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- First issue: 1988
- Started as a horror zine.
- Also includes Anime, Manga and Hong Kong stuff.
- Editor: Jim McLennan
- Website: www.trashcity.org

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
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30 August 2015

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Issue 23
November 2000

The Bare Wench Project.
Trips to Interlaken, Budapest and Los Angeles.
Kaiju Big Battel Monster Wrestling.
Tom & Jerry and the Nazi Connection.
Tammy and the T.Rex.
Female Action Heroines.
Bug Wars.
Brawlin' Broads.
Twinkies in the Movies.

Issue 22
A-Z of female action stars: From 'Aliens' through to 'Zero Woman'.
An insight into the delights of Japanese women's wrestling.
James Bond and his American counterpart, Nick Carter.
Work and how to avoid it.
Banned videos.
UFO movies.
Fantasy clubs.
Hello Kitty.
Paul Rapovski.
And a lot more.

Issue 20/21
Customs & Excise
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Against Xmas
UFO mags
Michael Flatley
Tromeo + Juliet
Against Aardman
Fun in casualty departments
Xena: Warrior Princess
The art of Japanese XXX videos
The London Film festival
Anime, movie, book, strip club and 'zine reviews.

Issue 18/19
Customs & Excise
Against Empire
The Mr.Vampire movies
Against The X-Files
Faerie Tale Theater
Alex Winter
The TC diet
In defence of Showgirls
Roni Raye
Strip clubs
Sex phone lines
Fake celebrity porn
Anime, movie, book and 'zine reviews.

Issue 16/17
The TC guide to Paris: From French couisine to genre videos and your chances with customs.
The real house of horrors: Jim writes a letter to David Alton MP.
Rutger Hauer: His early life in movies.
UnConvention 94: The "Fortean Times" weekend convention.
Emmanuelle Beart: Is she the sexiest Frenchwoman alive?
Different strokes: A user's guide to the top shelf.
Anime reviews: Ambassador Magma, Battle Angel Alita, Black Magic M-66...
Comics reviews: The Family Man, From Hell, Hellblazer, Kane...
And many more...

Issue 14/15

Issue 13
Summer 1992

Issue 12

Issue 11

Issue 10
Summer 1991

Issue 9
Spring 1991

Issue 8
Winter 1991

Issue 7
Autumn 1990

Issue 6
Summer 1990

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Spring 1990

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Winter 1989

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October 1989

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July 1989

Issue 1
April 1989

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