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007 Irregular Fanzine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 1979
- Covers the new James Bond films.
- Editor/Publisher: Graham Rye.
- 48 pages, A4 format.
- 2009 update: After 2 web-only issues Double-O-Seven magazine is back in print.
- Published by 007 MAGAZINE
- Website: www.007magazine.co.uk

Last updated:
18 December 2020
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Garry Malvern
Scott Matheson

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Issue 59
November 2019

Issue 58
June 2019

Issue 57
September 2018

Issue 56
August 2018

Issue 55
August 2012
"It was the best job in the world!"
Over the course of a memorable evening in Mayfair, legendary photographer TERRY O'NEILL talked with LUKE WILLIAMS about his experiences working with five James Bonds (and over 20 Bond girls!), as well as explaining how Frank Sinatra changed his career and why the way to Sean Connery's heart was through golf! (Includes a photo preview of Terry O’Neill’s book ALL ABOUT BOND, published in September 2012.)
Will BOND 23 rise or fall?
In October 2012, James Bond will finally return to the big screen, after a four-year absence, in the 23rd film in the series –SkyFall. LUKE WILLIAMS examines what is known so far about the Sam Mendes helmed feature (Features all the latest SkyFall imagery).
THE SEARCH FOR BOND: How the 007 role was won and lost!
Only six men can lay claim to wearing the famous Savile Row tuxedo but hundreds more came within an inch of the 007 role. In this new exclusive four-part series, ROBERT SELLERS (author of the controversial book Battle for Bond) tells the extraordinary story of how cinema’s most famous role was cast, featuring exclusive contributions from Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sam Neill, Ian Ogilvy, Oliver Tobias, Michael Billington, Adrian Paul, Peter Snow, Michael Craig, Rikki Lee Travolta, Julian Glover, Michael Jayston and many others. (Featuring many never-before-featured facts)
"Balloon, mein herr?"
LUKE WILLIAMS examines the fascinating parallels between the film versions of Graham Greene's The Third Man (1949) and Ian Fleming's The Living Daylights (1987).

Issue 54
February 2011
Cover: A recreation of Raymond Hawkey's celebrated 1963 THUNDERBALL PAN paperback cover with cut-out bullet holes.
36 pages [A4]
FEATURE The Man With The Golden Eye
EDWARD MILWARD-OLIVER considers the life and work of his friend Raymond Hawkey, the award-winning graphic designer and author who died in August 2010.
INTERVIEW "As long as the collar and cuffs match"
In remembrance of this witty and talented man who injected great fun into his Bond pictures, RICHARD SCHENKMAN's 1980 interview with the late Tom Mankiewicz.
RICHARD SCHENKMAN conducts an exclusive interview with seven-time James Bond Associate Producer Stanley Sopel.
OBITUARY John Barry (1933-2011)
GEOFF LEONARD and GRAHAM RYE pay their own personal tributes to 'The man with the midas touch'.

Issue 53
August 2010
Cover: James Bond's Aston Martin from Goldfinger & Thunderball
36 pages [A4]
FEATURE 100 Years Not Out!
GRAHAM RYE looks back at the 2008 celebration events surrounding the centenary of James Bond author Ian Fleming.
Exclusive photographs by Graham Rye & Mark Mawston
PICTORIAL Going Going Gone Soon!
The Most Famous Car In The World
James Bond's gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5 goes up for auction in October 2010 � 007 MAGAZINE has the lowdown!
FEATURE James Bond 007: Blood Stone
Activision's latest explosive third-person action videogame boasts the vocal and visual talented triumvirate of Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Joss Stone.
FEATURE Roger Moore's Finest Hour as James Bond in 1981�s For Your Eyes Only
STEVE CASSIDY takes an affectionate look back at Roger Moore's fifth outing as secret agent 007.

