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Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters, Horror Monthly Magazine from Chicago ,United States
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- First and last issue: 1970-2002
- Devoted to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films.
- Started by Fred Clarke as an amateur mimeograph version in 1967.
- Editor: Dan Persons
- 64 color pages in A4 format.

- Fred Clarke died in October 2000 and the mag was sold. The new CFQ will never be the same.
- Published by Frederick S. Clarke
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Issue 133
Vol 29 #4/5 - October 1997
Cover: The X Files.
Love God, Starship Troopers, Wishmaster, An American Werewolf in Paris, Phantoms, Millennium, Dark Empire, House of Frankenstein, Moonbase, Robert Wise, Scream, Haunted, Dark Side of Family Films, Dracula--1987-1997 100th anniversary, Hades Haunted House

2nd cover

Issue 132
Vol 29 #3 - September 1997
Cover: Spawn.
Dark World, Kull the Conqueror, Snow White in the Black Forest, Sigourney Weaver, Casper, Taxas Chainsaw Massacre IV

Issue 131
Vol 29 #2 - August 1997
Cover: Contact.
Spawn, Event Horizon, Steel Shaquille O'Neal, Mimic, Stargate SG1, Oscar short subjects, Psychotronic Video Guide, The Lost World

Issue 130
Vol 29 #1 - July 1997
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2nd cover
Steel: A preview
George of the Jungle: From cartoon to live action
Contact: Jodie Foster's encounter with alien intelligence
Men In Black: Behind the scenes (16 pages)
Batman and Robin: 12 pages dedicated to Schumacher's movie
Tarzan The Epic Adventures: The second season
Sweet Angel Mine: Curtis Radclyffe's directorial debut
Lexx Dark Zone Adventures: Creator Paul Donovan on his outrageous sci-fi series
Buddy: raising a gorilla
Reviews: The Fifth Element, Anaconda, Cats Don't Dance, The Sixth Man, Liar Liar, The Saint.

Issue 129
Vol 28 #12 - June 1997
Batman and Robin: Filming the third serial
Men in Black: A preview
The Lost World: Spielberg returns
Hercules: 12 pages dedicated to the new Disney movie
The Top 50 in Sci-Fi: Emmerich and Devlin are #1, Spielberg is #2
Flesh and Blood: A retrospective of Morrissey's Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula
Also Volcano, Star Wars, Dante's Peak and more.

Issue 128
Vol 28 #11 - May 1997
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2nd cover
Cover: Aeon Flux.
Quicksilver Highway, Warriors of Virtue, Anaconda, Invasion, Intensity, Hercules, The Shining (Kubrick's & King's), The Maxx, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Tsui Hark, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Necrophilia

Issue 127
Vol 28 #10 - April 1997
Cover: Space Truckers.
The Hunger, Anaconda, Men in Black, Dark Palent, Crash, Lost Highway, Genre Oscar winners, The Best of 1996

Issue 126
Vol 28 #9 - March 1997
Cover: Richard Edlund boss of Special Effects.
Spawn, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Warrior of Waverly Street, The Neverending Story III, Asteroid, Lost Highway, Neverwhere, Sinbad the series

Issue 125
Vol 28 #8 - February 1997
Cover: Star Wars 20th Anniversary.
Space Truckers, Gaston Leroux's Wax Mask, Touch, Crimetime, SW-Special Edition re-issue, Short History of CGI, V is for Vampire, Alien Nation, Pinky and the Brain, L5: First City in Space

Issue 124
Vol 28 #7 - January 1997
(Year misprinted as 1996 instead of 1997)
Cover: Mars Attacks.
Warrior of Waverly Street, Lexx, Scream, The Whole Wide World, The Preacher's Wife, Michael, Beavis & Butthead Do America

Issue 123
Vol 28 #6 - December 1996
Cover: Star Trek First Contact.
101 Dalmations, Mars Attacks, Space Jam, Scream, Dark Shadows 30th Anniversary, Godzilla 40th Anniversary, Sword & Sorcery EFX, Dead Man

