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The Magazine Of The Macabre And Fantastic
Modern Horror Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1990
- Issued every 6 weeks, 9 per year.
- Months are not shown on covers so from #196 are this site's additions.
- Published by Ghoulish Publishing Limited
- Website: www.thedarksidemagazine.com/

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8 June 2024
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Issue 117
October/November 2005
Race With The Devil - A cult classic comes to DVD. Put the pedal to the metal to outrace those devil worshippers; Horror Hottie - Sexy women and horror seem to go together...just ask Suzi Lorraine!; Shrieking Ed - David McGillivray pays tribute to his horror director friend Ed Kelleher, who died recently; Exposing Expose - It was the only British video nasty, and Jonathan Sothcott reveals how it came to be made; Nasties Revisited - We strike up the banned once more for a look at how old VHS horrors are being reborn on DVD; Theatre Of Blood - A Vincent Price classic is revived for the London Stage!

Issue 116
August/September 2005
The Making Of Suspiria - Alan Jones investigates the story behind the filming of Dario Argento's witchcraft classic; Psycho Scribbler - Joseph Stefano scripted The Outer Limits and Hitchcock's Psycho, and now he talks to The DarkSide; Cinevegas - Jay Slater heads for The Strip, gambling on seeing some good movies and meeting some high-rolling starts; Demon Lady - Meet Geretta-Geretta...no we haven't developed a stutter...star of Demons and Rats, Night of Terror; Nasties Revisited - Two decades on from the Video Recordings Act, John Martin checks out what happened to all those banned movies!; FrightFest 2005 - Alan Jones previews the gore in store for fear fans!

Issue 115
June/July 2005
Sommer Of Fear - Elke Sommer on her amazing career, from international star to working with Mario Bava!; Mad About Maddy - John Hamilton interviews Hammer favourite Madeline Smith; The Stink Of Flesh - Zombies are on the loose again, and one looks suspiciously like The DarkSide's own Jay Slater!; The Good Giallo Guide - John Martin brings us a potted history of the Italian stalk and slash thriller, with a bit of fetish chucked in!; Body Shock - Calum Waddell interviews Canada's King of Venereal Horror, David Cronenburg.

Issue 114
April/May 2005
Five Die Die Ron Ron! - Porn movie legend Ron Jeremy is also making a name for himself in schlock horror films, as our interview reveals!; Satan's Baby Dolls - The Devil made them do it...take their clothes off and other saucy stuff; Wolfman John - An exclusive interview with John Landis..director of American Werewolf In London; Tigon Terror - As Anchor Bay UK release a boxed set of Tigon movies, we check out the history of this cult British horror studio!; Buffy's Grudge - Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about her role in the Sam Raimi-produced remake of Ju-On.

Issue 113
February/March 2005
Tools of Terror - Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper is back with The Toolbox Murders...we interview him about his grisly career; Devil's Advocate - Alan Jones interviews one of the stars of the troubled Paul Schrader Exorcist movie; Meet The Boogey Man - an exclusive interview with director/acotr Ulli Lommel; Bad Seed - Chucky's back, and this time he's brought his entire family with him!; Ken Of The Dead - we chat to the star of George Romero's classic, Dawn Of The Dead..who was also in the remake!; Stuff and Nonsense - Prolific writer/director Larry Cohen on his many genre credits..from It's Alive to Phone Booth and Cellular!

Issue 112
Dec/January 2005
Devil Dolly! - Yvone Romain, Jonathan Sothcott chats to her about her creepy career as one of Hammer's top heroines of the 60s; Scream King! - Wes Craven talks about his hugely popular horror trilogy; Fright Night - Kim Newman samples the delights of the 2004 London FrightFest; Dutch Treat - An exclusive interview with prolific B-movie scream queen Debbie Dutch; Tartan Terror - The Hillside Strangler, Ed Gein and Bundy...Strange company that Hamish McAlpine keeps!; Fantasporto - Another petrifying visit to Portugal for DS regular Jay Slater.

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