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- First issue: 1988
"Asian Cinema has published continuously since Vol. 7 (1995), serving as a key resource for Asian film researchers and teachers. Appearing twice yearly, the journal includes research articles, essays, interviews, symposia, book and film reviews, and bibliographies. All types of Asian films are featured, including full-length movies, documentaries, animation, and experimental. "
- Published by Asian Cinema Studies Society

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Spring/Summer 2008
he Road to Invincible Asia: Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia's Taiwanese Films by Tony Williams
Transcultural Sounds: Music, Identity, and the Cinema of Wong-Kar-wai by Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh and Lake Wang Hu
The Carnal Hand and Fetishism in Wong Kar-wai's The Hand by Nicholas Y.B. Wong
Dark Side of Modernization: Bong Jun Ho's Memories of Murder (2005) by Noh, Kwang Woo
Nostalgia and Anticipation: A Case Study of Contemporary Japanese Melodrama by Yau Shuk-ting, Kinnia
Chinese Cinema in the Global Age: Ashes of Time and the Human Condition by Sinkwan Cheng
Archetypes in Zhang Yimou's Films: Significance of Regional Culture by Yuan Gao
Cinematic Geography, Martial Arts Fantasy, and Tsui Hark's Wong Fei-hung Series by Weijie Song
When Sadako Meets Mr. Vampire: The Impact of Ringu on Hong Kong Ghost Films by Benjamin Wai-ming Ng
Marketing Boys' Love: Taiwan's Independent Film, Eternal Summer, and Its Audiences by Hong-Chi Shiau
Remapping Ozu's Tokyo? The Interplay between History and Memory in Hou Hsia-Hsien's Cafe Lumiere by I-Fen Wu
44th Antalya Golden Orange and 3rd Eurasia Film Festivals. Oct. 19-28, 2007 by Gonul Donmez-Colin
Glimpses by John A. Lent
Review: King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema by Coonoor Kripalani
Recent Publications on Asian Cinema by John A. Lent
Recent Publications on Asian Cinema (Published in China) Compiled by Yuheng Bao, John A. Lent, and Donghong Song
Cumulative Index: Asian Cinema Vols. 7-18 (1995-2007) Compiled by Jae Woong Kwon and John A. Lent with Xu Ying and Jiwon Yoon
Cumulative Index: Asian Cinema Vols. 7-18 (1995-2007) Alphabetical List of Authors
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