Issue 122
Vol 28 #4/5 - November 1996
Cover: Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
Space Jam, Trilogy of Terror II, Bad Moon, Star Trek: First Contact, Henry 2, Star Trek: Voyager, David Duchovny, Terminator 2 3-D, Multiplicity

Issue 121
Vol 28 #3 - October 1996
Cover: The X Files.
Johnny's New Quest, Crash, Gamera 2: Legion Attacks!, Scripting film fantasies, The Strange World of Coffin Joe, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Independence Day, The Nutty Professor

Issue 120
Vol 28 #2 - September 1996
Cover: Escape From L.A.
Thinner, Tarzan, Captain Sulu, The Stupids, Island of Dr. Moreau, The Osiris Chronicles, Bordello of Blood, Solo, The Hypernauts, Loch Ness, Dragonheart, Pinocchio Syndrome, Somewhere in Time

Issue 119
Vol 28 #1 - August 1996
Cover: The Crow City of Angels.
Kazaam, The Frighteners, Joe's Apartment, Phenomenon, Independence Day alien designs, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Escape from L.A., A Close Shave, Theodore Rex, Horror's oracles of evil, Ghost in the Shell

Issue 118
Vol 27 #11/12 - July 1996
Cover: Star Trek The 30th Anniversary.
Tarzan The Epic Adventures, Escape from L.A., Independence Day, Space Truckers, Lexx, The Crow: City of Angels, Multiplicity, The Phantom, Day of the Beast

Issue 117
Vol 27 #10 - June 1996
(Year misprinted as 1995 instead of 1996):
Cover: Walt Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame.
The Crow: City of Angels, The Phantom, The Relic, The craft, Mission: Impossible, Dr. Who, True Lies, The Arrival, Mexican horror films, Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Issue 116
Vol 27 #9 - May 1996
Cover: James and the Giant Peach.
Monster Mail, Dragonheart, Thinner, Sometimes They Come Back II, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Outer Limits, Forever Knight, Strange Days, Gulliver's Travels

2nd cover

Issue 115
Vol 27 #8 - April 1996
Cover: Dario Argento--Horror's Bloody Artiste.
James and the Giant Peach, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, Thinner, The Tomorrow Man, The Stendhal Syndrome, Oscars, CF's Science Fiction Top 50, Aftershocks: Tremors II, Toy Story

Issue 114
Vol 27 #7 - March 1996
Cover: Giger's Alien.
Demolitionist, Muppet Treasure Island, Species, Giger's Ghost train, Exquisite Tenderness, Roger Corman Presents, Space: Above and Beyond

Issue 113
Vol 27 #6 - February 1996
Cover: Hollywood Maverick Terry Gilliam.
Gulliver's Travels, Independence Day, Crying Freeman, Keeping Up with the Disneys, Twelve Monkeys, Gamera, Guardian of the Universe, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sympathy for the Devil, Seven

Issue 112
Vol 27 #4/5 - January 1996
Cover: Star Trek Voyager.
Independence Day, Dracula--Dead and Loving it!, Lawnmower Man 2, 12 Monkeys, Jumanji, From Dusk Till Dawn, Theodore Rex, Making Voyager, Star Trek--The Franchise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, City of Lost Children, Rumpelstiltskin, Balto

Issue 111
Vol 27 #3 - December 1995
Cover: 007 Goldeneye.
Dragonheart, Hollywood Gothic, Twelve Monkeys, City of Lost Children, Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Malcolm McDowell, Mommy, The Secret of Roan Inish, Dark Carnival, Real vs Real Terror, Creature from the Black Lagoon retrospect

Issue 110
Vol 27 #2 - November 1995
Cover: Toy Story.
Goldeneye, Jumanji, A Vampire in Brooklyn, Hellraiser IV, Toy Story, Captain Zoom, Screamers, Vampire Girl, Xtro 3, God's Army, Space: Above and Beyond, Runaway Brain

Issue 109
Vol 26 #6/Vol 27 #1 - October 1995
Cover: X-Files.
Goldeneye, Toy Story, Halloween VI, Mind Ripper, Making The X-Files, Lord of Illusions, Darkman III, Death Machine, Virtuosity, Epitaph for Ren & Stimpy, Pocahontas

