday. Books: Editing and Post-Production Screencraft, Contemporary British and Irish Film Directors, Ireland's Others.

Issue 84
Cinema of the Fantastic Issue: Round table with Geraldine Creed, Jeremiah Cullinane, Ed King, Conor McMahon and Christoher Wicking; Alejandro Amen?bar's The Others; American 50s sci-fi; Brian Yuzna interview
Scott McGehee & David Siegel interview (The Deep End)
Comics to screen
Catherine Breillat retrospective. Reviews: On the Nose. At Cork: Last Days in Dublin, This Time Around, The Crooked Mile; Freedom Highway, Teenage Kicks, Seven Days, My Daughter Does Madonna. Book: Maverick - A Dissident View of Broadcasting Today.

Issue 83
Disco Pigs: Kirsten Sheridan & Cillian Murphy interviews
All About Reality Issue: DV filmmakers at the Genoa G8 summit: Eamonn Crudden, Wolfe Fishbourne & Rowan Dempsey interview; We Are Not Warriors; Alan Clarke retrospective; H3: director Les Blair and writers Laurence McKeown & Brian Campbell interview; Dennis O'Rourke interview (Cunnamulla); Two generations of Germany cinema
Jacques Tourneur retrospective. Reviews: Disco Pigs, H3.

Issue 82
John Carney interview
Screenwriting Issue: Enda Walsh interview (Disco Pigs); Screenwriting self-help material; Irish screenwriting: Stephen Walsh & Martin Duffy interviews; Paul Schrader retrospective
Cable option
Troma Entertainment
Robert Flanagan interview (part I). Reviews: On the Edge, The Most Fertile Man in Ireland.

Issue 81
Coolockland: Brian Tucker, Bill Muir & Ronan Carr interview
Takeshi Kitano retrospective
Film Education Special Feature
Miller Dublin Film Festival's controversy
Stacy Cochran interview (Drop Back Ten)
Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey rerelease
The Dish: Tom Gleisner & Santo Cilauro interview
Scorsese's Irish Gang
Liz Gill & Breda Walsh interview (Goldfish Memory). Review: Wild About Harry.

Issue 80
John Boorman's The Tailor of Panama
Dublin Film Festival American Independent showcase report
Francis Ford Coppola retrospective
Michael Haneke interview (Code Unknown)
If I Should Fall From Grace report
Swedish silent film directors
Multiplex in Ireland
Promising male Irish actors: Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Stuart Townsend & Cillian Murphy
Mary Callery interview
Maeve Murphy interview (The Follower). Reviews: Tigerland, Blow Dry, Peaches, Accelerator.

Issue 79
When Brendan Met Trudy: Roddy Doyle & Kieron J. Walsh interview
Beckett on Film Project: directors Anthony Minghella, Damien O'Donnell, Neil Jordan round table; Producer Alan Moloney
Ang Lee retrospective
Jean-Marc Barr
Wong Kar-Wai films
Shorts at Cork Film Festival
European Film Academy Awards
Australian Cinema
Cinefrance report
Amsterdam Forum report
Peter Sheridan & Gerry Stembridge talk drama & film
Screenwriter Paco Hayes. Reviews: About Adam, Borstal Boy.

Issue 78
Toronto Film Festival's report
Guy Pearce interview (Memento)
Steve Barron interview (Rat)
Beckett films at the Toronto Film Festival
Aidan Walsh's documentary
Country: Kevin Liddy & Jack Armstrong interview
Michael Almereyda interview (Hamlet)
British Film Fundings
Mark Geraghty interview (The Count of Monte Cristo)
Guide to Post-production. Reviews: Country, Rat. Book: Irish Film - The Emergence of a Contemporary Cinema.

Issue 77
Debut 2000 preview
Dancer in the Dark report
Saltwater report
Animation Films
Fintan Connolly's Flick
Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons remake
Patrick Bergin interview
Film & Video Art
Sporting events & movies
Amir Bar-Lev interview (Fighter). Reviews: I Could Read the Sky, Flick. Book: Screening Ireland - Film and Television Representation.