Issue 52
December 2009
  • PICTORIAL When Harry met James (Palmer and Bond that is!)
    GRAHAM RYE spotlights the 1963 luncheon meeting between authors Len Deighton and Ian Fleming
    (with new exclusive comments by LEN DEIGHTON).
  • PICTORIAL Just a perfect day at Pinewood Studios...
    GRAHAM RYE focuses on a historical 1963 gathering of the movers and shakers of the Bond franchise-to-be on the set of From Russia With Love.
  • PICTORIAL Bond Bound: Ian Fleming and the Art of Cover Design
    GRAHAM RYE visits the private view of the 2008 exhibition at The Fleming Collection in London's Mayfair.
  • FEATURE "Stop Getting Bond Wrong!"
    GRAHAM RYE sets the record straight on the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.
  • INTERVIEW Cuadra... Jaime Cuadra!
    STEVE OXENRIDER talks with the Peruvian singer and arranger whose work was featured in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.
  • FEATURE To Russia, With Love
    Russian Journalists NATALIE GOLITSINA & ANDREY SHARY, authors of the first in-depth study of James Bond, the literary & cinema hero, in the Russian language, examine 007's impact on their homeland.
  • FEATURE Lost 'Warhead' production drawings
    GRAHAM RYE reveals previously unseen pre-production illustrations from Kevin McClory's ill-fated Bond project
    (with new exclusive comments by LEN DEIGHTON).
  • PICTORIAL Flashback
    The 1989 Licence To Kill Royal World Charity Premiere at London's Odeon Leicester Square, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince And Princess of Wales.

  • Issue 51
    August 2009
  • FEATURE H0! H0! 7even
    TERRY ADLAM and IAN BAKER - humour in the Bond films.
  • PICTORIAL Cubby Broccoli Centenary Tribute 1909-2009
    GRAHAM RYE takes a look at Cubby Broccoli on set and on location across 27 years of the James Bond films.
  • INTERVIEW Breakfast with Largo
    STEVE OXENRIDER spends a December morning with Big John McLaughlin.
  • PICTORIAL Quantum of Craig
    A selection of some of the least seen images from the 22nd 007 film.
  • FEATURE From Russia, With Class!
    MARK THOMPSON examines what makes From Russia With Love the best James Bond film of all time.
  • FEATURE Never say never again - probably!
    GRAHAM RYE uncovers a hoard of previously unseen production illustrations from 'Warhead', Kevin McClory's aborted Bond project.

  • Issue 50
    November 2006
    Cover: Daniel Craig in Casino Royale
    INTERVIEWS Casino Royale Interviews TOMAS HEDMAN talks with Daniel Craig, Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green.
    REVIEW James Bond Comes Of Age! An illustrated review of Casino Royale by GRAHAM RYE.
    PICTORIAL The James Bond Screen Tests
    FEATURE The World Would Disagree: Ian Fleming Before Bond TERRY ADLAM examines the early life of the Bond author Ian Fleming.
    SERIES The James Bond Girls Are Forever Which Bond Girl do you rate as the best? Could it be an Nineties Bond babe? STEVE CASSIDY does the math.
    PICTORIAL THE BIG SHOT The Party's Over! Aston Martin DB5 at Leavesden Studios.
    INTERVIEW Just A Closer Walk With Bob Dix STEVE OXENRIDER in conversation with Live and Let Die's CIA agent Hamilton.
    PICTORIAL Unpublished Sean Connery photos A selection of recently discovered images of Sean Connery taken during the filming of You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever.
    BONUS FEATURE On Her Majesty's Secret Service Graphic novel The concluding part of a special exclusive two-part 50 page comic book adaptation by CHARLES WAPLES of the 1969 James Bond film.

    Issue 49
    August 2006
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough
    FEATURE BILLION DOLLAR BOND! GREG BECHTLOFF assesses Pierce Brosnan's four film tenure as the James Bond of the Nineties, arguably the most popular and successful actor to inhabit the role since Sean Connery.
    PICTORIAL FOR THEIR EYES ONLY GRAHAM RYE investigates the unused and unseen advertising campaign artwork from 40 years of James Bond films.
    FEATURE Blond, Bland, Ugly and Grand! CRAIG BUNYAN examines the fan and media reaction to the new Bond actor, Daniel Craig, and the production Casino Royale over the last 12 months.
    SERIES The James Bond Girls Are Forever Which Bond Girl do you rate as the best? Could it be an Eighties Bond babe? STEVE CASSIDY does the math.
    PICTORIAL THE BIG SHOT James Bond Aston Martin DB5 at New York docks.
    PICTORIAL JAMES BOND IS BACK...TO BACK! GRAHAM RYE takes a look at some rarely seen James Bond double-bill poster artwork.
    FEATURE '...a lot of criminals and very dodgy people' HANK REINEKE chats with author John Pearson, who masterfully probed both the origins of Agent 007 and his creator Ian Fleming to pen two significant major works in the Fleming/Bond canon.
    BONUS FEATURE On Her Majesty's Secret Service Graphic novel Part one of a special exclusive two-part 50 page comic book adaptation by CHARLES WAPLES of the 1969 James Bond film.

