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Fanzine from Austria

- First issue: 2019
- "European film programmes from the 1930's to the present day heavily leaning towards exploitation and delinquents".
- Created by Colin Farmer.
- A5 digest sized and packed with images from the programmes. The print run is between 30 and 55 per issue.
- Website: thecoolworldfanzine.blogspot.com/

Last updated:
10 June 2023
(see recent updates)
Special thanks for this page goes to:
Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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CONTENTS: 2019 2021 2022 2023 (There are undated issues)GALLERIES: 2019 2021 2022 2023 All (There are undated issues)

Issue 10
Summer 2023
Highslide JS
2nd cover
Highslide JS
3rd cover
Highslide JS
Sample page
Limited to 25 copies,
this issue came with 3 different covers
that were limited to 9, 8 and 8 copies each

plus 15 of these came with a handprinted linocut cover.

Issue 9
Highslide JS
2nd cover

Issue 8
February/March 2022
Highslide JS
2nd cover
Limited to 40 copies with a standard and linocut cover.
James Dean

Issue 7
Winter 2021
Highslide JS
2nd cover
Limited to 30 copies, this had a standard cover plus 2 linocut covers, limited to 5 and 15 copies respectively.

Issue 6
Spring 2021
Highslide JS
2nd cover

Issue 5

Issue 4

Issue 3
Winter 2019

Issue 2
Autumn 2019

Issue 1
Summer 2019

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