Issue 76
Johnny Ferguson interview (Gangster No 1)
47 facts about Pierce Brosnan
Michael Sheridan on When the Sky Falls
Ron Shelton interview (Play It to the Bone)
Kevin MacDonald interview (One Day in September)
Israeli Films at Dublin Film Festival
Marlene Dietrich retrospective
Pete Postlethwaite interview
Chicken Run preview
Equity, the Irish Actors' Union. Reviews: When the Sky Falls, Luke, From a Whisper to a Scream, A Vertical Man, Gangster No 1.

Issue 75
Pat Murphy interview (Nora)
Vinny Murphy interview
Interview with Roy Disney, Chairman of Disney's Animation Department (Fantasia 2000)
John Lasseter tribute day report
Mike Leigh interview (Topsy-Turvy)
Relative Strangers television drama report
Catherine Creed interview (I Could Read the Sky). Reviews: Nora, The Last September.

Issue 74
The 'Dogme 95' Millenium Project
Neil Jordan interview
Gabriel Byrne interview
Thaddeus O'Sullivan interview
Marc-Ivan O'Gorman Diary (part II)
Christopher Vogler interview
Wim Wenders interview (The Million Dollar Hotel)
Make-up artist Michele Burke. Reviews: The End of the Affair, Ordinary Decent Criminal, Angela's Ashes, Wonderland, Agnes Browne. Book: Stills, Reels and Rushes - Ireland and the Irish in 20th Century Cinema.

Issue 73
Farewell to The Forum cinema
Damien O'Donnell interview (East is East)
Atom Egoyan interview (Felicia's Journey)
Josie MacAvin retrospective
Agnes Varda retrospective
Irish Animation's overview
Marc-Ivan O'Gorman Diary (part I)
The War Zone film and public interview
Lucio Fulci retrospective. Reviews: East is East, The Hard Road to Klondike. Short Films at Cork Film Festival: The Case of Majella McGinty, Mir Friends, Between Dreams, Inside Out, Real Men Eat Meat, Love and Other Unspeakable Acts, Comm-raid on the Battleship Potemkin.

Issue 72
Stanley Kubrick retrospective
Frank Stapleton interview (The Fifth Province)
Digital filmmaking
Dance & Irish film
Memory of Donal McCann
Bollywood in Dublin
Mike Figgis interview (The Loss of Sexual Innocence and Miss Julie)
Emer McCourt interview - Costume designer Consolata Boyle interview. Reviews: Dublin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival report, DLIADT Showcase.

Issue 71
Cannes Film Festival report
Lord Michael Killanin retrospective
Mary Raftery interview (States of Fear)
New generation of Irish actresses
Irish Screen production company
Shorts: Irish Shorts at the Dublin Film Festival; The Good Son; Schedule of Short films on television; Shorts at festivals; Support schemes
Report of South & South-East Asian cinema in the Dublin Film Festival. Reviews: A love Divided, Human Traffic, Keeping Time - The Piper and the Poet, Michael Hartnett -Necklace of Wrens, The Leaving.

Issue 70
Round table with Stephen Bradley (Sweety Barrett), Nicholas O'Neill (Crushproof) & Alan Moloney (A Love Divided)
Bernardo Bertolucci retrospective
Film Projectionist Brendan O'Reilly interview
Shoot on DV by directors Eoin Moore and John Carney
Screenwriters Workshop
Harriet O'Carroll interview (Aristocrats)
Gaspar Noe interview (Seul Contre Tous). Reviews: In Dreams, Crushproof, Sweety Barrett, D-Watch, From Clare to Here.

Issue 69
ITC/Cinemagic Forum on Children's Film & Television report
David Kelly interview (Waking Ned)
Film production on the Isle of Man
Distribution of Irish films in Ireland
Walter Salles interview (Central Station)
Alan Resnais retrospective
Early years of Hollywood horror movies. Reviews: Waking Ned, Vicious Circle, Hilary & Jackie.