    Issue 48
    December 2005
    To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the fourth James Bond film, Thunderball, we are publishing this print-to-order only edition of 007 MAGAZINE issue number #48. This issue was originally published in December 2005 and has been out of print for many years. This new reprint now contains an additional 28 pages of rare and never-before-seen images of Sean Connery as James Bond 007.
    THUNDERBALL The beginning James Bond author RAYMOND BENSON explains how Ian Fleming came to write the novel THUNDERBALL and the ensuing litigation which proved to be Fleming's death knell.
    Thunderball A diver's tale In 1965 a young pre-med student with a keen interest in scuba-diving stumbled on the opportunity to take part in movie history in the biggest Bond of all ' Thunderball. GRAHAM RYE dove into his story.
    THUNDERBALL On the trail of THUNDERBALL Examining in detail, scripts and other unique documented evidence in The Ian Fleming Foundation archives, Bond scholar and author JOHN CORK guides us through the fascinating evolution of how the most successful James Bond film of them all made its way to the cinema screen.
    Thunderball A speciality act's tale GRAHAM RYE spoke with an unknown player in the Thunderball story, to discover how a teenager from West London found herself immortalised in the credit titles of the biggest Bond movie of them all.
    THUNDERBALL Sour martinis and animosity Author ROBERT SELLERS unravels the previously untold story of the cartel of creative minds behind the inception of THUNDERBALL, and the one man for whom the world would never be enough.
    Thunderball The production ANDREW PILKINGTON takes a look behind the scenes at how parts of the film were made ' and also discovers what might have been.
    Thunderball The shooting script ANDREW PILKINGTON examines comparisons between the shooting script and the finished film.
    Thunderball The villain KEVIN HARPER examines the man behind the plot to hold the Western World to ransom, SPECTRE Number One ' Emilio Largo.
    Thunderball The girls Domino, Fiona, Patricia and Paula ' MARK THOMPSON examines James Bond's Thunderbirds!
    Thunderball The premieres GRAHAM RYE takes a look at the premieres of Thunderball in London and Dublin.

    Issue 47
    October 2005
    Cover: Ursula Andress in Dr. No. 48 pages
    SERIES The James Bond Girls Are Forever Which Bond Girl do you rate as the best? Could it be a Seventies Bond babe? STEVE CASSIDY does the math.
    FEATURE The Silver Beast JOHN COX relates the definitive history of James Bond's Saab 900 Turbo.
    PICTORIAL THE BIG SHOT And he strikes like'.Ken Adam's magnificent set for the briefing room in Thunderball.
    PICTORIAL The Bond celebrities attending 'AUTOGRAPHICA' 2005 ' the world's largest autograph show.
    FEATURE The Dossier on ROBERT MARKHAM HANK REINEKE opens the dusty dossier to uncover the story behind the writing of COLONEL SUN the first James Bond continuation novel.
    OPINION Casino Royale ' the Post-Modern epic in spite of itself! ROBERT VON DASSANOWSKY argues the case for a more serious appraisal of the multi-star vehicle that hit movie screens like a burst kaleidoscope in 1967, and which has baffled and bedazzled Bond fans ever since.
    STOP PRESS Daniel Craig cast as the new James Bond in Casino Royale MGM/Columbia Press Release featuring exclusive photographs from the press conference.

    Issue 46
    July 2005
    Cover: Roger Moore in Live And Let Die. 48 pages
    INTERVIEW The Full Monty THOMAS HEDMAN spoke with Monty Norman, the composer who has written music for many films, and even more stage musicals and TV shows. However, his place in cinema history was assured in 1962 when he composed the immortal 'James Bond Theme.'
    FEATURE Jolly Roger! GARETH OWEN examines Sir Roger Moore's remarkable tenure in the role of James Bond, which spanned seven films over an incredible 12 years, and included some of the most financially successful movies in the history of the 007 franchise. 32-page special feature showcasing over 200 photographs.
    MUSIC Hear You Loud And Clear! GREG BECHTLOFF takes a concise view of the James Bond film soundtracks.

