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The Magazine Of The Macabre And Fantastic
Modern Horror Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1990
- Issued every 6 weeks, 9 per year.
- Months are not shown on covers so from #196 are this site's additions.
- Published by Ghoulish Publishing Limited
- Website: www.thedarksidemagazine.com/

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4 July 2024
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Issue 75
October/November 1998
Razorblade babe- Redemption's icon Eileen Daly and director Jake West talk vampires, Argento's phantom- a fright at the opera with Dario Argento and Sergio Stivaletti, confessions of a necrophile- we present Deranged a movie based on the true facts of corpse fancier Ed Gein, No exit- we look at the claustrophobically shot Cube by director Vincenzo Natali, plus our on-going Laser Library.

Issue 74
August/September 1998
Big green and very mean- Japan's favourite monster hits town, killer bytes- we investigate the history of computer horror games, northern exposure- more coverage from the Fant-Asia festival,Italian S+M babes- we look at the kind of girls your mum wouldn't like (but Dad would!), Dark Side horror classic- we get wrapped up in the Boris Karloff movie masterpiece The Mummy, Video nasties- exclusive Dark Side book offer.

Issue 73
June/July 1998
Sergio Stivaletti: Interview with the Italian special effects expert (Demons, Creepers) who makes his directorial debut with the Hammer-style horror movie The Wax Mask.
The DS horror guide: The Mad Room to Man Made Monster.
Choise cuts: F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu (1922) & Vertigo restored.
Dark Visions: Hot news. Carrie 2, Killing Mrs Tingle, Hammer soundtracks, Wing Commander, The Dentist 2 and more.
Laser Library: The Devil's Advocate, Fierce Creatures, Black Robe, Daughters of Darkness and much more.
Claudio Fragasso: An interview with the man who gave us such unforgettable schlock epics as The Other Hell, Rats-Night of Terror and Zombie Creeping Flesh.
Video Vault: Evil Instinct, The Ugly, Suspiria, Retroactive, Darklands, Am American Werewolf in Paris.
Fataly Framed: 2nd part of Martin Coxhead's report from Fant-Asia Festival in Montreal.
Renato Polselli: An interview with the Italian director of such deliriously strange movies as Delirio Caldo, Mania and Casa Dell'Amore-La Polizia Interviene.

Issue 72
April/May 1998
Laser Library: The City of Lost Children, The Lost World, Bill Lusting on Maniac, Spawn, Faster Pussycat! Kill,Kill, Motor Psycho and more.
Julian Roffman: A pioneer documentary film maker, best remembered to horror fans for his work on films such as The Mask, The Bloody Brood and The Pyx.
The DS horror guide: Love At First Bite to Mad Monster Party.
Choise cuts: The Prophecy, Face/Off, Trainspotting.
Dark Visions: Hot news. The new Stephen King adaptation, Mission: Impossible 2, Men In Black 2, 8 Millimetre etc.
Pupi Avati: An interview with the director of Zeder and The House With The Laughing Windows.
Video Vault: Black Mask, Spawn, Maximun Risk, The Comeback, Craving Desire, Event Horizon, The Shadow Men, The Flesh and Blood Show, Photographing Fairies, Contact.
Aftermath: Interview with Nacho Cerda, director of the disturbingly gory film.
A Clockwork Orange: The making of Stanley Kubrick's most notorious movie.
Tiffany Shepis: The talented American scream queen who plays Jane Austen in a Troma production!

Issue 71
February/March 1998
Laser Library: The Frighteners, Daylight, The Phantom, The Godfather, The Mask, The Straw Dogs, The Russ Meyer Vixen Collection, The Betty Page Collection, Tombs of the Blind Dead and more.
Jerry Goldsmith: Profile of the glittering career of the movie music maestro and the most complete filmography ever published.
The DS horror guide: Little Devils to Lost World: Jurassic Park 2.
Choise cuts: Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Angel of Vengeance, Performance, The Masque Of The Red Death, Trauma, Pulp Fiction, Sweet Sweetback's Bad Assssss Song.
Haunted Britain: A visit to Shropshire's notorious Striperstones.
Sex-symbol Fiona Richmond: An interview with Britain's biggest sex star of the '70s.
Video Vault: Quicksilver Highway, Unforgettable, Hemoglobin, Steel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Men In Black, The Quest.
Stalking Italian: The low budget schlock sci-fi and horror movies of the MIFED market in Milan.
Diary of a madman: First part of Martin Coxhead's report from Fant-Asia Festival in Montreal.

Issue 70
Dec/January 1998
Laser Library: Crash, The Relic, Anaconda, Theatre of Blood, Star Wars, This Island Earth, The Arrival, Plague of the Zombies, Dracula-Prince of Darkness and more.
Dark Visions: Hot news. Akira Kurosawa adapting Edgar Alan Poe, Child's Play 4, From Dusk Till Dawn prequel and sequel etc.
Pain shrieking!: Some of the most gruelling gore movies ever made.
The DS horror guide: The Last House on the Left to Last Man on Earth.
Mystery of the Wax Museum: Horror classic.
Choise cuts: The Warriors, Showgirls, Scream and Scream Again.
Haunted Britain: A visit to a spooky castle.
Dead men don't rape: Interviews with Deborah Twiss and Todd Morris, star and director of A Gun For Jennifer.
Video Vault: Anaconda, Adrenalin, Powder, The Addiction, The Saint, From Beyond the Grave, Primal Species, Underworld, The Trigger Effect, The Wax Mask, The Relic.
Normal Life: John McNaughton speaks about his movie.

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