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- First issue: 2020
- Dedicated to movies from the "grooviest, grittiest decade of cinema".

Last updated:
24 November 2022
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Issue 7
November 2022

Issue 6
June 2022

Issue 5
March 2022
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Issue 4
November 2021
    A Word from the Editing Room
    Remembering Jean-Paul Belmondo
    In Memoriam
    The Hunting Party: The Blood Squibs of Oliver Reed by Darren Linder
    Deconstructing Holmes: Sherlock in the 1970s by Brian J. Robb
    The Phantom Tollbooth - Don't Say There's Nothing to Do in the Lands Beyond by Rachel Bellwoar
    Born Out of Rage - The Brood by Kev Hurst
    A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich by Aaron Stielstra
    Bruce Dern by John H. Foote
    Carry On Seventies by David Michael Brown
    An Inferior Eastwood Western? You Must be Kidding! Joe Kidd by Ian Taylor
    Gimme Some Skin! Black Representation in '70s Cinema by Allen Rubinstein
    Caricatures by Aaron Stielstra
    California Split by Dr. Andrew C. Webber
    Sleuth by Peter Sawford
    Nicholas and Alexandra - The Fall of the Romanov Empire by Julian Hobbs
    The Deep by Dawn Dabell
    Going Ape in the 1970s by John Harrison
    Curly Sandwiches and Crazed Psychopaths: A Policeman's Lot in British Horror by Simon J. Ballard
    Ain't Nothin' Like the Life of a Hollywood Stuntman - Hooper by Jonathon Dabell
    Bug by David Flack
    Cigarettes, Guns and Trench Coats - Jean-Pierre Melville in the '70s by James Cadman
    Closing Credits (writers biographies)

Issue 3
July 2021
    A Word from the Editing Room
    Remembering George Segal
    Nosferatu the Vampyre by Rachel Bellwoar
    Superman the Movie by Martin Dallard
    The Night Porter by Ian Taylor
    Watership Down by Eric McNaughton
    Hal Ashby - Greatest Forgotten Filmmaker of the Seventies? by John H. Foote
    Rabid Dogs – A Mario Bava Film So Very Different from His Others by David Flack
    We Are the Mods! Quadrophenia by David Michael Brown
    Let’s Be Franc – An Interview with Franc Roddam
    What's Up Doc? - Peter Bogdanovich and the 1970s Screwball Comedy Revival by Brian J. Robb
    Michael Caine's 1974 Thriller Double Bill by Joe Secrett
    The Black Windmill Locations Then and Now by Andy Ellis)
    The Outfit – Armed and Dangerous by Julian Hobbs
    The Biggest Battle by Jonathon Dabell
    Cut-Throats Nine by Darren Linder
    Summer Camps Blues: Coming of Age with Bless the Beasts and Children by John Harrison
    Bread, Circuses and E - Rollerball and the Birth of Deathsport Cinema by Jules Boyle
    Revisionism, Revenge, Revolution and Robbery! by John Mansell
    Phantom of the Paradise by Dawn Dabell
    You Can't Win 'em All by Jonathon Dabell
    Caricatures by Aaron Stielstra
    Closing Credits (writers biographies)

Issue 2
March 2021
    A Word from the Editing Room
    Remembering Christopher Plummer
    In Memoriam
    The Game Changing Sleeper Hit from the Wizards of Aus by Ian Taylor
    Shoot by Darren Linder
    The Man Who Fell to Earth by Andrew Llewellyn
    We Don’t Make Movies for Critics - Charles Bronson & Michael Winner in the ’70s by James Cadman
    National Lampoon’s Animal House by Jules Boyle
    Man of La Mancha by Eric McNaughton
    The Passion and Persecution of Jean Seberg by Brian J. Robb
    Black Sunday by John H. Foote
    The Warhol Horrors by David Michael Brown
    My Name Is Joe - An Interview with Joe Dallesandro
    The Spikes Gang by David Flack
    Sitting Target by Joe Secrett
    The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday by Aaron Stielstra
    Agatha Christie & The Mysterious Affair of Seventies Cinema by Kevin Nickelson
    Petersen - Educational Opportunities for Willing Tradesmen by Terry Clinton
    Keep Your Hands Inside the Car at All Times - Riding the Sensurround Thrills of Rollercoaster by John Harrison
    Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life - Madeline Kahn in the Seventies by Danny Kuchuck
    Budding Talent - The ’70s Soundtracks of Roy Budd by John Mansell
    Bridging the Divide - Examining the Cinematic Transition from the ’60s to the’70s by Allen Rubinstein
    Closing Credits (writers biographies)

Issue 1
December 2020
    A Word from the Editing Room
    Remembering Sean Connery
    Clint Eastwood and Don Siegel: A Chance Collaboration by James Cadman
    Phantasm by Steve Gerrard
    The Railway Children by Ian Taylor
    The Railway Children Locations - Then and Now by Andy Ellis
    Coppola in the '70s by John H. Foote
    Candy Clark: In Conversation by John H. Foote
    An Ode to Ennio Morricone by Eric McNaughton
    The Amityville Horror by David Flack
    Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. Looking Back at a Flawed - But Fun - Cult Classic by John Allen Small
    Straight on Till '79: A Decade of Hammer Horror by Ian Taylor
    Judy Matheson: An Interview by Ian Taylor
    Wizards by Karl Kaefer
    Burning Bridges, Stealing Gold and Winning Wars with Kelly's Antiheroes by John Harrison
    Welcome to Fear City: How New York City and Cinema Came Together in the 1970s by Danny Kuchuck
    McCabe and Mrs. Miller by Joseph Secrett
    Looking For Mr. Goodbar by Aaron Stielstra
    Disaster Artist: Irwin Allen's Poseidon Adventures by Steven West
    Closing Credits (writers biographies)

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