    Issue 45
    December 2004
    Cover: On Her Majesty's Secret Service poster art. 48 pages
    REPORT Ken Adam at The Design Museum On October 6th 2004, 007 Production Designer Ken Adam was interviewed by Sir Christopher Frayling at London's Design Museum. ANDY SCOTT reports.
    SERIES The James Bond Girls Are Forever Which Bond Girl do you rate as the best? Odds on it'll be a Sixties' Bond Babe. STEVE CASSIDY does the math.
    SERIES Ian Fleming's James Bond Villains KEVIN HARPER examines the man with the golden gun - Francisco 'Pistols' Scaramanga.
    PICTORIAL THE BIG SHOT Benicio Del Toro - Dario in Licence To Kill - in the spotlight.
    ARCHIVE Which man would you pick as the new James Bond? With rumours abounding on who will replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, we jump back to 1969 to see how Bond number two made the grade.
    OPINION Their All Time Highs? GREG BECHTLOFF analyses the best performances of the actors who have portrayed James Bond.
    COLLECTING Card 59 Where Are You? GRAHAM RYE begins his look at the history of James Bond Bubble Gum Cards. Including for the first time an illustrated checklist.

    Issue 44
    October 2004
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan/Goldfinger poster art. 48 pages
    SERIES Ian Fleming's James Bond Villains KEVIN HARPER examines what makes Auric Goldfinger and his Korean henchman Oddjob the most unforgettable bad guys.
    ARCHIVE Meet the man who gets the Bond films off to a sizzling start Step back into the cinema foyer in 1964 for an interview with Bond credit title designer Robert Brownjohn from SHOWTIME, the monthly must-buy film magazine moviegoers could only purchase in Odeon cinemas.
    INSPIRATION Goldfinger inspired.... ....Mary Quant, Pierce Brosnan, Mike Myers, Steven Spielberg - and the British Safety Council?
    MUSIC From Lucas With Love (Part 2) LUKAS KENDALL concludes his detailed breakdown of the restoration of the EMI James Bond soundtrack re-releases.
    INTERVIEW The Music Man With The Plan GREG BECHTLOFF spoke with the man responsible for overseeing the music for the Nineties Bond films, MGM Executive Vice President for Music, Michael Sandoval, shortly before his departure from MGM in January 2000.
    PICTORIAL Danger - Man At Work! GRAHAM RYE delves into the 007 MAGAZINE Archive and dusts off the file marked Binder, Maurice Binder - for a first look at a selection of never-before-published photographs of the master at work creating the credit titles for The Spy Who Loved Me.
    HISTORY Adventures In The Fan Trade (1995-2004) GRAHAM RYE concludes his personal journey through 25 years of 007 MAGAZINE and The James Bond International Fan Club to show that still - NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!
    INTERVIEW John Stears (1939-1999): Special Effects Wizard Extraordinaire! ANDREW PILKINGTON in conversation with the two-time Oscar-winning Special Effects technician on Christmas Eve 1982.

    Issue 43
    July 2004
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry in Die Another Day. 48 pages
    COLLECTING ...because cool never goes out of style GRAHAM RYE examines the latest additions to the long line of impressive James Bond paperback cover art.
    INTERVIEW 'I said: Cubby, he's fabulous!' 007 MAGAZINE's tribute to Mrs. Dana Broccoli 1922-2004
    REPORT No Deals, Mr. Brosnan GREG BECHTLOFF charts the trials and tribulations of Pierce Brosnan's recent travails to retain his well-earned licence to kill.
    MUSIC From Lukas, With Love (Part 1) LUKAS KENDALL provides 007 MAGAZINE readers with a crash course in soundtrack restoration and recounts his recent project: the must-own EMI James Bond soundtrack re-releases
    OPINION James Bond and the Oedipus Complex In its 40th anniversary year, Hollywood screenwriter JOHN COX puts the film Goldfinger in the psychiatrist's chair.
    HISTORY Adventures In The Fan Trade GRAHAM RYE takes a personal look through a quarter of a century of 007 MAGAZINE & The James Bond International Fan Club to show that still - NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!

