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Classic Monsters, Horror, Sci-Fi Irregular Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1962-2002
- 25+1 issues to 1974.
- Editor: Calvin T. Beck. Consulting editor: Larry Ivie.
- Published by Gothic Castle Publishing Co.
- It was resurrected in 1999 by Scary Monsters publisher, Dennis Druktenis.

Last updated:
24 January 2023
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Scott Matheson
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Issue 25
Vol 7 # 1
June 1975

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Where life's crunch grinds down to the very marrow.
Andy Warhol's Dracula & Frankenstein: Underground filmaking genius ventures way above ground with two controversial adaptations based on genre classics.
Monster star: Insight inside an ''Unknown'' horror star, Ed Parker, who doubled in spades for greats like Karloff and Chaney Jr.
Phantom Of The Paradise: Rock N' Roll goes all out in a masterful take off on The Phantom Of The Opera.
Mel Brooks Frankenstein: The creative power behind The Producers and Blazing Saddles works over Frankie who'll never be quite the same again.
The genius of George Pal: Behind the scenes with one of the greatest of all SFantasy filmakers.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker: About the TV horror hit - plus: Interviews with Darren McGavin and the original Night Stalker himself, Barry Atwater.
Star gazing: A special request all-star album of SFantasy celebrity favorites.
Frankenstein at large: Reviews: Thetrical & 8mm films, books and mags.

Issue 24
Vol 6 # 4

Special memorial tribute to Boris Karloff: Karloff's final major Interview by CoF
Exorcist II and Linda Blair
Evil of Frankenstein
Freaks 1932
Hammer's Roy Ashton.

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