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- First issue: 2012
- Strange, weird and obscure genre cinema from all over the globe.
- Editors: Brian Harris, Tim Paxton (Monster! International) and Tony Strauss (Rufus Hearn FX).
- Being published through Amazon.com's self-publishing services.
- Website: www.facebook.com/wengschopmagazine/

Cult, Horror
United States
Last updated:
14 October 2017

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Issue 10
July 2017

Issue 9
August 2016

No explanation is offered for the cover labeled "June 2016" (see left).
Here's an explanation (Thanks to Vitelloni):
"The cover dated June was just a concept, the real magazine didn’t come out until august 2016.
As proof see the back cover (left), which has a foto of Bud Spencer on it, who died on June 27.
There are two variants to this issue though:
a) The standard black and white edition and
b) The more expensive color edition.
The cover (right) is from a, the index page (left) from b.
The cover for b has an extra yellow marker on it that says “More Expensive Color Edition”."

Issue 8.5
December 2015

Issue 8
September 2015

Issue 7
April 2015

Issue 6.5
November 2014

Issue 6
September 2014

Issue 5
March 2014

Issue 4.5
November 2013

Issue 4
September 2013

Issue 3
April 2013

Issue 2
December 2012

Issue 1
September 2012

Issue 0
July 2012

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