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Quarterly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1999
- Lifestyle magazine for men.
- Only film related covers are shown.

Last updated:
28 April 2023
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Issue 114
Winter 2022
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CHAP Winter 22 is spearheaded by an interview with cinematic legend Sir Michael Caine, who speaks at length about his entire career. In the centenary of the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Vintage Egyptologist Colleen Darnell explains the monumental significance of the archaeological discovery in November 1922. We also reveal the longer and more bombastic life of King Tut's eccentric father, King Akhenaten. These ancient kings are rounded off with a delve into the wardrobe of our very own new King Charles III, with some observations on his attitude to preserving the longevity of one's cherished items of clothing. Style features include six dapper Edwardians and one flame-haired flight attendant aboard the Concorde held at Brooklands Museum, plus the author of a new book about formal wear and how to seek the original scents worn by the stars of yesteryear. Further adventures are delivered by an interview with explorer John Blashford-Snell, while Chris Sullivan voyages to Kenya to immerse himself in the thrills of an African adventure. Chris also meets legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff, who worked with Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Powell and John Huston, among many others. In Motoring we pay a visit to this year's Goodwood Revival, while the doyenne of Stanley Biggs Clothiers takes us on a walking tour of Nottinghamshire in the footsteps of DH Lawrence.
Michael Caine

Issue 111
Spring 2022
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Issue 111 of The Chap is a celebration of women. Our main interview is with Anna Friel, who discusses rising through the ranks from Brookside to starring alongside Susan Sarandon in US country music saga Monarch. We also meet Katie Thomas, founder of retro-style lingerie brand What Katie Did, to find out about her links with the fetish scene and what she thinks about the future of the vintage movement. Sartorial features include a visit to bespoke tailors Pratt & Prasad, to chronicle their making of a two-piece suit for Mr. Temple, while David Evans of Grey Fox Blog considers the future of Savile Row. We present the photographic results of an evening in the Club Room at Huntsman in the company of Mickael Korausch, maker of bespoke bow ties at La Bowtique. We meet Valerie Leon, who starred in virtually every cult film and television series of the 1960s and 70s, including two James Bond films, The Persuaders!, The Avengers, Revenge of the Pink Panther, several Carry On films and Hammer Horror’s Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb. Further remarkable women include Margaret Fountaine, the 19th century Lepidopterist who scoured the world for every species of butterfly, and managed to break several male hearts from Tuscany to Damascus. Then to Paris, to hear the mysterious tale of a perfectly-preserved belle epoque apartment discovered in 2010, and who its dust-covered accoutrements – including a portrait by Boldini – had belonged to nearly a century earlier. All this plus Maria Teresa de Filippis in Motoring, the hair raising tale of what Henry Morton Stanley did after finding Dr. Livingstone in Africa, Am I Chap?, the collection and acquisition of vintage vinyl and readers’ attempts to Chapify the great album covers of history.

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