A Dutch James Bond-magazine

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A Dutch James Bond-magazine

Post by mike » 30 Jun 2011 15:15


Today, the first edition of the Dutch James Bond-magazine Bondesque will be released. This new full colour magazine is a publication of James Bond Nederland, the only professional platform for James Bond aficionados in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Bondesque keeps you in touch with the world of Bond: the movies, the books and the games. When it comes to the movies, Bondesque is not only interested in the actors: it also covers the people behind the scenes. And it’s not only about the cars, but also about the gadgets and the merchandise. Because of the good contacts James Bond Nederland has established within the world of Bond the magazine can boast a lot of original interviews and reports. As with our website, http://www.jamesbondnederland.org, all illustrations in Bondesque are being used with full approval of the owners or are copyright free.

James Bond Nederland:
Since it’s foundation in 2006 James Bond Nederland has become not only the main source of all Bond-related info for the Dutch and Belgian fans, but has proven to be the contact point for the press as well. Our professional approach has secured us of the collaboration of a substantial number of companies linked to the Bond-franchise. We are proud to have Sony Pictures, Activision, Heineken, Bollinger, and Sunseeker among our partners. We also maintain good ties with Ian Fleming Publications, which administers all of Ian Fleming's literary oeuvre.

Editorial staff:
The editors of Bondesque are all professional volunteers. The gains are used to cover the costs of the magazine. Apart from printing those costs are made doing interviews and reports at home and abroad. Only in that way we will be able to guarantee original input for Bondesque.

The facts:

• Number of pages:
• Full colour
• Format: 22 x 27,5 centimetres
• Prize: 9 euros (including the costs for posting, packaging and shipping)
• Published: three times a year
• Circulation: 1000
• Only available through the website http://www.jamesbondnederland.org


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