    Issue 42
    December 2003
    Cover: Japanese Die Another Day poster art. 48 pages
    COLLECTING Girls 'n' Guns - it must be James Bond GRAHAM RYE takes a look at some of the great James Bond paperback cover designs you can add to your collection.
    INTERVIEW Big is beautiful! MATTHEW FIELD lunches with the biggest Bond villain of them all!
    PICTORIAL James Bond's 40th Anniversary at Harrods 007 MAGAZINE turns back the clock to Christmas 2002 to give readers around the world an exclusive look at the fantastic window displays showcased at the world famous Knightsbridge store.
    PICTORIAL Marketing Die Another Day in Japan You'll either love 'em or loathe 'em - the highly unusual posters concepts designed in Japan and overseen by Big Bully Creative Incorporated's Director Manabu Inada.
    INTERVIEW Writer's Bond GREG BECHTLOFF chats with screenwriter Bruce Fierstein, who reveals some of the secrets of writing the James Bond films on the 1990s.
    LAST WORD The Most Extraordinary Gentleman

    Issue 41
    September 2003
    Die Another Day Special. Cover: Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day. 48 pages
    FEATURE 'IT'S CALLED THE FUTURE - GET USED TO IT!' MATTHEW FIELD looks back at how the latest 007 epic made its was to a cinema screen near you.
    REPORT 'LONDON CALLING' ANDREW PILKINGTON examined the media reaction to Die Another Day - and discovers that in the Kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
    REPORT 'SOME KIND OF HERO' GREG BECHTLOFF guides us through the media fray that heralded The Stateside release of the twentieth James Bond movie.
    OPINION 'BETTER THAN LOOKING CLEVERER THAN YOU ARE!' GRAHAM RYE laments the passing of Ian Fleming's secret agent 007 and the artistry of the Golden Age of Bond
    OPINION NOT HIS TIME TO GO AJAY CHOWDHURY argues that if traditionalist Bond fans had their way, we wouldn't have a twentieth James Bond movie to applaud or criticise.
    REPORT DIE ANOTHER DAY - THE WORLD PREMIERE Organisers prepared a spectacular even, which resulted in one of the largest and most exciting London premieres ever staged. MATTHEW FIELD was the man in the tuxedo.

    Issue 40
    January 2002
    Reversible cover

    Issue 40
    January 2002
    Never Say Never Again/Casino Royale Special Reversible Issue. Reversible cover: Never Say Never Again poster art/Casino Royale poster art. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye
    The Origins of Never Say Never Again
    The Making of Never Say Never Again
    The Director Strikes Back:Exclusive Q&A Interview with Irvin Kershner by Matthew Field.

    Letter from the President, Graham Rye
    The Origins of Casino Royale by Michael Richardson & Graham Rye
    Casino Royale story summary
    The Missing Minutes
    Production order
    Casino Royale credits

    Issue 39
    May 2001
    Cover #3

    Issue 39
    May 2001
    Cover #2

    Issue 39
    May 2001
    Multi-cover issue: Cover #1: Sean Connery. Cover #2: George Lazenby. Cover #3: Roger Moore. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    007 News: Del Toro wins an Oscar; Bond Composers Battle in Court (Barry vs. Norman).
    30 Seconds into the Future: Q&A Interview with MGM/UA executive Jeff Kleeman by Greg Bechtloff.
    Ian Fleming For Beginners by Greg Bechtloff.
    The Name's Most Definitely Bond'Samantha Bond: Q&A Interview with Samantha Bond by Ajay Chowdhury.
    Rare The World Is Not Enough concept poster art portfolio.
    The New Sound of 007: Q&A Interview with David Arnold by Greg Bechtloff.
    Book reviews (including Raymond Benson's NEVER DREAM OF DYING).

    Issue 38
    December 2000
    21st Anniversary Special Issue 1979 ' 2000 (A compilation from some of the best of 007 Magazine) 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Q&A with Pamela Salem from Never Say Never Again (Issue 15, 1984)
    007 in Print (Issue 19, 1989)
    Q&A with Lois Maxwell (Issue 14, 1984)
    The Villains: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Issue 25 ' 1992)
    The Man In Room 39 (Issue 18, 1998).
    Praising Cain (Issue 22, 1990).
    This Never Happened to the Other Fellas! Q&A with George Lazenby (Issue 27, 1994)
    Flying High With Bond: Q&A with John Glen (Issue 14, 1984).
    Roger ' Over and Out! Q&A with Roger Moore (Issue 16, 1987)
    A Dialogue With Kingsley Amis by Raymond Benson (Issue 15, 1984)
    Poetic Licence: Q&A with Timothy Dalton by Raymond Benson (Issue 21, 1989)

    Issue 37
    The World Is Not Enough Special/Desmond Llewelyn Tribute Issue. Cover: Pierce Brosnan and Desmond Llewelyn. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    From the set of The World Is Not Enough by Lancelot Narayan.
    Live and Let Fly ' the Parahawks featured in The World Is Not Enough.
    The World Is Not Enough Digital Effects.
    Greg Bechtloff reports from the Los Angeles TWINE Press junket (Q&A with all the principle cast and filmmakers).
    TWINE Los Angeles Premiere report by Greg Bechtloff.
    The World Is Not Enough - a review by Lancelot Narayan.
    'Pay Attention 007!': Q&A with Desmond Llewelyn and Tribute.