Issue 68
Liam McGrath interview (Southpaw)
Forum for International Financing of Documentaries report
Tim Fernee on Irish animation
Film Ireland Top Tens of 1998
Henry Rollins interview
Year of the Horse and 'Rockumentary' genre
Graham Linehan interview (Big Train)
New Year's Wishes for the Dublin Film Festival
Nationalism and Documentary conference report. Reviews: This is My Father, Too Late for Names, The Green Fields of France, Sown in Tears and Blood, The McCourts of New York, Titanic Town.

Issue 67
Premier Shorts in Belfast report: Cluck, Green Oranges, The Good Son, Baby Doll & Surfing Wit William
Cork's films
David Caffrey interview (Divorcing Jack)
Jane Gogan, Comissioning Editor at TV3, interview
Peter Mullan interview (Orphans)
Hong Kong Action Cinema
The Last Bus Home: Paul Donovan & Johnny Gogan interview (part I)
Cuban cinema
Akira Kurosawa retrospective. Reviews: Divorcing Jack, The Nephew. Book: Shooting to Kill - Filmmaking and the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

Issue 66
Irish-American Filmmaking Issue: Denis Leary interview (Monument Avenue); Noel Pearson (Dancing at Lughnasa), Eugene Brady (The Nephew) and Terry George (A Bright Shining Lie) interviews; Declan Quinn interview; Marian Quinn interview
John Hurt interview
Michael Moore
Kurt and Courtney - From Hell to Celebrity. Reviews: Dancing at Lughnasa, 2by4, Just in Time, Double Carpet, Francis Barrett - Southpaw, The Gamble.

Issue 65
June/July 1998
Lux Centre in London
John Boorman interview
Martin Scorsese: Public interview report; Inspired by Scorsese; Casino the Citizen Kane of the '90s?
Irish films in Cannes report
Irish books on film. Reviews: The General, Washington Square, Amongst Women, Hidden Treasures. Book: Anyone Can Make TV.

Issue 64
Dermot Morgan homage
Carol Doyle interview (Washington Square)
Academy Awards 1998 report
Aodh?n Madden's Night Train
Cinema & Computer Gaming
Kurt Palm interview (At Swim Two Birds)
Martin Duffy on The Boy from Mercury. Reviews: Resurrection Man, O'Donoghue's Opera, At Swim Two Birds, Shorts films at Dublin Film Festival.

Issue 63
Moving Still Animation: Susan Dennehy, Tim Fernee & Art O'Briain interview
Neil Jordan interview (The Butcher Boy)
Grindhouse review
Seventies TV shows
Donald Clarke's diary at Moonstone International Screenwriters' Lab
Irish cinematographers: Seamus McGarvey & Peter Butler interview; James Mather career
New technologies for the Millenium
Mike Collins's report on Chiapas
Warhol film season report. Reviews: The Boxer, Snakes and Ladders, The Ambassador (Episodes 1-4), The Madness from Within, Spre Rosy Ryan.

Issue 62
One day in Craggy Island
Carine Adler interview
Resurrection Man: Stuart Townsend interview; Eoin MacNamee interview (book)
Shorts at Cork Film Festival report
97 review
Ronan Bennett interview (A Further Gesture). Reviews: Inventing the Abbots, All Souls' Day, Making the Cut, My Great-Grandmother Was a Boxer, Ballyseedy, Bobby Lamb - a Celebration, Saoirse?

Issue 61
Cork Film Festival preview
I Went Down: Rob Walpole & Paddy Breathnach interview; Conor MacPherson interview; Brendan Gleeson career
Alan Gilsenan interview (All Souls' Day)
Colin Bateman interview (Divorcing Jack)
Assistant Sound Editor course report
Double Carpet production. Reviews: I Went Down, Mrs Brown, Glenroe - Going on 15, How Far Home, Harvest Emergency, Criminal Pursuit. Book: Power in the Eye - An Introduction to Contemporary Irish Film.

