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Bimonthly Magazine from Sweden
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2003
- FILMHAFTET was written in Swedish and English from 1973 to 2002.
- FILM INTERNATIONAL is the successor written only in English.
- "Published as a bi-monthly, full colour magazine, Film International covers all aspects of film culture in a visually dynamic way. This new breed of film publication brings together established film scholars with renowned journalists to provide an informed and animated commentary on the spectacle of world cinema."
- For previous issues see FILMHAFTET.
- Published by Intellect
- Website: www.filmint.nu

Last updated:
30 May 2023
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Issue 48
November/December 2010
Making Movies in Europe

Working Title Films: From Mid-Atlantic to the Heart of Europe
by Tobias Hochscherf and James Leggott

Better Late than Never? The Role of Policy in the Turkish Cinematic Revival
by Melis Behlil

Once Upon a Time in Italy: Transnational Features of Genre Production, 1960s-1970s
by Stefano Baschiera and Francesco Di Chiara

Practice Makes Perfect? The Production of the Swedish Sex Film in the 1970s
by Mariah Larsson

Made in Flanders (Redux): Film Production, Government Funding and Television Participation in Flanders, Belgium
by Leen Engelen and Roel Vande Winkel

City of Light, City of Shadows: The Difficult Take-off of a Spanish Film Studio
by Alejandro Pardo

A Film-friendly Town? Assessing a Decade at a Small Swedish Production Centre
by Olof Hedling

Issue 47
September/October 2010

Issue 46
July/August 2010

Issue 45
May/June 2010

Issue 44
March/April 2010

Issue 43
January/February 2010

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