Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1986-2018
- Horror films.
- There were 8 issues in Volume 1 (1986-89).
- Publisher: Blackest Heart Media; Editor: Chas Balun (see also Deep Red Alert.)
- Resumed publishing in 2018.
- 58 black and white A4 pages.
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Vol 4 No 1

Special Issue 2002
15th Anniversary Special Edition

Issue 8
Vol 2 #1 Fall 1997
Better red than dead: The good the bad & the beasts of the horror film world.
12'' of terror: Nightmares on laser disc.
Jack Ketchum: Is this cult author, horror's best kept secret ?
The Beyond: Lucio Fulci's zombie masterpiece. The restoration of the director's cut.
The real Cannibal Ferox: Rare stills from Umberto Lenzi's jungle slaughterfest.
Aftermath: Is this Spanish shocker the next Guinea Pig ?
The Sadist: A black and white, low-budget shocker of 1963.
Charlie's Family: First review of Jim VanBebber's Manson massacre.
The Johnsons: Naked! Bald! Mute! and Mad as Hell!
Dante's Inferno: Inside Tomaselli's Desecration.
Red Reviews: Bride of Frank, Strangler vs. Strangler, Ultra Twist, Dead Boyz Can't Fly, Secret Life, Traces of Death 1 & 2.

Issue 7
Special Edition

Issue 6
March 1989

Issue 5
December 1988

Issue 4
September 1988

Issue 3
June 1988

Issue 2
March 1988

Issue 1
December 1987

Issue 0

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