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The Magazine Of The Macabre And Fantastic
Modern Horror Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1990
- Issued every 6 weeks, 9 per year.
- Months are not shown on covers so from #196 are this site's additions.
- Published by Ghoulish Publishing Limited
- Website: www.thedarksidemagazine.com/

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8 June 2024
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Issue 27
December 1992
Haunted house guide- petrifying properties examined, Italian cannibal capers- Umberto Lenzi is our victim, Zombie producer Fabrizio De Angelis is interviewed, also an interview with Roger Corman on his future plans,a complete Star Trek episode guide and hot gossip from Slaughter in Sitges in Spain

Issue 26
November 1992
Brain Dead - The Ulitmate Zombie Movie. Maiden Of The Red Death - 50's Scream Queen Hazel holds court. Amityville Revisited - Director Tony Randel on raising hell in haunted houses. A Fistful of Lira - David Warbeck on his Italian Jobs. Wicker's World - Frank Henelotter builds a bigger basket.

Issue 25
October 1992
Creating The Kurgan - The make up secrets of Highlander!, Terminal Horror - The latest in creepy computer carnage!, Paul Woods reports from the Nothing Shocking fest!, The Hollywood Chainsaw heroine reveals all!, We chew the fat with Fulci hero Ian McCulloch, Velcro Man - Kim Newman interviewed!

Issue 24
September 1992
Aliens and monster special-Alien 3 review, we look at Hellraiser111, the A to Z of Aliens- from Aliens to Zonta, Lost in time-travelling terrors, Freddy, and Classic monster gallery, Dracula, Franekstein and friends.

Issue 23
August 1992
Italian horror special, A to Z of Italian horror,from Anthropophagus to Zombie,the maestro of the macabre-the Mario Bava story, Mortal monsters-the secrets of Riccardo Freda, Spaghetti shock screamplays- Dardano Cacchetti interviewed.

Issue 22
July 1992
Lindsay Shonteef: last of the independents-Devil Doll director interviewed, the man who wrote Psycho, Robert Bloch reveals all,Sexy Vampires, Jean Rollin exclusive,the revenge of Billy the Kid-goat monster on the prowl, Sleepwalkers,Stephen King's new terror treat, directed by Mick Garris, Hit the road free jack, an interview with Robert Sheckley.

Issue 21
June 1992
Doctor Who Specials, Full Collectors Guide To Doctor Who On Video, Monsters Of Doctor Who - Time Travelling Terrors, The Ed Wood Story - Hollywoods Weirdest Director, Tale Of A Vampire - On Location With A New British Shocker, Interview With Graham Masterton The Master Of Horror

Issue 20
May 1992
The Godfather of Gore. The Weird World of Linnea Quigley, Herschell Grodon Lewis makes you an offer you can't refuse! Split Second - On the set with thenew Rutger Hauer fear flick. Star Trek: The Next Generation. John Brosnan plugs his new book, The Primal Screen.

Issue 19
April 1992

Issue 18
March 1992

Issue 17
February 1992

Issue 16
January 1992

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