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Classic Monsters, Horror Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1992-2002
- Dedicated to Hammer films
- Issues 1-8 were reprint in 1997.
- In 1997 Hammer celebrates its forty years in producing horror movies. Dark Terrors examines their films with the respect they've always deserved.
- Editor/Publisher: Mike Murphy
- 2-3 issues per year. 48 b&w A4 pages.

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Issue 18
May 2002
The making of The Stranglers of Bombay and The Terror of the Tongs; a profile of Hammer's leading light Sir James Carreras; Exclusive Films (the history of Hammer's distribution company); Hammer on DVD; Hammer House of Horror (exclusive SFX designs); Shooting Shorts (the making of Hammer's featurettes, including filmography); the Corporate House of Hammer (a look into Hammer's many subsidiary companies); Censored Hammer (The Brides of Dracula & The Kiss of the Vampire); letters, news and reviews.

Issue 17
December 1999
The making of The Phantom of the Opera and The Camp on Blood Island; the complete censorship story behind The Curse of the Werewolf; exclusive interviews with director Mike Vardy; special effects technician Mike Tilley and actor Charles Tingwell; Oliver Reed tribute; a report and exclusive stills from Hammer at Bray II; reviews and the latest news on Hammer CD, laser disc; video releases and merchandise.

Issue 16
December 1998
Screen screams: The latest Hammer news and merchandise.
Hammer at Bray Studios: DT reports on the Hammer event of the decade.
Anthony Hinds interview: "I don't think we made any conscious decision ever!"
Cert X: Dance Macabre!
Virginia Wetherell interview: "I met Ralph on Dr.Jekyll And Sister Hyde, and on the first day he stabbed me in the back!"
Discography: A comprehensive guide to Hammer music on vinyl and CD.
Dracula: Production, Script, Censored, Set Design, Release, Reviews .
Don't dare see them alone!: Poster designer, John Stockle, reveals his work for Hammer.
Zombie!: Reproduced for the first time, the original story outline for The Plague of the zombies.
Ingrid Pitt interview: "I wanted to have ger hung up by the feet, slit open her belly, and have blood shower. That was thought to be too horrendous!"
How was it for you?: Dark Terrors' readers reveal their first Hammer moment.
Ten Seconds To Hell: ...on their first meeting Robert Aldrich threatened to 'deck' Michael Carreras with a whisky bottle. Not a good start to a working relationship!
Nessie: The conclusion of DT' two-part feature on Hammer's unfilmed monster.
Reviews: The latest Hammer book, CD and laser releases.

Issue 15
February 1998
Exclusive interviews with screenwriter/producer Jimmy Sangster, art director Don Mingaye, composer James Bernard and writer Peter O'Donnell; The making of The Evil of Frankenstein; Hammer in Widescreen; Blood & Bangs (Hammer Special Effects); the making of Yesterday's Enemy; Obituaries (Andrew Keir; Mike Raven; David Warbeck); Unfilmed Hammer (Nessie); reviews and news.

Issue 14
June 1997
The year Hammer created horror: A look back at the studio happenings of 1957.
The Kiss of the Vampire: The making of Hammer's 1962 gothic horror classic.
Elstreet Studios: 70th birthday celebration, short history and the films Hammer produced there.
Censored Hammer: Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde
Set Pieces: Behind-the-scenes at Bray Studios
Blood and Bangs: Ian Scoones recalls working with special effects pioneer Les Bowie.
Also news, video reviews, unfilmed movies and more.

Issue 13
December 1996
The making of Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed; Don Houghton (Screenwriter) interview; Unfilmed Hammer (The Rape of Sabena & One More River); Christopher Lee Filmography; Dez Skinn (House of Hammer editor) interview; Blood & Bangs (Special Effects on The Devil-Ship Pirates); Hammer at the Barbican (full report and exclusive photos of the star-studded Gala Evening); Special news section on the vast array of current and forthcoming Hammer merchandise; reviews of the latest Hammer videos, CDs and books.

Issue 12
June 1996
Screen screams: The latest Hammer news, plus special reports on "Hammer at the Barbican" and Elstree Studios.
Captain Clegg: The making of Hammer's classic period adventure.
Tales Of Frankenstein: Hammer's first television feature.
Life before the undead: Part 6 of the early years of Hammer Films.
Blood & Bangs: Ian Scoones reveals his Special Effects secrets.
Bray days: Wayne Kinsey talks to Margaret Robinson about her work at Bray Studios.
The Two Faces Of Dr Jekyll: A look at Hammer's second variation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Victorian tale.
The Anniversary: A unique week-by-week look at the making of Hammer's troubled black comedy starring Bette Davis.

Issue 11
December 1995
The making of The Gorgon and The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (including censors reports, make-up amd set designs); Complete Hammer Filmography; Unfilmed Hammer (The Satanist); Bernard Robinson (Production Designer) profile; Hammer on Video (Complete UK video listing); the making of Fear in the Night and Straight on Till Morning; Answer Desk; Life Before the Undead (Hammer History 1951-1952); Hammer news.

Issue 10
June 1995

Issue 9
November 1994
The making of Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and Taste the Blood of Dracula; Ian Scoones (Special Effects) interview; Hammer's Psycho Screamers; When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth; Francis Searle (Director) Interview; tributes to Peter Cushing and Michael Carreras; Life Before the Undead (Hammer History 1947-1949); reviews.

Issue 8
April 1994

Issue 7
October 1993

Issue 6
March 1993
Jacqueline Pearce (The Plague of the Zombies; The Reptile) interview; Guide to Hammer locations; Phil Leakey (Make-up artist) tribute; Hammer in Print (Film Tie-ins); Hammer House of Horror TV series; Censored Hammer (Taste the Blood of Dracula); Hammer 1935; Answer Desk; letters and news.

Issue 5
November 1992

Issue 4
July 1992

Issue 3
May 1992

Issue 2
March 1992

Issue 1
January 1992
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