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The Magazine Of The Macabre And Fantastic
Modern Horror Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1990
- Issued every 6 weeks, 9 per year.
- Months are not shown on covers so from #196 are this site's additions.
- Published by Ghoulish Publishing Limited
- Website: www.thedarksidemagazine.com/

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8 June 2024
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Issue 105
October/November 2003
The Last Horror Movie is a unique new British horror movie that's certain to be a hit with discriminating horror fans - or in other words, all Dark Side readers! Jay Slater tracked down director Julian Richards to find out what makes it so special!
Living Dead Girl: 'Marina, that cracker Marina... what is this strange enchantment that starts, whenever she's near...' With apologies to Gerry Anderson, John Martin profiles the career of one of Italy's sexiest starlets... Marina Pierro.
Weird tales: Maitland McDonagh meets Mike Vraney, the man behind Something Weird, America's strangest DVD and video label!
Debbie does deadly: Mike Watt interviews Debbie Rochon, hard-working star of over 70 low-budget horror and exploitation movies!
Catching Cabin Fever: The hills are alive with flesh eating monsters, or rather a hideous flesh eating virus that haunts the characters in Cabin Fever, the startling debut horror film from thirty-one year old writer-director Eli Roth. David Grove checks it out for Dark Side readers...
San Sebastian Film Festival: If it's Tuesday it must be Spain, and time for Jay Slater to risk another hangover as he takes to the bar with the likes of Jess Franco, Paul Naschy and Coffin Joe. So whose round is it, anyway?
The Dark Side horror guide: From Spooks Run Wild to Star Slammer.
DVD Video Library: Allan Bryce checks out the latest DVD releases including Santo movies and Queen Kong!

Issue 104
August/September 2003
Freddy The 13th: Are you ready for Freddy - Vs Jason? Two titans of terror clash at last, and David Grove was there to report about it for The Dark Side.
Fright Club: Alan Jones takes time off from playing cards with Dario Argento to preview the London based FrightFest 20.
The Dark Side horror guide: From Space Mutiny to Spookies.
DVD Video Library: Allan Bryce checks out the latest DVD releases including he Crazies, Daughters Of Darkness, Vampyres, Darkness Falls, Two Evil Eyes, Raiders Of The Living Dead, Ghost Ship, Ichi The Killer and many more.
Hair Of The Dog!: Lon Chaney Jr. could have been one of the world's most famous horror stars, but his career was blighted by bad choices and an ongoing battle with the bottle. John Hamilton concludes his exhaustive profile of a tragic talent.
Bloody Ballerina: Barbara Magnolfi's unforgettable role in Suspiria alone would have guaranteed her a special place in the affections of horror fans, but the talented Italian actress has many more strings to her bow, as Jay Slater discovers.
Witch Hunt!: One of the greatest British horror films ever made, Witchfinder General had censor trouble even before it went in front of the cameras - as Julian Petley reports in this illuminating feature!
Fantasporto 2003: It's Fantasporto time again. Our roving correspondent Jay Slater hits the night spots of Portugal and manages to see a few movies as well!

Issue 103
June/July 2003
George Romero returns with a fourth Living Dead movie.
Crimson Altar boy: Vernon Sewell interviewed.
Howling at the moon: The Lon Chaney story.
The Dark Side horror guide: From Some Call It Loving to Space Monster.
DVD Video Library: Allan Bryce checks out the latest DVD releases including My Little Eye, The Bunker, The Mind Benders, Dawn Of The Mummy, The Spaghetti Western Collection, Shriek Of The Mutilated, The Ring, Bacchanales Sexuelles, Inga, Quiet Days In Clichy, The Official Jess Franco Collection, Swimfan, The Last House On The Left.
Death camp delirium: Nasty Nazi movie roundup.
Hidden talents: Alone in the dark with Jack Sholder.
Driller Killer: Is it a bloodthirsty bore?

Issue 102
April/May 2003
Gloria Stuart: An interview with the actress whose career stretches from The Invisible Man (1933) to Titanic (1997).
Shock Waves: Underwater Nazi zombies splash about in the Florida Everglades.
Jeepers Creepers 2: Interview with Jonathan Breck.
The Dark Side horror guide: From Sleeping Beauty to So Long At The Fair.
DVD Video Library: Allan Bryce checks out the latest DVD releases including Ghostwatch, The Vampire (El Vampiro), Blood of the Virgins, Pyrokinesis, Hypnosis, Wild Zero, Hercules in the Haunted World, Die Farben der Nacht (All the Colours of the Night), Eyeball, Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun, Metropolis, Last House on Dead End Street, Eight-Legged Freaks, The Time Bandits, Blood Work, The Adventures Of Pluto Nash, Signs.
Patrick Macnee: Avengers star talks about his days as dapper secret agent John Steed.
Gordon Mitchell: Interview with the legendary muscleman and movie villain.
Daughters Of Darkness: Harry Kumel's 1970 cult classic vampire movie.
Charisma Carpenter: Buffy and Angel babe goes for the jugular.

Issue 101
February/March 2003
Clive Barker's back with a whole new bunch of promising genre projects, Suicide - This Will Kill You, Going Underground - Interview with the Maniac director Bill Lustig, John Scott's tunes of gory, London Frightfest, DVD Library featuring Hammer Horror releases at home and abroad.

Issue 100
Dec/January 2003
Fear favourites: A host of Dark side folk choose the movies that scared them the most.
Costa del terror: Cathal Tohill hits Spain, and Spain hits him back.
Maestro of mayhem: Tom Savini talks to Dark side about the career in makup carnage.
Last house in Soho Square: The full story behind BBFC's censoring of the Wes Craven horror classic.
The Bryce's fright: You axed for it - the Ed's Top Ten terrors unveiled.
DVD Video Library: Allan Bryce checks out the latest DVD releases including Dr. Jekyll Versus The Werewolf, Werewolf Shadow, Curse Of The Devil, The Lost World (BBC), Faces Of Gore Part 1 and 2, The Outer Limits, Queen Of The Damned, Near Dark, The Revenge Of Frankenstein, Night Of The Demon, Return Of The Vampire, The Mighty Gorga, One Million AC/DC, The Unearthy, Doctor Dracula, Return Of The Living Dead, The Fog, Last House On The Left, Them!, Don't Look Now, Vanishing Point, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
The Dark Side horror guide: From Shock 'Em Dead to Silent Running.
Fear favourites - the return: The chillers that put the willies up genre heroes Alan Jones and kim Newman.
Spider Sam: From The Evil Dead to Spider-Man, Sam Raimi interviewed.
Wicker's world: Robin Hardy discusses his most famous film, The Wicker Man, and the Hollywood remake.
Choise cuts: Is the great British public ready for the uncut version of Straw Dogs?
Great Scott: OK, it's a crap title, but a great interview with Ridley Scott nevertheless.

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