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Fanzine from Sydney ,Australia
Ceased publication

- Australian fanzine.
- Covers music, wresling and movies.
- Editor: Dann Lennard.
- Published by BETTY PAGINATED
- Website: bettypaginated.blogspot.com

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22 September 2019

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Issue 36
Winter 2017

Issue 35
Spring 2016

Issue 33
Autumn 2015

Issue 32
Winter 2011

Issue 31

Issue 30
March 2007
This is the BIG comics issue with plenty of four-colour reminiscing.
It also features some amazing art by the likes of Gary 'John Law' Chaloner, Lili 'Mucha Lucha' Chin, Jason 'Deep Fried' Yungbluth, Frank Strom, Brad Foster and many other very talented people!
Plus exclusive interviews with Ben '30 Days Of Night' Templesmith, X-rated legend Vanessa Del Rio, 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair and much more!

Issue 29

Issue 27
August/September 2004

Issue 22

Issue 19


Issue 18

Issue 14
February/March 1996
Carole Skinner: Interview with a noted actress in TV, films, and on stage.
Radio Birdman: The legendary pre-punk, seminal Australian pub rock band from the mid-1970s.
The Woggles: A cool rawk'n'roll band from Athens, Georgia.
Dann and Helen's European Vacation: Six weeks in Europe.
Filth on the internet: Surfing for titties.
The 1995 top lists: Best TV shows, best babes, best films.
Wrestling in Europe.

Issue 13
August/September 1995

Issue 9

Issue 1
April 1992

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