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Issue 238
November 2004
Elegy: Tony sez summer's shriekers were disappointments.
Postal Zone: ...and so do our readers.
Monster Invasion: They're 'The Devil's Rejects,' but Rob Zombie loves 'em; shut yourself in with 'Claustrophobia.'
'Fraid In Japan: Sarah Michelle Gellar et al. receive real culture shock when they travel overseas for 'The Grudge.'
Reaping The 'Seed': After all the years writing Chucky's lines, now Don Mancini gets to tell him how to say them.
Dr. Cyclops: A thrilling ride with 'Highwaymen'; newest CGI snake movie arrives B.O.A.
'Blade: Trinity' Looks Sharp: Sexy young fighters join Wesley Snipes' vampire killer in his latest adventure.
The Orgy Of The 'Species III': Those rapacious aliens just won't give up on making Earth their mating ground.
'Lethal' Biological Weapon: An animal-rights group finds itself in need of rescue in 'Lethal Dose.'
'Carrie' Me Back: Stephen King recalls the highlights and lowlights of the early filmizations of his work.
All Joked Up: Czech in with the latest Eurozombies as Fangoria International exposes a 'Choking Hazard.'
'Dead End' Drives You Crazy: Join Ray Wise and family for a frightening road trip into the unknown.
DVD Dungeon: Cool extras multiply on 'Deadly Spawn' disc; 'It's Alive' anew; a spirited package for 'Ghosts'
'Happy Birthday' Presents: Creative-murder fans got a bloody gift when 'Happy Birthday to Me' splattered onscreen.
'Hellbent' For Death: Hunks and horror are combined as the slasher genre meets the gay-filmmaking trend.
Getting Evil For Dad: While threatening others as 'The Sadist,' Arch Hall Jr. encountered dangerous situations of his own.
Nightmare Library: Welcome back 'From the Borderlands'; why did Little 'Resort' to old tricks?

Issue 237
October 2004

Issue 236
September 2004
Elegy: Lions Gate roars.
Postal Zone: 25th-anniversary-issue kudos.
Monster Invasion: Horror heroes' softer side comes out as 'Chucky' becomes a dad and 'Dracula' sings.
Dodging The 'Bullet': Mick Garris takes audiences on another rollercoaster ride through Stephen King territory.
New 'Resident' On The Block: Milla Jovovich and her zombie-fighting crew set off a bigger bang in 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse.'
Dr. Cyclops: 'Suburban' dysfunction at its extreme; 'Megalodon' is day-old fish.
Takashi Miike Gets Weird: If you think that's not news, check out what the prolific Japanese director is offering this year.
Period Piece: Our favorite sisters tangle with 1800s werewolves in 'Ginger Snaps Back.'
They Came, They 'Saw,' They Tortured: An Australian duo brings an unconventional approach to serial slayings.
'Alien Vs. Predator,' With A Lance: Henriksen, that is, lending his familiar face to this franchise reinvention.
The Man Who Would Be Merrin: Twice, in fact, as Stellan Skarsgard toplines both takes of 'Exorcist: The Beginning.'
DVD Dungeon: 'Lemora' is breathtakingly beautiful; more reasons to be hooked on 'Candyman'
Snake Charmer: Uncoiling 'Anacondas,' director Dwight Little is no stranger to fear fare.
Nightmare Library: Oh, 'Susannah'! King triumphs again; Suzuki's 'Spiral' sucks you in.
'Hazing' Days: College life is difficult enough without the deaths and demons of this indie feature.
When The Shark Bites: It's an occasion for 30 years of cinematic screams leading up to this month's 'Open Water.'

Issue 235
August 2004

Issue 234
July 2004
Special 100-page 25th-anniverary issue!
Elegy: Happy anniversary, Fango!
Monster Invasion: 'I'll Bury You Tomorrow' to be seen now; 'Creature Unknown' recalls monsters familiar.
25 Years Of Fangoria: Mark Voger celebrates our landmark, cartoon-style.
Fango's Top Films: 1979-1983: 'Dawn of the Dead,' 'Friday the 13th,' 'An American Werewolf in London,' 'The Thing,' 'The Evil Dead'.
Sam Raimi Swings Both Ways: He's got the wall-crawling epic 'Spider-Man 2' and a group of back-to-basics chillers on his slate.
Fango's Top Films: 1984-1988: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street,' 'Re-Animator,' 'The Fly,' 'Hellraiser,' 'The Vanishing'.
Paul Naschy Spreads The Disease: Spain's busiest horrormeister is also bringing the fear to U.S. productions.
The MVPs Of 'AVP': That's 'Alien vs. Predator,' and we talk to the referees in an exclusive set visit.
Fango's Top Films: 1989-1993: 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,' 'Jacob's Ladder,' 'The Silence of the Lambs,' 'Dead Alive,' 'Cronos'.
The 13th Annual Chainsaw Awards Winners!: Who grabbed the gory for the films of 2003?
The Big G's Big Cheese: When Godzilla battles monstrous foes, producer Shogo Tomiyama oversees the destruction.
2004's East Coast 'Weekend Of Horrors': A gallery of sights from the frights of our January convention.
Fango's Top Films: 1994-1998: 'The Crow,' 'Seven,' 'Scream,' 'Crash,' 'Ringu'.
'Last Horror,' First Lead: British actor Kevin Howarth makes a crimson splash as the star of 'The Last Horror Movie.'
DVD Dungeon: Heavenly 'Angel Heart' disc; bloody good combat in 'Starship Troopers 2'; 'In My Skin' will get under yours.
Fango's Top Films: 1999-2003: 'The Blair Witch Project,' 'American Psycho,' 'Ginger Snaps,' 'Frailty,' '28 Days Later'.
The New Future Of Fear: We present a fresh crop of faces who are all aiming to make the next 25 years scarier.