    Issue 36
    July 2000
    You Only Live Twice Special - Part Two Cover: You Only Live Twice Little Nellie poster. 48 pages
    You Only Live Twice photo portfolio.
    The premiere.
    The music.
    Collecting You Only Live Twice.

    Issue 35
    August 1999
    You Only Live Twice Special - Part One Cover: You Only Live Twice volcano poster. 48 pages
    Lewis Gilbert remembers making You Only Live Twice.
    Little Nellie's real armaments.
    You Only Jump Twice.

    Issue 34
    November 1998
    Cover: Sean Connery in Goldfinger. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Bond Babe (1977) Barbara Bach.
    The Illustrated James Bond.
    Searching for James Bond (a trip to Goldeneye).
    Bond Classifieds.
    From the Archives: The Living Daylights reviewed by Kevin Harper (from Issue #17).

    Issue 33
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies. 46 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Bond Babe (1989) Carey Lowell.
    News: Tomorrow Never Dies shatters home video records; MGM/UA wins award for Tomorrow Never Dies promotion; September 17 Bond Day in London.
    From The Archive (1963) Screen Tests for Bond girl Tatiana in From Russia With Love.
    Around the World with Tomorrow Never Dies: Q&A interview clips with Pierce Brosnan, Roger Spottiswoode, Vic Armstrong.)
    Tomorrow Never Dies promotional material, magazines, and merchandise.
    Tomorrow Never Dies premiere photos.
    Book Reviews (including Raymond Benson's THE FACTS OF DEATH).
    Classic Scene (From Russia With Love - the face off on board the Orient Express).
    Villains gallery.
    Bond Classifieds.

    Issue 32
    Tomorrow Never Dies Special. Cover: Pierce Brosnan Tomorrow Never Dies U.S. teaser. 48 pages
    GoldenEye N64 Competition and Review.
    Full coverage of Tomorrow Never Dies: Complete plot summary; The Gadgets; Centrefold poster.
    Bond Classifieds.

    Issue 31
    Albert R Broccoli Tribute Cover: Pierce Brosnan Tomorrow Never Dies UK teaser. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Bond Babe (1965) Molly Peters.
    007 News: Tomorrow Never Dies novelisation; COLONEL SUN reprint; James Bond Bubble Gum Cards.
    Bond Swimwear for Summer.
    Tomorrow Never Dies photos.
    007's New Gun (the Walther P99).
    Book reviews: ZERO MINUS TEN.
    Albert R Broccoli Tribute: There Was Only One Cubby (includes photo of Pierce Brosnan signing The Living Daylights contract).
    Double-O Heaven: Coverage of the Jamaican James Bond Fan Festival.
    Classic Scene: Bond gets his PPK in Dr. No.
    Bond Goes Down a Bomb in Brent Cross (shooting the Tomorrow Never Dies parking garage sequence).
    Photos from the JBIFC Christmas lunch.
    Bond Classifieds.

    Issue 30
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco from GoldenEye. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    A Report on 'Bond 18.'
    007 News: Cubby Tribute; Pierce gets figure at Madam Tussauds; Interact with Bond!; Coronet Editions; New Corgi Cars; Connoisseur's Collection trading cards.
    Book Reviews (including John Gardner's COLD).
    Main Title Man: Q&A interview with Daniel Kleinman.
    Que Serrra, Serra! Q&A with composer Eric Serra.
    GoldenEye Behind the Scenes Portfolio.
    FAQ Q&A.
    007 Classifieds.

    Issue 29
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco from GoldenEye. 48 pages
    GoldenEye ' The Beginning.
    Scorupco Rising: Q&A interview with Izabella Scorupco by Graham Rye.
    GoldenEye pictorial.
    Centrefold GoldenEye poster (U.S. version).
    Q&A interview with Production Designer Peter Lamont.
    GoldenEye lyrics.
    Danger ' Tank on the Loose! Q&A interview with stunt co-ordinator Simon Crane.
    007 Classifieds.

