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The Brighton Film Review

- First and last issue: 1971-1975
- Edited by Thomas Elsaesser.
- Aimed to "investigate the main cinematic tradition as we see it, and to define at least one possible approach to the cinema as a whole, by a careful attention to the actual films being made today, whether commmercial or independent, and to re-assess outstanding or interesting works of the past."
- (Previously issued as " The Brighton Film Review" #1-#21, 1968-1970).
- Published by Monogram Publications

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
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26 June 2017

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Issue 6
October 1975

Issue 5
October 1973

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June 1972

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January 1972

Issue 2
Summer 1971

Issue 1
April 1971

The American Cinema: A Critical Statement (by David Morse);Why Hollywood? (by Thomas Elsaesser);An Outlook (by Peter Lloyd).Eisenstein: Style in IVAN THE TERRIBLE (by David Morse).Reviews: FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE; L'ENFANT SAUVAGE; THE KREMLIN LETTER; RIO LOBO; THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES; THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY. Books: Studies of Raoul Walsh, Claude Chabrol and Samuel Fuller.

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