Issue 108
Vol 26 #5 - August 1995
Cover: Judge Dredd.
Waterworld, White Dwarf, Lord of Illusions, Pocahontas, Mortal Kombat, The Indian and the Cupboard, The X-Files, The Langoliers, Congo

Issue 107
Vol 26 #4 - June 1995
Cover: Fulll Moon Video.
Batman Forever, Judge Dredd, Mortal Kombat, Congo, Casper, Charles Band, The Primevals, Josh Kirby, Castle Freak, Tank Girl, Leprechaun 3, Space Truckers

Issue 106
Vol 26 #3 - April 1995
Cover: Clive Barker--Horror Visionary.
Outer Limits, Tall Tale, Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde, Hideaway, Lord of Illusions, Hellraiser IV, Candyman 2, Johnny Mnemonic, Stargate effects, Jan Svankmajer

Issue 105
Vol 26 #2 - February 1995
Cover: Star Trek VII.
Lord of Illusions, Candyman 2, Hellraiser IV, Demon Knight, Johnny Mnemonic, Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: Voyager, Roddenberry's Legacy, Heavenly Creatures, John Carpenter, Hercules, X-Files, Highlander 3, Street Fighter

Issue 104
Vol 25 #6/Vol 26 #1 - December 1994
Cover: Star Trek The Next Generation.
Frankenstein, Ed Wood, Generations, Interview with the Vampire, Stargate, Darkman II, Pagemaster, The Puppet Masters, Deep Space Nine, Voyager

Issue 103
Vol 25 #5 - October 1994
Cover: Tim Burton's Ed Wood.
Star Trek: Generations, Timecop, In the Mouth of Madness, Edward Scissorhands, Stargate, Alien Nation, Dellamorte Dellamore, Night Swarm

Issue 102
Vol 25 #4 - August 1994
Cover: The Shadow.
Alien vs Predator, New Nightmare, The Mask, UFO Crash at Roswell, Timecop, Man's Best Friend, The Trouist, Oblivion

Issue 101
Vol 25 #3 - June 1994
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2nd cover
Cover: 2001 Retrospect.
The Shadow, Pagemaster, The Flintstones, The Stand, Brainscan, Pumpkinhead 2, Double Dragon, Robocop the Television Series

2nd cover


Issue 100
Vol 25 #2 - April 1994
Cover: Babylon 5 & filming.
Ed Wood, Wolf, The Stand epic horror miniseries, Birds II, Skinner, Careful, Ghost in the machine

2nd cover

Issue 99
Vol 24 #6/Vol 25 #1 - February 1994
Cover: Batman--from comics to Adam West to Michael Keaton to the Movie Debut of New Animated Adventures.
Return of Hammer Horror, Babylon 5, Ren & Stimpy revolution, Tale of a Vampire, Coneheads--The Crash Landing

2nd cover

Issue 98
Vol 24 #5 - December 1993
Cover: Demolition Man.
Nightmare Before Christmas, Addams Family Values, Robocop 3, Attack of the 50 ft Woman, Batman The Animated Movie, Addams Family Values, Pedro Almodovar gore, Jurassic Park--The Revolution

2nd cover

Issue 97
Vol 24 #3/4 - October 1993
Cover: Star Trek The Next Generation.
Deep Space Nine, Patrick Stewart & Avery Brooks, Demolition Man, Fantastic Four, Dust Devil, Lifepod, Body Bags, Mr. Friday Night

2nd cover

Issue 96
Vol 24 #2 - August 1993
Cover: Jurassic Park/Robocop 3.
Jurassic Park--dinosaurs enter the age of computer effects, Robert Burke, Witchboard 2, Body Snatchers, Friday the 13th IX: Jason goes to Hell

2nd cover

Issue 95
Vol 24 #1 - June 1993
Cover: Ren & Stimpy Run Amuck.
John Kricfalusi revolutionized kidvid animation, Super Mario Bros, The Dark Half, Body Snatchers--The New Invasion

Issue 94
Vol 23 #6 - April 1993
Cover: Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
Meteor Man's Robert Townsend, Mutant Ninja Turtules Movie Mutiny, Hideous Mutant Freekz

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