    Issue 28
    Cover: Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean in GoldenEye. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Event News: James Bond Creates a Stir in Los Angeles (L.A. Convention); JBIFC Christmas Lunch.
    Product News: Corgi Zooms Back With New Range of 007 Cars; 007 Bursts Back into Video Stores; Coronet Gives 007 A New Look; New Corgi Book Features Rare 007 Octopussy Bus.
    Bond News: James Bond is Back in a DB5!; Blue Plaque for Fleming; The Man With the Golden Typewriter (sale of Fleming's typewriter).
    Unseen Bond (a look at scenes cut from the movies).
    GoldenEye coverage.
    Derek Meddings 1931'1995.
    Gardner's World: A retrospective by Raymond Benson.

    Issue 27
    October 1994
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service 25th Anniversary Issue. Cover: Rare OHMSS poster art. 48 pages
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service 25th Anniversary: An in-depth look at OHMSS by Graham Rye and Andrew Pilkington.
    Q&A interview with George Lazenby.
    Blofeld's Angels of Death: The Piz Gloria Girls.
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service Memorabilia.

    There is also a variant issue #27 in an A5 'mini' size format that was released packaged with the special edition OHMSS VHS boxed set in the UK. There was also an A4 reprint of this issue with the SPYHOUSE logo in the top right-hand corner of the cover; a different dedication on page 3, and the SPYHOUSE credits at the bottom of the credits panel - otherwise the content is identical.

    Issue 26
    Cover: Roger Moore & Jane Seymour from Live And Let Die [30th Anniversary logo]. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Win a Limited Edition CD or James Bond Jr. toys.
    Benson on Bond.
    James Bond 30th Birthday Celebration at Pinewood Studios.
    007 News: London Weekend Television Celebrate 30 Years of James Bond; Warner's Successful with the Connery Classics; 007's Amazing DB5 Back in Britain.
    The James Bond 30th Anniversary Coverage continued: Ready When Your Are JB! (a look at the pre-credit opening sequences) by Mark Thompson; Live And Let Die; The Man With The Golden Gun; The Spy Who Loved Me; Moonraker; For Your Eyes Only; Octopussy; A View To A Kill; The Living Daylights; Licence To Kill.
    James Bond Fan Club Saves Historic 007 Prop From Destruction (the Diamonds Are Forever Moon Buggy).
    Ian Fleming and His Notebook of Women.
    The Ian Fleming Foundation Premieres at the Boston Auto Show.
    40 Years On! (CASINO ROYALE novel).
    JB and Aston Martin, an association that lasts forever (Vantage a future Bond car?).

    Issue 25
    Cover: Sean Connery & Ursula Andress from Dr. No [30th Anniversary logo]. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Win a 30th Anniversary bundle.
    Benson on Bond.
    007 News: Inside the Incredible World of 007 (book coverage); Most Famous Car Author takes over Pinewood; Bond fans gather at the NFT.
    007 in Print (including DEATH IS FOREVER review).
    The James Bond 30th Anniversary Coverage: Introduction; Dr. No; From Russia With Love; Goldfinger; Thunderball; You Only Live Twice; On Her Majesty's Secret Service; Diamond Are Forever.
    The Bond Villains: Ernst Stavro Blofeld by Kevin Harper.

    Issue 24
    Cover: Maurice Binder at 1990 club convention. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    Win a copy of COLONEL SUN.
    Benson on Bond.
    007 in Print (including reviews of BROKENCLAW and THE MAN FROM BARBAROSSA).
    The James Bond Fan Club 1990 Convention Coverage.
    James Bond Jr.
    The Maurice Binder Memorial Tribute at the NFT.
    Members Forum.
    007 News: Dave Worrall's The Most Famous Car in the World published.

    Issue 23
    Winter 1990
    Special Thunderball 25th Anniversary Issue. Cover: Sean Connery in Thunderball. 48 pages
    Letter from the President, Graham Rye.
    THUNDERBALL ' The Beginning by Raymond Benson.
    Thunderball ' The Production by Andrew Pilkington.
    Thunderball ' Rarely seen artwork by Frank C. McCarthy.
    Thunderball ' The Villain (Emilio Largo) by Kevin Harper.
    Thunderball ' The Girls by Mark Thompson.
    Thunderball ' The Gadgets by Dave Worrall.
    Thunderball ' Special JBFC screening at the NFT.
    Thunderball ' A collection of magazine covers.

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