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Issue 19

Issue 18

Issue 17
"GAMERA vs ZIGRA". frontis: illustration of MOGERA from "The Mysterians ". articles "My Childhood Favorite Japanese Fantasy Films". "My Favorite Japanese Character Toys" "GFEST 6 BEST SHOW EVER!" and my Japanese Monster collection; Rodan, Gamera, Godzilla, Mothra, Ultraman, etc. back cover illustration of "Destroy All Monsters".

Issue 16
Digest size black and white 32 pages, hand tinted card stock cover illustration of Lucio Fulci's "Zombi 2". frontis: illustration of Grimsdyke from "Tales from the Crypt". articles "visiting Pittsburgh Land of the Zombies" my trip to see Evans City "Night of the Living Dead" locations and Monroeville Mall "Dawn of the Dead" location. "Some of my favorite zombie things" books and cds zombie related, pictures of my artwork and my zombie collection; I Walked With a Zombie, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Plague of the Zombies, Walking Dead, etc. back cover illustration of Voodoo priest from "Plague of the Zombies".

Issue 15
"Night Gallery" episode of "Pickman's Model", black and white interior, first page hand colored, 32 pages. frontis: illustration of H.P. Lovecraft. articles "Visiting H.P. Lovecraft's Grave" my trip to see Providence, Rhode Island, "HPL Film Festival". "an Incomplete Filmography ", pictures of my artwork and my Lovecraft collection. "Dunwich Horror", "Die Monster Die", "Crimson Cult", "Shuttered Room", "Haunted Palace" etc. back cover illustration the witch Lavinia from "the Curse of the Crimson Altar".

Issue 14

Issue 13

Issue 12

Issue 11
This issue is devoted to Frankenstein with a few short articles (the longest is a Frankenstein timeline based upon the research of Forest J. Ackerman) and reproductions of Frankenstein film memorabilia: posters, lobby cards, photos, autographs, books.

Issue 10
Lon Chaney Jr. Dracula vs. Frankenstein. Spider Baby. And the History of Calling Monster Island.

Issue 9

Issue 7
G-Fest 99 remembers one of the great fan conventions in recent history. • Zombie details Mark's lifelong love of the zombie film genre. • A 12-month calendar featuring mini-poster artwork for each month and daily spot art of hundreds of Calling Monster Island favorites such as Giant Robot, Godzilla, Deathlok, Kikaider, Harryhausen classic monsters, and lots more!

Issue 6

Issue 5

Issue 3

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