Issue 60
Galway Film Fleadh report
Tom Gildea, TD for South Donegal, interview
Julia Judge interview (Meteor)
Anne Burke, Women in Film and Television's director, interview
Bertrand Blier's Mon Homme
Laura Mulvey interview. Reviews: The Butcher Boy, The Last Bus Home, Bogwoman, Space Truckers, The Disappearance of Finbar, DLCAD Graduate Show, The Very Stuff, Niamh and the Angels, The Cake.

Issue 59
Eric Abraham interview (Kolya)
Cannes Film Festival report
Robert Dornhelm & David Collins interview (A Further Gesture)
Peter Newman & Stuart Gordon interview (Space Truckers)
Script Development Conference report. Reviews: This is the Sea, Hoodwinked, Alaska.

Issue 58
Pat O'Connor interview
Irish video market report
Scream and Scream Again exhibition report
World of Documentaries strand at the Dublin Film Festival
Cronenberg's Crash
Nick Hornby interview (Fewer Pitch). Reviews: Gold in the Streets, November Afternoon, Drinking Crude, Driftwood, Shortcuts Programme, Blasket Roots... American Dreams, The Joy. Dublin Film Festival: Shorts Programme One & Two; Animation Day

Issue 57
S?le de Valera interview
Amsterdam Documentary Forum & Market report
Film distribution in the Irish market
Irish commercial producing sector
Employment conditions in film and TV production report
Teilif?s na Gaeilge's first two months on air. Reviews: Where Do I Begin - Se?n Keating, An American in Ireland - Charles Brady, Patrick Hickey - Artist, James Gandon - A Life, Leading Hollywood. Book: War and Words - The Northern Ireland Media Reader.

Issue 56
Extracts from Martin Duffy's book-in-progress about The Boy from Mercury
John Carney interview (November Afternoon)
Irish-themed programmes on American TV report
History and future of film projection
Muiris MacConghail on Michael Collins. Reviews: Michael Collins, The Uncle Jack, The Sun, the Moon and the Stars, The Last of the High Kings, Dra?ocht, The Secret of Roan Inish. Book: The Companion to British and Irish Cinema.

Issue 55
Michael Collins
John T. Davis interview (The Uncle Jack)
Movie Business in LA
'Projecting the Nation: National Cinema in an International Frame' conference issues
John Sherlock interview
Euro-Trash television
Sport on the box
Irish film in France. Reviews: The Van, Boys and Men, Home Movie Nights, Safe and Sound, Galway Film Fleadh Irish Short Film Winners.

Issue 54
Enda Hughes interview (The Eliminator)
'Irish Film - A Mirror Up To Culture' conference report
Fr Ted Comedy Workshop report
Pat McCabe talks trash movies
David Keating interview (The Last of the High Kings)
Fr. Joseph P. Dumm retrospective
Philippe Rousselot interview (The Serpent's Kiss)
Soundtracks & music in films
Michael Dwyer interview. Reviews: The Eliminator, Some Mother's Son, Trojan Eddie. Book: Big Picture, Small Screen - The Relations Between Film and Television.

Issue 53
The Sun, the Moon and the Stars: Geraldine Creed and Angie Dickinson interviews
Todd Haynes interview (Safe)
Documentary-making in Ireland
Facilities Listings Supplement
RTe's children's programming report
From Dusk Till Dawn censorship report
Finance Bill 1996 report
Ardmore Studios
CARTOON Forum report. Reviews: The Boy from Mercury, The Big O, 81, The Condom, Male Rape - Men Overcoming Rape and Sexual Abuse. Book: The Irish Filmography.

Issue 52
Teilif?s na Gaeilge
David Blake Knox, RTe's Assistant Director of Programmes, interview
Post-production facilities in Ireland
Short Cuts in Focus
Women in Film and Television profile
Drama production in Northern Ireland
Cinema 100: Margo Harkin, Albert Kelly, Sunniva O'Flynn, Louis Marcus, Brendan McCaul, Lelia Doolan, Cathal Black, Hug Leonard & Harry Hurst comments
Frameworks scheme. Reviews: Summertime, The Peer Bottle, Dear Daughter, Video Diaries.

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