The Connoisseur's Guide To Horror & Exploitation In The Cinema
Horror Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1987-2005 Spring
- US zine, fascinated with Eurohorror's history.
- 16 issues in Vol 1 and 6 issues in Vol 2.
- Editors: George R. Reis & Keith J. Crocker
- 24 black and white A4 pages.
- Website: www.cinefear.com/journal.html

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6 December 2017
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Issue 25
Vol 3 # 3
Spring 2005
Carol Speed - Speeding Along with Carol Speed -
Carol lets it all hang out as we discuss Hollywood, Blacksploitation, as well as Carols life in general.
Severn Darden
Werewolves on Wheels Remembered
Three Heroines of Horror - Susan George, Roberta Collins & Tiffany Bolling
Keenan Wynn career retrospect
Vic Israel - Spains forgotten "Little Man" of horror

Issue 24
Vol 3 # 2
Interviews - Robert Caroll, Silvia Villalobos, George Stover, Patty Breen... Articles - Carradine in Mexico, Gushy About Uschi, Alien Rip-offs, Rome - Open City, Crawlspace, much, much more!

Issue 23
Vol 3 # 1
A message from the Messiah: It's been over a year since the last issue of the journal and Keith J. Crocker answers the question: where has he been?
Mel Wells: An interview.
Scanning the page: Books and magazines reviews
Two fat guys named Vic: Victor Buono and Vic Diaz.
The Fine Arts Theatre located in the heart of Hempstead.
Homo erotica in Escape From New York.
Fun in the cemetery: True tales from the crypt.
Tyburn Productions: British Gothic horrors last gasp of air.
Reviews: Nosferatu (1979), Succubus, Kiss Me Monster, White Trash Whore #8.
The Bloody Ape: Keith J. Crocker's first feature length film.

Issue 22
Vol 2 # 7
Last House on the Left
LHotL 25 Anniversary issue: Resurrecting Last House, the sequals and ripoffs.
The many faces of David Hess.

Issue 21
Vol 2 # 6
Exploiting Poe
Jack Hill interview
Leo the Lush
Black Cat fever
Joys of Grave-robbing.

Issue 20
Vol 2 # 5
Don Davison interview
From pokes to strokes- the failing health of Curly Howard
Norman J. Warren interview
AIP Biker films
Remembering Fulci.

Issue 19
Vol 2 # 4
Spring 1996
Witchhunting Issue Q: If I were a witch-hunter who would I burn? A: John Waters, Steven Spielberg, O.J. Simpson, Senator Jesse Helms, Fred Olen Ray, Bill Clinton.
Mark of the Devil: Remembering the bloody British horror film.
Mark of the Devil Part II: Sequel, rehash or slapstick comedy ?
Burn the real witch: An examination of Cry of the Banshee, The Blood of Satan's Claw & Twins of Evil.
A brief history of witch-hunting films: From Benjamin Christensen's Witchcraft Through The Ages to Stuart Gordon's Pit and the Pendulun (1991).
Night of Dark Shadows: A look at the much detested 1971 Dan Curtis' film.

Issue 18
Vol 2 # 2/3
Highslide JS
Sample page
Bloody British Special
Richard Gordon Interview
Pete Walker and Norman J. Warren retrospect
The Amicus Anthologies.

Issue 17
Vol 2 # 1
American Masters Special
Al Adamson and Joe Green Interviews
Roger Corman
Martin Kosleck
Carnival of Blood retrospect.

Issue 16
Spanish/ Mexican Horror
Paul Naschy
Leon Klimovski
Karloff in Mexico
The Flying Cardonas

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