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The Magazine For The Night People
Horror Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1999
- English zine for ''horror fans, discerning vampirologists & wannabe ghostbusters.''
- Website: www.bitememagazine.com

Last updated:
11 January 2019
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Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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Issue 20
MISTAKEN DRACULAS: Well, we all know about the best on-screen Draculas but what about the worst? Read this and weep.
ELEGANT GOTHIC LOLITA STYLE FEATURE: Discover more about RazorBladeKisses, the world's only Gothic Lolita band.
BLOOD, SWEAT & GALLOPING HOOVES - On the trail of the vampire horses
UNDERGROUND VAULTS VIGIL: Join two intrepid ghost hunters who were among the very first public group to spend the night in the Edinburgh Vaults, a place described by BBC as "�one of the most haunted places in Britain".
POPPY Z BRITE: Read our guide to this fantastic cult author of vampire and gothic tales.
VAMP GALLERY: The Editor selects her favourite vamps from all over the world- from Scotland to Taiwan
GOTHS & MY LITTLE PONY- Find out why so many My Little Pony enthusiasts are Goths!
PLUS Scary Dolls & Puppets� NEW gothic fiction section� and all the regular news, reviews and more!

Issue 19
Meet Jami Deadly; On the trail of the ghosts from Belgrave Hall; EXCLUSIVE! Secrets of The Da Vinci Code; The GREATEST vampire film NEVER made; New gallery of vamp beauties; Gothic Fiction Section; New Orleans vampires.

Issue 18
Gothic goddess Jane Goldman interviewed; New Orleans vampire special; Buffy and Harry Potter, separated at birth?; The Lost Boys, where are they now?; A guide to gothic antiques; All aboard the Dracula tour, A Transylvanian tour; New gothic fiction section. Plus Exclusive Red Pages, essential resource for vampire lovers everywhere.

Issue 17
FREE Hammer Horror Gift, The Houses That Hammer Built Limited Edition Art Card. SPECIAL FIFTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE; Meet a psychic vampire - and the world's first reality tv vampire; Ingrid Pitt and the Hammer Glammer girls return; Photo special of Paris's famous cemetery; The Crow tenth anniversary tribute; Creation of the Black Lagoon- a true story; Don't give up the night job � sound advice for unemployed vampires.

Issue 16
Strangest Vampire Cases Ever; Grave Robbers; In search of the Naga, Thailand's gigantic legendary snake; Author interview Karen E. Taylor of the Vampire Legacy series; On the trail of the Hairy Hands; Vamps from around the World- Poland & Seattle.

Issue 15
Goodbye Buffy, Hello Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer! In search of Australia's blood drinking wolf; Laugh at First Bite - 70 years of vampire spoofs; Tomb Raider investigates Greyfriars Bobby; Meet vampire band The Beautiful Deadly Children.

Issue 14
WEREWOLVES SPECIAL including interview with Dog Soldiers director; New York Vampires; Ingrid Pitt in Dominator- the UK's first full-length computer-animated film; The Toxic Vampire!- an interview with Troma's Lloyd Kaufman; Dracula Deadringers- Sadie Frost; Vampire style feature; in search of living dragons.

Issue 13
True Tales of Giant Bats; How to Make a Monster B Movie Special; On set with Cursed and Blessed -Britain's Buffy. Vamps around the world from Sweden, Scandinavia and Canada; Vampires from Outer Space Part 2; Meet the world's only gothic cryptozoologist.

Issue 12
Vampires from Outer Space; Gothic Tarot; Cemetery Designs; Vampire Style Body Modification; On the trail of the ghosts of Chillingham Castle; Jack the Ripper - behind the screams of the 1988 television masterpiece.

Issue 11
FREE Ruby Gloom sticker sheet. 100% Vampire Special! The REAL truth about human vampires; Ed Gein - The Dracula Connection. UK Bloodsuckers; New York vampire cults; Behind the scenes of Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.

Issue 10
Eileen Daly, Britain's No.1 Goth B-Movie Babe; My name is Drakula - a true story; The Devil Rides Out; Monster Mystery of Glamis Castle; Things to do Nottingham when you are dead.

Issue 9
LA's Gothic Supermodel Reveals All; What to do when you are dead - a medium offers advice; Devil Masks; London's Darkest Mystery; Behind The Scenes of Satan's Slave.

Issue 8
Queen of the Damned Special; Beware the Welsh Werewolf; Sci Fi Secrets; Scotland's Most Famous Poltergeist; The Studio that Dripped Blood.

Issue 7
American Vampire in Oxford.
Tales of the Horror Illusionist.
On The Trail Of The Shug Monkey.
Get your horror story published.
Captain Kronos - The Vampire Hunter.
Vlady Torture.
Conversations with a Vampire Expert.

Issue 6
Dracula Lies.
The Real Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
The Great UK Horror Movie Trail.
Grave Habits.
Former Playboy Playmate - Anulka Dziubinska.
Vampyres Poster.
In Mina Murry's Footsteps.
Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Dragon Spotting.
Vampire Author Nancy A Collins.

Issue 5
Rise of the Gothic Supermodel.
New York Stories: A Vampire Director's Tale.
All you ever wanted to know about autopsies, bugs and corpses.
Behind the scenes of Blood from Mummy's Tomb.
The Green Children of Woolpit.
Interview with vampire author Amanda Knight.
How to become a werewolf.

Issue 4
70 Years of Vampire Hunters.
Interviews with a Psychic Vampire & an Australian white witch.
Last ever Anne Rice Ball Ball in New Orleans.
Dinner with Ingrid Pitt.
Hammer Glamour.
Kung Fu vampires.
Plus news, Internet, art, books and lots more!

Issue 3
Free Hammer Glamour Signature Card & classic horror monsters colour poster.
Christopher Walken.
Kim Newman interview.
Jim Rose Circus.
Rocky Horror.
Poltergeist Coffins and more..

Issue 2
Interviews with Poppy Z Brite & Roman Polanski.
Ingrid Pitt writes her true Transylvanian tales.
The Wicker Man.
Plus World's largest vampire survey revealed.

Issue 1
Winter 1999
Private Files of a Vampirologist.
Bloodsuckers of LA.
50 Mad Monster Movie Facts.
Jean Rollin interview.
Plus account of first man ever to spend a night in the real Dracula's Castle...

Issue 0
July 1999
Free pack of Hammer trading cards.
New York Vampires.
Mummies & Werewolves & Black Dogs of Death.

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