Issue 233
June 2004
Elegy: Remembering Dad.
Postal Zone: Readers greet the 'Dawn.'
Monster Invasion: Sam Raimi holds a 'Grudge'; Joe R. Lansdale celebrates 'Bubba Ho-Tep.'
Out Of The 'Darkness': At last, U.S. audiences will be able to see Jaume Balaguero's well-cast supernatural tale.
Shark Treatment: The Sundance sensation 'Open Water' will make you think twice about taking a dip in the ocean.
Dr. Cyclops: 'Serial Killing 101' at the head of the class; 'Hellbreeder' mostly breeds contempt.
Eight Arms To Kill You: Evil is a many-tentacled thing when Alfred Molina plays Dr. Octopus in 'Spider-Man 2.'
'Drive' To Succeed: Up-and-coming fear filmmakers get their shot via Fango's 'Blood Drive.'
A 'Lot' To Live Up To: The people behind TV's new 'Salem's Lot' say they've matched the frights of Stephen King's novel.
Marchin' Through 'Chronicles': Vin Diesel and filmmaker David Twohy bring back 'Riddick' for more space combat.
Monster's Master: Director Stephen Sommers sez guiding multiple creatures in 'Van Helsing' wasn't too scary a job.
Their 'Deathdream' Project: Director Bob Clark and writer Alan Ormsby made both a statement and a memorable genre film in 1972.
'Park' Stranger: The amusement ends when teens are taken on a deadly ride in this 3-D Asian spooker.
DVD Dungeon: MGM, thankyouverymuch for 'Bubba Ho-Tep'; 'Faceless' disc nearly flawless.
Road Rage: The pavement runs red when Robert Harmon pits good and evil 'Highwaymen' in vehicular battle.
Nightmare Library: Bear makes his 'Dead Lines'; Sullivan's 'Dust' blows hot and cold.

Issue 232
May 2004
Elegy: Summer screams.
Postal Zone: Pro our con; correcting the 'Club' membership.
Monster Invasion: 'Alien vs. Predator': the battle begins; 'Godzilla' and 'Maniacs' arise once more.
Hugh Jactor: His star is only getting bigger now that Hugh Jackman is toplining 'Van Helsing.'
The Van Helsing Show: A colorful look at the cinematic monster hunter.
'Helsing'-Raisers: The megamovie's hero is nothing without the support of the friends and foes portrayed by this cast.
Dr. Cyclops: Dragon out the praise for 'Komodo'; lousy slasher makes the Doc 'S.I.C.K.'
Murder In The Cards: You don't know who you're dealing with when you tangle with Dario Argento's 'Card Player.'
'Bill' Paid In Full: After half a year of waiting, Quentin Tarantino promises you'll finally see Uma Thurman 'Kill Bill.'
21st-Century Ghouls: The updated 'Dawn of the Dead' required that David Anderson's makeup FX be just as modernized.
Surviving 'Savage Island': In this low-budget discovery, the locals play for keeps when you trespass on their property.
Oh My 'Godsend': Would you trust a doctor played by Robert De Niro to clone your child without a hitch?
The Big Red One: Ron Perlman's long association with Guillermo del Toro paid off with the lead role in 'Hellboy.'
'Starship' Two-Pers: The big bugs return for 'Starship Troopers 2,' and the horror doesn't end when they kill you.
Dvd Dungeon: 'Dawn' shines brighter than ever; 'Ginger' spiced up with extras.
'Blood' Thirsty: Actress Lynn Lowry wasn't crazy about nudity, but she went insane for 'I Drink Your Blood,' 'The Crazies' and others.
Nightmare Library: 'Infernal Angel': a little more subtle Lee; you can't Beat 'Move Under Ground.'
Forgotten Horrors: 'Blood Song': Frankie Avalon went out on a limb without Annette when he played this film's psycho.

