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Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- Film making for amateurs using 8/9.5/16mm.
- Incorporated in 8mm Movie Maker.
- Published by Fountain Press

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11 January 2019
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Claudia Cardinale

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Vol 1 # 7 - October 1960
Contents include: 8mm. Movie Reviews: WHEN DEATH LURKS NEAR; FLASHING FIGURES; POMPEII AND DISTRICT; FELIX'S NON-STOP FRIGHT; EVE FIGURES IT OUT; WRESTLING IN THE RAW.Sound Tracks; Book List (music and book reviews, unsigned).Film Reviews (by Derek Hill): THE NUN'S STORY; THE ENTERTAINER; THE APARTMENT; THE TIME MACHINE; POLLYANNA; ONE FOOT IN HELL; IL TETTO (aka THE ROOF); ETERNAL ECSTASY; PSYCHO.Making A Trick Movie (uncredited article). All About Putting On A Show (article by Philip Grosset). The Case For Black-and-White (uncredited article). Shooting Shades Of Autumn (article by George Haines). Talking "Shop" On Film (article by P.A. Bowman). Technical: Guide To The Guide (article by Philip Grossman). Why Do You Make Films? (article by Derek Hill). Off-Beat Films: SHADOWS, PULL MY DAISY, INTERIM, STAKEOUT ON DOPE STREET and others (review article by Derek Hill). Filming The Film-Maker: America's Stanley Kramer (uncredited article). Interview: John Bishop (by Anthony Wigens) - and much more.

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