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Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1968
- Produced in Cambridge, mostly written and edited by undergraduates.

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4 October 2019

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Issue 9
December 1971
A Georges Melies Scrapbook (article by Paul Hammond); Death Plays And Waxworks: Curtiz, Freund, Florey (article by Robert Mundy); Essays In Visual Style #3: DISPUTED PASSAGE (review article by Fred Camper); Celluloid Apocalypse: THE BIRDS (review article by David Rudkin); Hawks And Co. (article by John Belton); Film Directors: A Revolution, by Dziga Vertov (translated by Richard Sherwood); Peter Kubelka: Working For The Next Thousand Years (interview with Mike Wallington, Tony Rayns and John Du Cane); Alain Jessua (interviewed by Graham Petrie); Essays In Visual Style #4: VIAGGIO IN ITALIA (review article by Fred Camper); Cannes 1971: In The Sideshow (article by Simon Hartog).

Issue 8
January 1971
Unreal Realism: Cyphers Of The Poet (article on Jean Cocteau by Tony Rayns); Bernardo Bertolucci: Two Or Three Things I Know About Him (article by Noel Purdon); Essays In Visual Style #1: DISHONORED (review article by Fred Camper); Oddballs, Misfits And Dreamers: VOYAGE SURPRISE (review article by Raymond Durgnat); Roland Lethem (article with interview material by Mike Wallington); Jean Vigo: Anarchy, Surrealism And Optimism in ZERO DE CONDUITE (review article by Brian Mills); The Marx Brothers (article by Geoff Brown); Essays In Visual Style #2: THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (review article by Fred Camper); Film Reviews: UNO CERTO GIORNO; STANDARD TIME; SEATS TWO; TRASH.


Issue 6/7
August 1970
Aspects Of Fritz Lang (article by Paul Joannides); Another Look At Hitchcock (article by Robert Mundy); Pasolini: Philosophy Of Cinema (article by Philip Crick); The Film Of Alienation (article by Noel Purdon); Antonioni: Road To Death Valley (article by Andrew Tudor); Italian Westerns: A Concordance (article by Mike Wallington); Sergio Leone (article by Christopher Frayling; Monte Hellman (career article by Claire Johnstone); Andy Warhol Films Inc.: Communication In Action (interviews with Paul Morrissey and Joe D'Allesandro by Tony Rayns); Paint It Black: The Family Tree Of The Film Noir (article by Raymond Durgnat); Reflections On Robert Rossen (article by Chris Dark); Two Films By Douglas Sirk: A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO DIE And ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS (article by Paul Joannides).

Issue 5
February 1970
Samuel Fuller (interviewed by Ian Christie, Nicholas Garnham, Angela Kirtland, Lynda Miles, Robert Mundy, David Will, Mike Wallington and Peter Wollen); Review of the Edinburgh Film Festival book on Fuller (by Paul Joannides); Don Siegel: Time and Motion, Attitudes and Genre (article by Robert Mundy); Brasil Ano 1970 (article by Rui Nogueira and Nicoletta Zalaffi, inclusing interview material with Neville D'Alemeida, Julio Bressane, Mauricio Gomes Leite, Glauber Rocha and Jose Liete Viana); TRANS-EUROP EXPRESS (review article by Philip Crick); Frank Capra and the Cinema of Populism (article by Jeffery Richards); A Structuralist Analysis Of MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN (by Sam Rohdie); Frank Capra Filmography (compiled by Jeffrey Richards and Robert Mundy); Seminar On The Western (article by Mike Sparrow and Robert Mundy).

Issue 4
October 1969
Critic's Choice (lists of favourite films and directors compiled by Bruce Beresford, Ian Christie, Stephen Crofts, David Curtis, Raymond Durgnat, Roger Huss, Paul Joannides, Karlos Kondzialki, Alan Lovell, Colin McArthur, Robert Mundy, Tom Nairn, Glynne Parker, Noel Purdon, Tony Rayns, Mike Wallington, Peter Wollen); Auteur and Genre: The Films Of Delmer Daves (article by Mike Wallington); LONESOME COWBOYS (review article by Tony Rayns); The Roots Of The Western (article by Colin McArthur); Wilder Reappraised (article by Robert Mundy); Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond interviewed (by Robert Mundy and Mike Wallington); Lucifer; A Kenneth Anger Kompendium (article by Tony Rayns).

Issue 3
June 1969
Hitchcock's Vision (article by Peter Wollen); Pasolini: Structuralism and Semiology (article by Mike Wallington); Brain Drains: Drifters, Avant-Gardes and Kitchen Sinks (article by Raymond Durgnat); Obituary: The British Cinema (article by Tom Nairn); Joseph Losey (interviewed by Patrick Eason and Tony Rayns); Roman Polanski (career article by Tom Nairn); The Films Of Jean-Luc Godard (article by Stephen Crofts).

Issue 2
March 1969
The Economics Of The Independent Film (article by David Curtis); Spies And Ideologies (article by Raymond Durgnat); Interview: Don Levy (by Bruce Beresford); 2001: Kubrick Versus Clarke (article by Clive James); Notes On Double Structure And The Films Of Fellini (article by Patrick Eason); Severine, La Belle Bourgeoise (article on BELLE DE JOUR by Robert Mundy); Book Review: "Signs And Meaning In The Cinema" by Peter Wollen; Obituary: Boris Karloff (by Tony Rayns).

Issue 1
December 1968
Symbols and MODESTY BLAISE (article by Raymond Durgnat);The Underground Film (article by Tony Rayns);Interviews: Rod Steiger; Peter Whitehead; Raymond Williams;Notes Towards A Structural Analysis Of The Films Of Samuel Fuller (article by Peter Wollen).

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