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The Magazine Of The Macabre And Fantastic
Modern Horror Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1990
- Issued every 6 weeks, 9 per year.
- Months are not shown on covers so from #196 are this site's additions.
- Published by Ghoulish Publishing Limited
- Website: www.thedarksidemagazine.com/

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8 June 2024
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Issue 123
October/November 2006
Are We There Yeti? - You won't be walking in the air with this snowman, because frankly he's Abominable!; Playground Of Fear - We talk to cult director Dante Tomaselli about his intriguing new movie, Satan's Playground; Halloween's Sole Survivor - P. J. Soles, star of Halloween, Stripes and Carrie interviewed; E-Baying For Blood - What are those old VHS Video Nasties worth to collectors these days?; Double-D Avenger - Director William Winckler interviewed about his involvement with large-chested ladies!; Fausto's Nights Of Terror - Unsung horror hero Fausto Lombardi gets the interview treatment!; The Scent Of Death - Dave Payne, director of the spooky new horror hit, Reeker, interviewed.

Issue 122
August/September 2006
Bloody Belgium - The 24th Brussels Fantastic Film Festival; Actress Olivia Hussey on her career, from starring in Romeo And Juliet to cult horrors like Black Christmas!; Disciples Of Death - The makers of one of the most obscure horror flicks of all time; Fear On The Phone - In the creepy tradition of The Blair Witch Project, The Collingswood Story is a scary movie shot on a video phone!; Doll Of The Dead - Actress Antonella Interlenghi is best know as the gal who sicked up her insides in City Of The Living Dead, here she spills all to us!; Babe of Blood - We interview Connie Mason, The Playboy centrefold who starred in Blood Feast and 2000 Maniancs!

Issue 121
June/July 2006
Vampire Slayer - The Slayer is one of the most elusive of Video Nasties-now meet the man who made it!; The Good Goblin Guide - John Martin trawls through his huge collection of Italian soundtrack CDs; Killer Clown - There's nothing comical about Sid Haig's creepy Captain Spaulding!; Snuffed Out - Real life torture and murder are the main ingredients of this new shocker from Bernard (Candyman) Rose!; Fantasporto - Jay Slater has been to Portugal again - and just about lived to tell the tale...; Doom Service - Could Eli Roth's Hostel be the nastiest horror movie ever made?

Issue 120
April/May 2006
Screamfest - Friday The 13th slasher Jason's got a big knife, but he's only cutting a cake for a change!; Night Of The Living Dorks - Gotte in himmel! Those crazy Germans bring us a spoof of a George Romero classic; The Bulldog Breed - Veteran actor Richard Johnson talks about fighting zombies on a tropical island!; The South's Gonna Rise Again - A gore-filled Herschell Gordon Lewis classic gets the remake treatment!; Witch Report - Steve Biodrowski examines the cult of Witchfinder General!; Monsters Reunited - Director Fred Dekker talks about his cult classic, The Monster Squad.

Issue 119
February/March 2006
Ratman Returns - You can't keep a good Italian exploitations director down...or a bad one, for that matter!; Mother Of Sighs - John Martin profiles the career of Italian horror icon Daria Nicolodi, ex-wife of Dario Argento; Choice Cuts - Brad Stevens delves into censorship issues; Deadly Company - Veteran Director Curtis Harrington with fascinating tales of old Horrorwood!; Satan's Little Helper - Squirm at director Jeff Lieberman's latest horror outing; Exorcism Of Emily Rose - Move over Linda Blair...another young lady has got the devil in her!

Issue 118
Dec/January 2006
Nasties Revisited - When it comes to striking up the banned, John Martin is always there to conduct proceedings; King Of The Jungle - A candid chat with Ruggero Deodato, who gave the world the fearsome Cannibal Holocaust; The Man Who Made Witchfinder - The short, tragic life of Michael Reeves, as examined in a fascinating new book; Fright Nights - London's premier horror event discussed and dissected, you shoulda been there..; San Sebastian Fest - Another year, another freebie beanfeast for Jay Slater. It's a dirty job, etc.; Shaun Of The Red - Heavy metal horror merchant Shaun Hutson interviewed!

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