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- First issue: 1993
- Looks more like a photo album of naked b-movie actresses, than text.
- Much bolder, concerning nudity, than the competition but the whole result is a little ... ambiguous. Two special issues, called SCREAM BEAT, were also published.
- Editor: John A. Russo
- SQI was published bimonthly and is for mature readers only. A4, colour, 72 pages.

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26 July 2014

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Issue 24

Annual #1 1999

Savini: Wizard of gore: Interview by Paul Brown and Nigel Burrell.
The Cheerleaders vs The Demonic Film Industry: A brief history of cheerleaders in the genre.
Sexy nude vampires: From the Digital Entertainment Group.
Slaymate review: Full page pix of favorite stars.
Stephanie Beaton: Making her dream come true.
Scream scene: Around the world of SF, Gantasy, & Horror.

Issue 23

Scott Barnett: Another Fantastic Fantasy Illustrator.
Kyn Malin: Playboy centerfold and a whole lot more.
The girls of EI Independent Cinema: Space-Age Lesbian Vamps and Slaymate of the Month.
Tina Krause: Star of Wave's most anticipated releases Strangled 5, The Archer 2, and Dungeon Of Death 2.
Fear of needles: Erotic fiction prequel.
Rick Baker: A conversation with the special effects wizard.
Scream scene: Around the world of SF, Gantasy, & Horror.

Issue 22

Dorian Cleavenger: Fantastic Fantasy Illustrator.
De De Lind appeared in Playboy over 16 times since 1967.
Ginger Lynn Allen's hot recipe for success. An interview to Debbie Rochon.
The Blood Countess: Erotic fiction.
Scott Vladimir Licina: An interview with the music director of the Slice Girls.
Scream scene: Around the world of SF, Gantasy, & Horror.

Issue 21

Issue 20

Includes coverage of Frankenstein and Me, T.H. Pine. Bob Tinnell & Melissa Wolf.

Issue 19

Includes coverage of Wes Craven, Debbie Rochon, John Russo & Julie Wallace.

Issue 18

Issue 17

Issue 16

Issue 15

Issue 14

The Sex Symbol Dynasty: Julie Strain, Linnea Quigley, Rhonda Shear, Dian Parkinson, Monique Gabrielle
The Double D's: Debbie D and Debbie Dutch
Tammy Parks: An interview
Also Toni Allessandrini, Garage Girls and more

Issue 13

Lorissa McComas: Life in the movie business
June Fever: June Wilkinson bares the truth about the B's
The Girls of W.A.V.E.: An interview with Gary Whitson, owner of W.A.V.E. Productions and photos of Debbie D, Pamela Sutch, Christine Taylor, Tina Krause, Deana Enochs and more
Also Debbie Rochon,Sherri Frazier and more

Issue 12

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2nd cover

Issue 11

Issue 10

Issue 9

Issue 8

Includes coverage of Marilyn Chambers, Julianna Masterson, Debbie Rochon & splatter music.

Issue 7

Julie Strain: "The Over the Top Ball Bustin' Bitch From Hell"
The making of Red Lips: Donald Farmer talks about his new vampire film
Monique Gabrielle: A Tantalizing look at Monique at 18 years old.
Dallas Fenton: The newest Fantasy Girl discovery.
Ted Bohus: Part 2 of his interview
Naked Horror: Starring Stacy Warfel, Jasmin St. James, Debbie D, Melissa Silver, Kelli Smith.
Video Outlaw: A maverick movie label.

Issue 6

Brinke Stevens: Cover girl
Raw Footage: Volume 1 through 4.
Vladimira: This month's discovery.
How to market chillers and thrillers: An insightful interview.
Sazzy Lee Varga: Great photos and centerfold.
Broken Toy: A horror-film buff tackles the horrors of real life.
The girls of Double Vision: How this card series got started.
Larissa: From Russia, with love.

Issue 5

Deborah Dutch: Cover girl dreams
Girlfriends: They can be very unfriendly.
Scare tactics: Sex and special effects in the movies.
Carolyn Taye-Loren: The newest discovery.
Ted Bohus: Interview with a monster maker.
Clyde Caldwell: Illustrating the fantasy and sci-fi field.
Becky LeBeau: Sexy:Yes, Bimbo: No.
Golden Girls of Moscow: Dan Golden directs his third picture for Roger Corman.
First Annual Screamie awards: The favorites as voted by the readers.

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Spring 1994

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Winter 1993

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Fall 1993

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