Issue 231
April 2004
Elegy: The 'Dawn' debate.
Monster Invasion: A new trip to 'Salem's Lot'; 'Something' in the way they 'Scream'; win the 'Texas Chainsaw' DVD!
Get Your 'Ju-On': Fall under the spell of a curse so powerful, it has spread through four movies and is on its way to the U.S.
Dr. Cyclops 'Blood' is addictive indeed; 'Shredder' a slasher snow job.
Penning The 'Dawn': Have no fear-screenwriter James Gunn wants the 'Dead' remake to be just as good as you do.
'VH' Won: He's not an eccentric old man any more; now 'Van Helsing' is a hunky monster hunter in a megabudgeted epic.
Forgotten Horrors: 'The Thrill Killers': Multiple maniacs invaded some of the audiences for this '60s psychochiller.
Del Toro, Del Toro, Del Toro!: Everyone will likely be singing his praises when the director's 'Hellboy' hits screens.
'Window' To A Dark Soul: 'Stir of Echoes' writer/director David Koepp tackles another literary horror, Stephen King's 'Secret Window.'
Make Mine 'Malevolence': A rural slasher, and the filmmaker guiding him, get back to basics in this accomplished indie.
'Glass' Houses Evil: When you put a 'Demon Under Glass'-or a vampire, in this case-you'd better be sure it's unbreakable.
DVD Dungeon: Positive buzz for 'Chainsaw'; Nathan's infamous on disc.
From 'Alive' To 'Dead' ...and that was just the first day of Fango's visit to last year's thrill-packed Fantasia fest.
Books Of Lots Of Blood: If you need a fix of truly gruesome terror, open the pages of author Edward Lee's work.
Byrd Is The Word: Over his decades as a makeup artist, Byrd Holland crafted plenty of low-budget ghouls and monsters.
Nightmare Library: There's more room for improvement in Chigas' 'Chamber' than in Massey's 'Corner.'

Issue 230
March 2004
Elegy: Lurking back at 2003.
Postal Zone: 'Saw' points.
Monster Invasion: 'Van Helsing' begins his hunt; the 13th Annual Chainsaw Awards ballot! 'Dawn' Syndrome: Looks like there's no more room in hell again, as the 'Dead' stalk through a new cinematic update.
This Hellboy's Life: The red demonic hero is now a big-screen presence, with Guillermo del Toro holding his reins.
Dr. Cyclops: Kill yourself to see 'Suicide Club'; 'Bone' dry.
The Gasp Resort: Welcome to 'Club Dread,' where mad slashings are played partly for shock and partly for laughs.
Bigger Fish: Plumbing 'Snakehead Terror's' depths, we find a nature-amok flick with a real-life inspiration.
Another Dash Of 'Ginger': Teen lycanthropy 'Snaps' again as the original stars return for the first of two sequels.
The 'Last Horror' On The Left: The human face of evil is at its most frightening in Fango's debut theatrical release.
The Keys To The 'Kingdom': It's scarier than an HMO-it's the 'Kingdom Hospital' Stephen King has reimagined for TV.
Tatopoulos Craft: Anticipating more 'Underworld' work, FX wiz Patrick Tatopoulos reveals the ones that got away.
DVD Dungeon: It's 'Freddy vs. Jason,' and home viewers win; a music-video extra 'Beyond' belief.
'Screaming,' Not Stripping: Actually, there is some flesh to go with the blood in E.I.'s first serious shocker, 'The Screaming Dead.'
Forgotten Horrors: 'Petey Wheatstraw': Hell hath no rhymin' like the 'Devil's Son-in-Law' portrayed by Rudy Ray Moore.
Claws For Alarm: What are little girls made of? Not sugar and spice, according to the early-'70s shocker 'Blood on Satan's Claw.'
Nightmare Library: Thompson's 'Pharos' rules; Knight hasn't 'Risen' high enough.

Issue 229
January/February 2004
Elegy: Tune in, turn on, gross out.
Postal Zone: Thank you very much, 'Bubba'; not everyone's into the 'Cabin'.
Monster Invasion: Guillermo del Toro unleashes 'Hellboy'; 'Freddy vs. Jason' DVD contest!
'Butterfly' Is Freaky: Not stranded in the '70s, Ashton Kutcher visits a couple of different decades in this paranormal thriller.
New 'Angel,' More Devils: This season's approach to the vampire series involves an even wider variety of supernatural foes.
Dr. Cyclops: Let 'Visitors' into your home; a sense of disappointment with 'The Eye'
'Return'? He Never Left: If it's December, it must be time to chat with Peter Jackson about the latest 'Lord of the Rings.'
Repent At Leisure: The feisty publisher has moved beyond its cheesy beginnings to showcase the best in written fear.
'Battle' Scars: A look behind the scenes-and the controversy-of the brutal 'Battle Royale' movies.
Watery Graves: The Japanese team behind 'Ringu' now flood an apartment house with ghosts and 'Dark Water.'
DVD Dungeon: '80s 'Escape'-ist fare revisited; remarkable new life for 'Corpse'
'Lucky,' Stiffs: What happens when a 'good boy' goes bad? Find out in this very black-comic chiller.
Sota Pops: The longtime FX company is busting out all over the genre scene, in movies, music videos and more.
'Undertaker' And His Pals: Friends and collaborators of the late Joe Spinell reveal the story behind his last, long-lost feature.
Welcome To His 'World': Veteran producer Alex Gordon got his start with this postapocalyptic mutant tale.
Nightmare Library: Eeriness found in Straub's 'lost boy' (for real this time!); 'Dating Secrets' worth following.

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