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Expanding The Frame On International Cinema.
Quarterly Magazine from Toronto ,Canada

- First issue: 1999
- Published by Cinema Scope Publishing
- Website: www.cinema-scope.com

Last updated:
15 October 2023
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Garry Malvern
Scott Matheson

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Issue 93
Winter 2022
Editor’s Note


Entre Nous • Alice Diop on Saint Omer

The Asocial Network • Argentine Noir, Borges, and the Labyrinth without a Centre

The Pyramid of Power • Todd Field on Tár

Against Interest • Pierre Clémenti, Filmmaker

In the Bedroom • Bertrand Bonello on Coma

Exhausted • On Juliet Bashore’s Kamikaze Hearts

A Life of Love and Adventure • Laura Citarella on Trenque Lauquen

Alter Egos • On A Woman Escapes

Matters of Fact • Antoine Bourges on Concrete Valley

The Adventures of Gigi the Law • Alessandro Comodin, Italy/France/Belgium

The Eternal Daughter • Joanna Hogg, US/UK

I Have Electric Dreams • Valentina Maurel, Costa Rica/Belgium/France

The Maiden • Graham Foy, Canada

Poet • Darezhan Omirbaev, Kazakhstan

Viking • Stéphane Lafleur, Canada

Lars’ Anatomy • The Kingdom Returns

Godard, Tanner, and Switzerland

La France contre les robots • Straub’s Final Film(s)



WHITE NOISE • Noah Baumbach, US

WOMEN TALKING • Sarah Polley, US

Issue 92
Fall 2022
Take These Broken Wings • Kelly Reichardt on Showing Up

Telling the Truth Can Be Dangerous Business • The Overdue Enshrinement of Elaine May

Can the Centre Hold? • The Films of Adirley Queirós

The Sea Inside • Helena Wittmann on Human Flowers of Flesh

Satan’s Limbo • Alexander Sokurov’s Fairytale

Timely Circumstances • Cyril Schäublin on Unrest

Myths of New England • On Michael Roemer’s Vengeance Is Mine

The Motern Method • The Films of Matt Farley and Charlie Roxburgh

What Is Cinema? • Olivier Assayas on Irma Vep

Finding Fielder • The Rehearsal

Bologna’s Bounty

Peter Brook • Flickers of Life

British Sounds • On The Afterimage Reader

Evidence Visible from a Distance • Tacita Dean on Fata Morgana

AFTERSUN • Charlotte Wells, UK/US

ALCARRÀS • Carla Simón, Spain/Italy

ENYS MEN • Mark Jenkin, UK

UN ÉTÉ COMME ÇA • Dénis Côté, Canada

FIRE OF LOVE • Sara Dosa, US/Canada

NOPE • Jordan Peele, US

Issue 91
Summer 2022
Wippet Good • A Conversation Between Don McKellar and David Cronenberg on Crimes of the Future

Endless Night • Dark Glasses and the Remnants of Dario Argento’s Mad Poetry of Terror

Ordinary Beauty • On Helke Misselwitz

Revelations by Sunlight • Colectivo los ingrávidos’ The Sun Quartet

Send in the Clowns • Qiu Jiongjiong on A New Old Play

Cheesy Movies • On Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Natives Are Restless • Cannes’ Diamond Jubilee and Albert Serra’s Pacifiction

Triangle of Sadness • Ruben Östlund, Sweden/France/UK/Germany/Turkey

Stars at Noon • Claire Denis, France

EO • Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland/Italy

Gross Anatomy • Véréna Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor on De Humani Corporis Fabrica

Will-o’-the-Wisp • João Pedro Rodrigues, Portugal/France

Men • Alex Garland, UK

A Cinema of Care • The Films of Janis Cole and Holly Dale

Living in Intersected Times • Moving Images at the Venice Biennale

In Transit • Jim Jennings (1951-2022)

Lessons in Oppression

HIT THE ROAD • Panah Panahi, Iran

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE • Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, US

APOLLO 10½: A SPACE AGE CHILDHOOD • Richard Linklater, US

THE PLAINS • David Easteal, Australia

THE NORTHMAN • Robert Eggers, US

Issue 90
Spring 2022

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